F--k Gun Control truck sticker obscene
F--k Gun Control truck sticker obscene
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From wkrn.com: “A sheriff’s deputy says it’s an obscene window sticker, but the driver says the sticker just shows guns and insists it’s a violation of his first amendment right. It’s a big green sticker on the side of Nicholas Ennis’ pick-up truck of an M-16 followed by two letters then an AK-47 with the words ‘gun control’ underneath.”

Uh huh. It’s pretty clear — despite Ennis’s protestations — what the sticker on his window says and means.

And that’s a sentiment with which we could not agree more.

That said, Ennis would appear to have a very good free speech argument here. He says he’s ready to fight the ticket, too.

When asked what the sticker means, Ennis replied, “I don’t believe in gun control. You know, everybody should have the right to bear arms.”

“Kids can’t determine, a minor can’t determine if it’s an F or a K, they just see guns,” he said.

According to Tennessee law, the ticket shouldn’t be more than $50 dollars, but Ennis said he will be meeting with a lawyer to fight it. He also said he will not be taking the sticker off.

Drive around any decent size city for, oh, ten minutes, and you’ll run across bumper stickers as bad or worse. Like this one . . .

Or this one (for which charges were dropped) . . .

I eat ass bumper sticker
Courtesy Columbia County (FL) Sheriff’s Department

Somehow, though, we don’t think that Mr. Ennis will have much luck getting the ACLU to support his case against the Sumner County Sheriff’s deputy who ticketed him.

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  1. Soon the Leftists will know that they are messing with the wrong people.

    Their Political Frontmen, aka Political ‘Leaders’ will be the cause of their demise.

    • The leftists aren’t objecting to profanity, it’s usually religious conservatives.

      Trump’s admin is upholding the ban on versions of ‘duct’, not the Democrats.

      • Yeah… because it’s definitely the conservatives rallying against free speech these days. Get fucked commie.

      • Oh yeah all these big evil “religious conservatives” that you lUberals are claiming just lurk around every corner. What you coin a “religious conservatism” In America is a made up liberal boogeyman used to fear monger the suburbanites and justify your bigotry against religion and rural America. Double what serge said.

      • It’s not leftist or conservatives against profanity. It’s decent people who think that potty mouth stuff should only be heard in private company i.e. your house, your friend’s house, or whispered. I only swear when I’m really mad or in pain. Otherwise it looses it’s punch. No one listens.

        • “Otherwise it looses (sic) it’s punch.”

          Exactly. I’m both for freedom of speech and against foul language, at the same time. Free speech wins, but the drawback is that excessive use of vulgar language makes it lose its flavor. I myself don’t cuss, but every once in a while a certain word serves to effectively punctuate a certain movie scene. Hearing the “F” word a few times during an otherwise quality movie (such as Men of Valor, Saving Private Ryan, etc.) is acceptable due to the overall situation, but hearing so much language saturating a conversation is distracting from the topic.

        • Believing strongly in the 1st amendment doesn’t mean you have to give up on having standards. It just means you have to tolerate it when other people don’t have any.

  2. I suspect the county will be paying a great deal of money very soon to the man for violating his 1st amendment rights. This is fly over christian country. As the Liberals and the Left would call it. But the 1st amendment still applies here along with the rest of the Bill Of Rights.

    People of the gun don’t have 1st amendment rights in much of the Liberal areas of the country.

    • I doubt they’ll be paying much- if any- money out (except maybe to a lawyer). Assuming the driver can afford to go after them and win, he still won’t get much, because the violation of his rights will be considered minimal. That’s why lawyers aren’t interested in cases like this- they only flock to incidents where someone is injured and can show all sorts of costs, or at least an arrest. That said, I would like to see them pay for their incompetence at not knowing such an obvious 1st amendment violation when they see it.

      • The loss of several thousand dollars to persons who have had their rights violated by the government, may not be a lot of money to some people. But I can guarantee you the county losing that money will really feel it.

        I have seen local cops get fired. Because of a poor arrest they did that exposed local government to a serious lawsuit.

  3. Obviously protected (political) speech. So obvious that I would argue qualified immunity shouldn’t apply. It doesn’t help that Tennessee has such a stupid and easily abused law on the books.

    Here we have a real big-brain cop who decided to try and use a ridiculous little vehicle violation he found while flipping through the book of traffic laws on the toilet. I suspect the prosecutor or judge will just drop\dismiss the charges but I’d like to see the department and officer sued, as unlikely as that is.

  4. My favorite. Scuba Dive. Sky Dive. Muff Dive. I’ve done all three. When I was alone it was funny. Later when I saw the same bumper sticker and my then young daughter asked me what meant; not so much.

    • “My favorite. Scuba Dive. Sky Dive. Muff Dive. I’ve done all three.”

      If all at the same time, that would be a popular video…

      *snicker* 😉

      “Muff-divers Local 269. We dive at 5”

  5. Barney Fife should be retrained and if that fails fired. Get some thicker skin and stop being such an offended cry baby is what someone needs to tell this deputy.

  6. I can’t see what they’re talking about, thanks to a fuzzy green circle in the center of it.

    I task it there’s “UC” (University of Colorado?) between a pic of an AR and a pic of an AK?

    Even if it was all spelled out in block letters, I think there’s plenty of case law that says “protected speech”.

  7. I was in Idaho, a couple of summers ago, at a county fair. There was one guy who’s shirt read “Fucking is my exercise”. Nobody commented or bothered him…


    Lets all wear Halloween masks or clown faces!

    Are Stores You Shop at Secretly Using Face Recognition on You?


    According to the ACLU, below is a list of retailers that could be using facial recognition:

    Wal-Mart Stores – Refused to answer

    The Kroger Co. – Refused to answer

    Costco – Refused to answer

    The Home Depot – Refused to answer

    CVS Caremark – Refused to answer

    Walgreens Boots Alliance – Refused to answer

    Lowe’s Companies – YES

    Albertsons Companies – Refused to answer

    Royal Ahold Delhaize USA – NO

    McDonald’s – Refused to answer

    Best Buy – Refused to answer

    Publix Super Markets – Refused to answer

    Rite Aid – Refused to answer

    Macy’s – Refused to answer

    TJX Companies – Refused to answer

    Aldi – Refused to answer

    Disney – Refused to answer

    Dollar General – Refused to answer

  9. Who gives a shit what minors can or can’t decern from this? That’s not a test for anything related to free speech. At all, ever.

    Imagine for a second a sticker that said, for instance, “Fuck Genocide”. If a kid asks you what that means, which is the more uncomfortable word to explain? The obscenity or what might be darkly humorous to describe as the “pastime of the 20th Century”? If it’s the four letter word, you’ve got a screw loose.

    Oh, and by the way, by third grade the kids know all the dirty words. They’re just generally smart enough not to use them in front of adults. The only sensitivities being protected by this nonsensical reference to children is that of dipshit adults who can’t imagine that kids these days are no different than they’ve ever been.

    • “Fuck Genocide”
      Fuck gun control

      They sound synonymous to me. I bet the jews of Nazi Germany and what is now Poland would think the same thing.

      • Kinda. One seems to be a precursor for the other.

        I’m just pointing out that a “Fuck Genocide” sticker wouldn’t be politically controversial as the vast, vast majority of people have negative feelings about genocide.

    • “…by third grade the kids know all the dirty words. They’re just generally smart enough not to use them in front of adults.”
      Exactly. My kids have school issued iPad’s, some rated PG youtubers sometimes leak curse words, but they mostly learned potty words from their mom. They definitely know not to use them.

    • Neither.

      Genocide is pretty straightforward and we have the Nazi campaign as a real history example.

      Fuck is a coarse word used to describe sex by coarse people who probably dont know many words or want the attention of being provocative.

      Used with my kids in many instances.

      • I disagree with literally everything you’ve said here for reasons numerous enough that I’m not going to bother typing them out.

        I’ll just ask though, you’d rather have a full and in depth conversation about mass killing with a, say, five year old than explain a slang term for the natural process of procreation to them? You’d really rather plumb the true depths of human depravity than deal with a dirty word you can basically fully explain (within the singular context you’ve set up here) with a few minutes conversation about the birds and the bees that doesn’t leave them with nightmares?

        • Strych9 I understand what you’re saying and agree with you. However wouldn’t you say being a responsible parent would include the discussion of both at a time when each is appropriate? My wife and I don’t hide the ways of the world from our daughter. I want her to know the evils of the world because of mankind so she can be aware of them and learn to protect herself now under my care. Rather than when she is on her own having only herself to rely on.

        • My kids were 5 and 3 when the on 9/11.

          So yes, we explained as best we could what was happening since they saw it and heard it non-stop.

          Just as we did with the holocaust and other heinous acts from history.

          And you will notice (if you look closely) – I said neither.

          We have had many more opportunities to address coarse behavior and foul words in parenting.

          So i would not prefer either. I just dont run from it and make up something to tell them instead.

          I taught my kids to address the world head-on.

  10. Great ,,, now we got sheriff’s deputies trying to interpret the constitution as he thinks it should be…
    Police that DON’T know or follow the constitution are the worst kind & give law enforcement a bad taste in peoples mouth, I’d expect that in a city cop who’s under the thumb of the mayor, or a state cop under the thumb of the governor,,, but a deputy sheriff,,,,that’s sad…

    • “Police that DON’T know or follow the constitution are the worst kind & give law enforcement a bad taste in peoples mouth,”

      Heien vs NC, has made it to where ignorance of the law is not a legal defense for Citizens, but it is acceptable for government enforcers. WE are the society that the Constitution was meant to protect a moral people from.

  11. Personally I wouldn’t be comfortable displaying a bumper sticker with this message, though I stand in 100% pro-Second Amendment solidarity with this person. No. Better yet I would display a John Birch Society or JPFO, Inc. bumper sticker. I believe the latter two send a far more dynamic message to the
    masses. Too, the JBS and JPFO, Inc. are educational institutions (both are non-NRA affiliated) which gun owners, voters, Second Amendment activists, free thinking citizens, and others can learn and benefit from.
    In the net:

    The John Birch Society in Appleton, Wisconsin at http://www.jbs.org and http://www.thenewamerican.com, respectively. Also, JPFO, Inc. at http://www.jpfo.org. JPFO, Inc. is “America’s Aggressive Civil Rights Organization.”

    • I been with JPFO for years. Lot of people are unaware of their great ability with helping individuals understand their rights. Like they say. We make the NRA look like moderates.

  12. Most of these laws are about religious folks objections to the profanity, it doesn’t have anything to do with the political content.

    The fact is, the Trump administration is right now in court trying to preserve the ban on derivatives of At issue is a provision of U.S. trademark law that lets the trademark office deny requests for trademarks on “immoral” and “scandalous” words and symbols. Brunetti, 50, is challenging the law as an infringement of his right to freedom of expression, protected by the U.S. Constitution’s First Amendment.

    In 2017, a Washington-based federal appeals court ruled in his favor. President Donald Trump’s administration has appealed that ruling to the conservative-majority Supreme Court. The provision at issue has been on the books for more than a century.”

    Wow, you guys see socialism even when it’s Trump doing it, fascinating.

    • Not being able to patent your bullshit in no way infringes on your ability to speak. As I said commie, get fucked.

      • Thank you for your polite and respectful comment, your insight always adds much to the discussion, bravo!

        • I’m not interested in having a “discussion” with people who support an ideology responsible for the deaths of many of my family members. If you support socialism, you are the lowest form of genocidal sub-human vermin.

        • Yeah…

          muh’ #notrealsocialism

          Sorry kiddo, using your own standards, if they “identified” as socialists, they were socialists.

        • So Sergei, let me ask you, how do you feel about Donald Trump withholding $391 million in military assistance to the Ukraine? The Ukrainians are specifically looking for javelin antitank missiles to counter the Russian armor.

          The Russians have already taken the Crimea, would you like to see them retake the Ukraine, so Putin could rebuild the Warsaw Pact?

        • 1. You know jack shit about Ukrainian politics. The fact that he gave them any money at all is a fucking miracle. I certainly wouldn’t have given their history of basically being a plutocracy.
          2. The situation in Crimea and Donbas is far beyond your comprehension. What’s going on there is a clusterfuck of epic proportions largely due to how the Soviet Union was broken up. There are literally decades of bullshit being worked out there via artillery. Thanks Obama.
          3. Trump has long ago released the money. There were legitimate corruption concerns, especially given how they fired one of their chief prosecutors to cover for Biden Jr’s illegal business dealings. (Or do you expect me to believe that a coke head drummed out of the Navy with zero real world experience was legitimately earning $600k per year on the board of an energy company?)
          4. You have no fucking idea what you’re talking about. Unlike you, I was actually on the ground in Kiev in early January 2014. I’ve also been back several times since. You REALLY don’t want to start this muh’ Ukraine bullshit with me.

        • “I certainly wouldn’t have given their history”

          No military aid to help Ukraine resist Russian incursions? So you’re in favor of Putin reassembling the Warsaw Pact?

          “largely due to how the Soviet Union was broken up. There are literally decades of bullshit being worked out there via artillery. Thanks Obama.”

          So you blame Obama for “how the Soviet Union was broken up”?

          “how they fired one of their chief prosecutors to cover for Biden Jr’s illegal business dealings”

          What evidence do you have to support your claim of illegal dealings?

          Do you really know the circumstances about the dismissal of the initial prosecutor?

          “Viktor Shokin, Ukraine’s former prosecutor general, a bureaucrat who had spent over 35 years as a state’s attorney, first under Soviet rule and then in an independent Ukraine.”

          “The former prosecutor Shokin’s shadow is felt here acutely. In the eyes of many Ukrainians, his biggest failure was that nobody from the former regime was prosecuted for the killing of protesters here on Independence Square.”

          May I suggest you view some of PBS’s reporting on the matter, you may find it enlightning.

          PBSHow Ukrainian officials disprove Trump’s claims about Biden3 days ago

        • No military aid that’s going to be used to shell civilians with heavy artillery because they didn’t support a coup in the capital.

          I blame Obama for destabilizing the country and backing a coup against a democratically elected president. Like him or not, a lynch mob is not a valid way to remove a president from office.

          So if there’s nothing to investigate, why did Biden brag about withholding funding until this prosecutor was fired? Is it just a coincidence that his wastrel of a son was getting paid piles of money for a do-nothing job? Oh, and FYI, quit getting your news from commie TV. If it’s not on Fox, it’s guaranteed bullshit. (With Fox, it’s a 50/50 chance.)

        • A democratically elected leader? So you supported the Russian-backed regime that was overthrown by We the People of the Ukraine.

          Greetings, comrade! A Russian sympathizer, how interesting! You know, your boy Putin was a colonel in the committee for state security and a very good commie himself. Of course, now he seems to be a self hating homophobe who enjoys sending out pictures of his naked chest, it’s called cruising in the gay bars.

      • Burning the American flag in way has anything to do with verbal or written expressions. However the Supreme Court has ruled that it is an expression covered under the first amendment. Regardless if the act is offensive to myself or others. Careful on that slippery slope. I’m personally ok with free expression as long as it isn’t harmful to others. When I say harmful I mean beyond candy ass hurt feelings.

        As for Trump, he’s not the greatest but he was the lesser of two evils.

        • That’s always been a weird one since it has to do with respect.

          Burning a flag is the proper way to retire one.

          • True but shouldn’t be allowed in the form of protestation. However protesting is also covered under freedom of speech so by proxy is the burning of the flag. I don’t like it but my patriotism can’t trump someone else’s rights.

        • I would argue that derivative rights are not really rights.

          For example… Nowhere in the Constitution is the word “privacy” mentioned. However, the left wing of the Supreme Court has managed to not only find that “right” in there, but also expand it to cold blooded murder of a child.

          Similarly. The left wing of the Supreme Court has expanded “speech” to include things like arson or incitement. Interestingly, this expansion only seems to cover left wing approaches to things and not right wing approaches to things. For example, calling on people to “punch Nazis” is considered protected political speech by the left, however, calling on people to “punch commies” is considered incitement to violence and hate speech.

          Interesting, huh?

          The way I see it, speech is speech and acts are acts. Setting something on fire is an act. Calling somebody a piece of shit sub-human commie is speech.

          • Art is a commonly accepted form of communication also known as artistic expression. I personally don’t give a damn about art other than its influence on history but given that influence it needs to be protected. Having said that art is an act not speech. Protesting can be construed as a violent act even if physical aggression never occurs but it is still a right. Your example of threatening violence on anyone regardless of politics isn’t covered because it is considered communication of a threat. Carrying out that threat is obviously assault. However if someone issues a threat of violence and that threat is countered with a threat of defense, the threat of defense is covered.

          • “Nowhere in the Constitution is the word “privacy” mentioned.”

            Taken in context Articles 3, 4, 5, and 9 imply privacy.

          • That’s semantics that doesn’t change the fact. Murders are allowed to walk amongst us but that doesn’t make it right. Have you ever heard the saying We have become so socially acceptable that we are barbaric? Welcome to that reality.

        • Also, protests are not covered by speech protections, but peaceable assembly and petition protections. Key word, PEACEABLE. Once you start setting shit on fire, nobody in their right mind would describe your assembly as “peaceable”.

          • Pretty sure I’ve never seen a protest where the protesters never utter so much as a word or not have picket signs. That would include speech written or verbal wouldn’t? As for setting shit on fire, if it doesn’t hurt anyone else or their property what harm has it done? Some people burn their trash. As Strych9 has stated burning is the acceptable method for retiring a worn tattered flag. Where does your slippery slope end?

        • Ultimately this entire issue is a point-of-view issue that’s unresolvable between those who hold different points of view about what is or is not “protest” or “respectful”.

          I mean theoretically you could have it both ways. You could have a dignified flag retirement by burning per 4 U.S. Code § 8 that’s also a protest. I mean, say someone felt strongly that the Republic was in dire jeopardy and mentioned that as part of a speech during a flag retirement ceremony? Would that be acceptable? The main deciding factor would be whether or not you agreed that the Republic was in jeopardy and/or why.

          Or what if someone mentions respect for those who’ve died in wars during such an event? Is that acceptable? It might be considered a political statement/protest in 1969 or 2009 but be considered completely noncontroversial in 1949, 1989 or 1999.

          • “someone felt strongly that the Republic was in dire jeopardy and mentioned that as part of a speech during a flag retirement ceremony? Would that be acceptable?”

            “Or what if someone mentions respect for those who’ve died in wars during such an event? Is that acceptable? It might be considered a political statement/protest in 1969 or 2009 but be considered completely noncontroversial in 1949, 1989 or 1999.”

            Both instances, at least in today’s age, are controversial due to what is considered socially acceptable because of politics. The liberals would would most likely say both instances are offensive and should not be allowed in public or otherwise. Mostly because both instances don’t fit into their prescribed politics.

            On the other hand conservatives (at least my definition of conservative) wouldn’t have a problem with either instance. The Republican being in dire jeopardy is subjective and may not be a viewpoint shared by all. Otherwise retiring the flag by burning and respect for the fallen would not be offensive socially or politically.

            The discussion here is that of rights. Rights not guaranteed only by words on paper but rights under God and law of the land. Socially speaking it is possible for both sides to have their own points of view. It just requires not being a candy ass cry baby because someone might say or do something that doesn’t directly affect or harm anyone else. Politically speaking only one side can have it their way in the end. Politics like war is nothing more than a means to an end. Like war eventually that end must be realized in some fashion. The real problem regardless of the outcome is at some point it will all be relegated to the pages of history to soon be forgotten and therefore repeated.

      • No, it’s the Christians who want to ban Halloween. Halloween is a pagan celebration that predates Christianity by 1000 years or more. Most Christian churches think that dressing up as goblins is devil warship and they for bid there members from engaging and Halloween festivities.

        Most progressives love Halloween, check out Stonehenge on all hallows eve. And gay people just love Halloween, society approves of dressing up on that day.

        • Oh for crying out fucking loud! So is Christmas and many other Christian holidays thanks to Constantine who was a pagan before becoming a Christian. People on both sides seriously need to educate themselves or shut up about this crap. There’s more to history and Christianity than just the Bible, and not all of it is good. Put simply it is the evil in the bedrock of a man’s soul that makes each individual want to be right and everyone else has to follow. That is exactly what we have here, a power struggle. Frankly a power struggle is the heart of everything we deal with today.

        • “People on both sides seriously need to educate themselves or shut up about this crap. There’s more to history and Christianity than just the Bible, and not all of it is good.”

          Yup. History makes a lot of people very uncomfortable. Like start talking about how there’s pretty darn good evidence that early Christians had a thing for using magic mushrooms to talk to God and many modern Christians flip. Show them the old Christian art decorated with mushrooms all over it like a Allman Brothers album and they get really, really steamed.

          • I’ve never heard the mushrooms thing but it really wouldn’t or doesn’t surprise me. Indians have used natural psychedelic substances like peyote in spiritual rituals to presumably communicate with spirits.

        • Miner that’s 100% false. The proof:

          Try sending a child to school to celebrate ANY holiday. Yes any holiday.

          They will be punished for offending someone. Holidays of all kinds are now banned in schools. That far left “progressivism”.

          • Not “quite” accurate, if your child wants to celebrate gay pride or may day, they’re all in!

        • “And gay people just love Halloween, society approves of dressing up on that day.”

          Ah, the return of the “official” Vlad Tepes with a gay moniker. Some things never change. His taste is in his ass.

      • Except for Christmas, more money is spent on Halloween than any other holiday. Nobody wants to ban it.

        • “Except for Christmas, more money is spent on Halloween than any other holiday. Nobody wants to ban it.”

          That is a point that does beg the question atleast sometimes, do people really want guns to be banned? Or does the mention of banning gun illicit a prescribed response of spending more money on guns? Bolstering the economy by means of fear. The interesting thing is is it works.

  13. I’ve seen three different variations of this story in the last 2 weeks. He’s from either Alabama or Tennessee or Georgia. Regardless, “Obscene” as defined in law has to explicitly describe sexual behavior. A sticker that says “Go f*** yourself” is not obscene. A sticker that graphically describes how you can accomplish that would be obscene. There are a bunch of previous decisions in cases like this stretching back decades. This LEO needs better training.

    • The definition of obscenity is so complex, the supreme court left it up to the individual community standards to decide for themselves. There is no national standard. Miller vs California established the confusion we continue to deal with. The short version: It has to lack artistic value, appeal to the prurient interest, and whether the work is sexual conduct as defined by state law. The movie Deep Throat is still the best example, when it was classified obscene in new york city, that only spawned more theaters to open it in other parts of the country, one big game of whack-a-mole. There’s a movie about it, inside deep throat (by dennis hopper). And it reminds me of an old saying: What interests you is pornographic, what interests the next guy is obscene.

      So whether his bumper sticker is obscene depends where he is, along with a trial by jury of 12 peers. The police do not get to decide what’s obscene or not, that’s for the courts to figure out.

    • The leo in question is a good example of how a little knowledge is a dangerous thing. Most cops probably don’t even know about that law in his jurisdiction but he’s read that it exists- probably only by title- without knowing what it really means or the Constitutional issues surrounding it.

  14. I hope this guy gets a defense fund started online. I got a 100 right now to contribute. I would like to see him take this way past this ticket writing fool!

  15. Cops should be independent, and not Democrats or Republicans. They should Support and Defend the Constitution and Bill of Rights, founding Documents, and there State Constitution and Liberties therein being impartial, As well as fair. The cop should have realized how ignorant he was to challenge this Driver, and American citizen about his personal vehicle and his rights; to free speech, to keep and bear arms, life liberties and pursuit of happiness. I would be pleased if the cop got 14 days suspension without pay, and a 2 week course on the Constitution, the founding documents, individual rights, and state laws and whats expected of a cop while doing the job.

    • Was this a legal issue I.E. the f word being considered obscene, or just another example of a public servant interpreting the law instead of enforcing it!?

  16. How about all those “Fuck Cancer” stickers I see? I doubt that anyone is pulled over and ticketed for them.

  17. I have a T shirt like that only instead of Gun Control it says Cuomo . Cops at the gym seem to like it .

  18. Sadly, our society has lost an sense of decency or morality.

    Now what was wrong is right and what was right is wrong.

    This will not end well.

  19. Long time ago I was a skinhead (the bad kind). And I had a lot of stickers. One was “got pride?” by micetrap records, another advertised panzerfaust records (both are out of business, don’t bother looking them up). Confederate flags, odal ruins, a noose hanging from my rearview mirror (borrowed the idea from the singer in a skinhead band), also had one that said “my boss is an austrian painter”. Yeahhhh..Nobody bothered me except once when I was driving through…texas? Four of us were speeding on the highway and he picked me. Black cop, said I had a swastika on my car and it wasn’t. Didn’t tell him what it was but anyway he gave me a speeding ticket and I paid it. Not a skinhead anymore, left about 15 years ago.

    • Chris, I just have to thank you for being one of the very few people that recognize that not all skinheads are the “bad kind”. Most people are ignorant of this fact and assume skinhead means bad 100% of the time.

  20. Guess I missed that part in the 1st Amendment that exempts it’s protections when a government official deems the speech to be ‘obscene’.

  21. Another lunatic police officer. I guarantee if this guy had F..k Trump on his truck, he would have never been stopped. The rogue officer probably would have bought him lunch.

  22. Tell him to go online and get the photo of Hitler with his right hand raised and the text of ‘Everybody in favor of gun control raise your right hand”.

  23. If the newly elected Palestinian bitch in Congress can proudly proclaim that against the President, I completely fail to see how sort of writing the word on a pick up truck is any more offensive or any less of a protected political speech than her bombards.

  24. He’ll win the case if he’s willing to spend the money to defend it. Political speech is strongly protected.

    But kudos to the cop for proving why we should hate them.

  25. Well. No shit. Hmmm.
    I say, fuck the fucker that issued the fucking ticket. Fight the fucking ticket in fuckin’ court. And call it a fucking day. Somebody buy this motorist a fucking drink!

  26. Conservatives are really happy about these types of obscenity laws until they realize they’re beholden to them too.

  27. I live in Sumner County near Westmoreland and have seen this truck several times. Nobody gives a damn, everybody agrees with the sentiment.

  28. The real question is how does TTAG view this. They did shadow out the sticker. Effectively stating the same view as the officer writing the ticket.

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