Telma Boinville R.I.P. (courtesy
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Telma Boinville (above) lived on Oahu, Hawaii. To make ends meet, the 51-year-old substitute elementary school teacher cleaned houses. On the weekends and school holidays, Ms. Boinville sometimes had her eight-year-old daughter in tow . . .

She was working in an otherwise empty vacation house on Oahu’s famous North Shore when Kailey Dandurand, 20, and Stephen Brown, 23, entered.

At some point thereafter, one or the other or both of the invaders beat Ms. Boinville to death with a baseball bat, recovered at the scene. Responding police also found her daughter, alive, bound and gagged with duct tape.

The cops caught her murderers red-handed. Literally.

Police sources told the station that Boinville’s credit card was found in Dandurand’s pocket when she and Brown were arrested Thursday night. They also had dried blood on their hands . . .

Kailey Dandurand, 20, and Stephen Brown, 23 charged with the murder of Telma Boinville (courtesy
Police arrested Dandurand and Brown (above) at a Walmart.

An angry mob watched and shouted obscenities as they were taken into custody.

On Friday, Dandurand and Brown laughed and smirked at news cameras when they were brought to the Honolulu Police Department headquarters to be booked.

Dandurand and Brown appeared in front of a judge Saturday. She was ordered held on $500,000 bail; he was ordered held on $1 million bail.

You might not think that a middle-aged woman cleaning a house in an island paradise would need to carry a gun to protect herself and her child. If so, you’d be wrong.

You might also think an American would be able to carry a gun legally if she so chose, given that the right to keep and bear arms is Constitutionally protected. If so, in this case, you’d be wrong. Hawaii hasn’t issued a concealed carry permit since the year 2000.

I’m not saying that Ms. Boinville would have saved her life if she’d been armed. I’m saying that she would have had a chance to eliminate the deadly threat against herself and her daughter if she’d been armed. To live to raise her daughter.

It should have been a defensive gun use.

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  1. “On Friday, Dandurand and Brown laughed and smirked at news cameras when they were brought to the Honolulu Police Department headquarters to be booked.”

    Why, oh, *why* couldn’t they have ‘resisted arrest’?

    POS like those two are why summary execution should be brought back…

    • I’ll take due process over blood thirsty lynch mobs. I’ll leave overwrought, over heated, emotional policy making to the liberals.

      • Fair enough, I suppose.

        I can still wish they resisted arrest and made ‘furtive’ movements, and the cop had an itchy trigger finger…


      • OMG. R U for real. Liberals are the problem. We need some good old fashion Eye for an Eye spitting Justice. Justice system has gotten to Pussified by Liberal cry babies that think punishment should be Room & board for a few year. That’ll fix it. Yeah Right!

        • Summary Execution would allow too many innocent people to be murdered by emotional fools. When criminals are CAUGHT IN THE ACT, if not shot in the act, they should be taken straight to lockup and a trial within 30 days, not three years later. We need to stop with the claims of insanity. If the evidence proves that they did the crime, it should be simple and quick, convict and then walk outside and hang them. No appeals when there is physical evidence that removes doubt. These two worthless leftist scumbags will be walking the streets in no time, especially in Hawaii – an island territory of Commiefornia!

      • Due process is great if applied fairly & logically. The problems at present are:-

        1- Revolving door justice, no consequences for repeat offenders
        2- The justice system is politicized (conservative groups targeted, activist judges base rulings on politics, high & mighty politicians go unpunished etc)
        3- No consequences for the justice system when they release someone (plea bargain etc) with a violent history who then goes on to commit murder (Kate Steinle case, this Hawaii one & many more)
        4- If you or I broke a law (accidentally or not), the book would get thrown at us but certain classes seem immune

        No one wants mob justice but when the rule of law and order is not working as it should, it is quite natural to feel frustrated and vent some feelings!

      • Finally, someone like me on a firearms blog’s comment section says what I’ve wanted to say for years.

        Stuff it if all you can do is run off your mouth and act like a hysterical little girl. Men both act and speak responsibly.

    • Stephen Brown did “resist”, having been also charged with criminal property damage when he kicked the window out of the police cruiser he was first put in.

  2. Uhhhm to those liberals out there who are naive about the realities of the world pay attention. These people will kill you, fuck you and eat you if given the chance. They do not care what you say to them, what you give them or how misunderstood you think they are.

  3. Gun controllers will claim that the greater good was served because a bat is not as deadly as a gun so her death, while of course regrettable, was not as significant as it would have been had she been killed with a gun. This is the same bloody-minded logic that justifies limiting the size of magazines on the faulty premise that having less rounds to fire means spree killers will kill fewer victims.

  4. It must have been horrible for her daughter. ….. I’m for public executions in a clear cut case as this. I do believe dangling from the end of a rope outside the courthouse would have a much greater impact on crime then a law. On second thought, fuck the rope, throw them in a cage full of hungry rats.

    • Ahhh…..another pick and chooser bill of rights type.

      Keep and bear arms? Hell yeah! LOVE IT!

      No cruel or unusual punishment? Not so much. Buzz off, buzzkill!

      Curious, that.

    • I’m all for “breaking on the wheel”. Let the miscreants experience the community outrage as they beg for the final blow.

  5. Allow relatives 10 minutes with the male armed with bats. The other piece of shit gets tied to a tree in a woods and left there.
    Uncivilized and wrong?

    • You’re right, but it assumes that her relatives would want vengeance. Hawaii is, after all, a deeply blue, liberal state. Quite likely that Ms. Boinville and all her relatives are/were anti-gun.

  6. I’m ASSuming there is NO death penalty in the Sandwich Isles. Too bad ’cause I’d volunteer for death duty. Ditto NYC…sadly neither leftwing location will “get it”.

  7. On Friday, Dandurand and Brown laughed and smirked at news cameras when they were brought to the Honolulu Police Department headquarters to be booked.

    That’s the reason why my blood is boiling. Let’s face it – These animals don’t deserve a humane punishment. But we’re supposedly civilised. It’s too bad they can’t be extradited to Texas – They know what to do with evil maniacs.

    • I was locked in with Michael Perry at a facility in Mexico. There are monsters that look just like us.

  8. Both of those sniveling punks are going to be pimped out in prison. Let’s see how much smirking they do then.

  9. You should see their Facebook pages, real POS both of them, part of the Occupy bowel movement. The Obama-looking male, an “arrr-teest” aka “musician” (LOL), uses an alias, in his case it’s “Axel Haze Hendrix”, which is common among his type no doubt to confuse cops keeping track of him and his heroin addict buddies.

    Take a gander yourself:


    Her FB page was deleted overnight by her parents, I should’ve screenshotted it, it was full of goodies, all Leftist crap.

  10. This is why we need reciprocity to destroy the ability of tyrants to run roughshod over the rights of the innocent in favor of having undamaged/living criminals.

  11. More revolving door justice, the ‘male’ has previous ‘history’ and of course got away with beating a previous girlfriend. I would love to see the stats on violence carried out by perps who have previous criminal history and should have been in jail. The justice system should have some sort of liability in these cases.

    “One of the suspects, Brown, was also wanted for an outstanding $20,000 bench warrant for failing to report to his probation officer in October for a drug test, according to KHON.

    He was also arrested in June this year for beating his then-girlfriend, which was dismissed two months later.”

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