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“A Queens man already in custody for shooting at two cops in Jackson Heights while wearing a fake beard and dark glasses copped a plea Wednesday to host of new weapons charges,” reports. “Authorities found five pistols and rifles at his home following the arrest and then discovered that he had a secret weapons cache in a Yonkers storage unit he rented. The cache included at least 15 other weapons, including Norinco AK-type machine guns, AR-15 rifles and handguns. Sources previously told the Post that Olmeda also had on-site city maps with Queens police precincts marked off, pictures of the Brooklyn Bridge and fake NYPD shields. It was unclear if he was planning a mass shooting.”

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  1. Well he obviously got them from a place less strict measures and brought them into the city. As soon as we extend these common-sense gun prohibitions on the rest of the nation (and then world) the gun violence will stop.

    I would label this sarcasm but we might actually hear this in a press conference.

    • Extending our policies to the rest of the world? You know, I’ve heard that argument from the USSR and ISIS, that if everybody would give in and join their ideology, then all the violence would stop. Didn’t believe it then, don’t believe it now.

  2. Machine gun, huh…

    Do y’all think he had a real machine gun? Or do you think it was a machine gun in the same way my friend calls his Kia SUV a “truck”?

  3. A rampage? Really? You can only realistically carry two guns during a “shooting spree”, geniuses. Like he can carry all 15 at once during it. I don’t get the cognitive dissonance with these people that owning multiple weapons=rampage. If anything you should look at the person who only has one or two guns and is happy with only having that many. Every spree killer has used that many or stole them to commit their heinous act.

    • Lol it’s like those people who think there should be a limit on how much ammo people can buy online. Like, what do you think? A deranged idiot is going to carry 1000 rounds at a time to commit a mass murder? Honestly how many shots are typically fired in a mass murder? My guess would be under 100, which is what a typical enthusiast will shoot at a range in an hour, so how could you possibly create a limit that ludicrously low?

      • Unless there are 15 LEOs and you won’t submit, then there could be the empty mag syndrome with a fewusing a second mag.

  4. I really like that stock setup in the photo… can anyone ID a source for that? Looks like a Cobray M11 with an SBR accessory package….

  5. After reading the newspaper article I’m beginning to see the chance of a small pattern here.
    1995 flame thrower and bomb making arrest
    2001 After 911, ammo plus bomb making equipment arrest.
    2014. Shot at cops and a small arsenal (better than mine).
    So 10 to 13 means out in 6 years.
    We’ll hear from him again, hopefully the sentencing judge, prosecutor and defense attorney are in the area when he makes his move.
    Where are the gun grabbers and why aren’t they demonstrating against a weak justice system?

    • The felon-in-possession charges are federal, not state, which is why he plead before a federal magistrate. Federal sentencing guidelines mandate serving a minimum of 85% of the sentence. This was a pleading, so we only know the range is 10-13, and won’t know the actual sentence until, well, sentencing.

      Based on the range, he’s looking at 8.5 to 11.05 years on the possession charge. Actual portion of sentences served federally, however, averages 87%. So it’s more like 8.7 to 11.31 years he’ll serve on the federal possession charge. Could be more since these are firearms related and he’s already a felon.

      He’s still on the hook for the state charges of attempted murder of a police officer, too. So I really wouldn’t expect to see this guy for at least the next quarter century.

  6. That’s a better arsenal than the one from several months ago. Didn’t it feature a Hi-Point as an assault rifle? That was painted? Don’t know if he had a real machine gun. At first glance I thought they took apart a sub2000 🙂

  7. Liberals still believe that more laws will prevent crime and somehow make people “do the right thing”.

    Here in NJ, we had a problem with criminals stealing copper off of the roof of an old Bank of America in Trenton – in broad daylight.

    What did the liberals in Trenton do in response? Did they ask cops to step up law enforcement in that area?


    What they did was put the burden of material theft on the recyclers. They wrote a law requiring scrappers to authenticate the source of the materials before accepting them.

    Liberals do this all the time. Instead of focusing on the crime and the people that commit them, they write laws placing the burden of those crimes on everyone else.

    It’s madness and it needs to stop. Take the criminals who hurt people and property and put them in prison for life. Stop burdening the law-abiding with even more ineffective laws.

    • Liberals do this all the time. Instead of focusing on the crime and the people that commit them, they write laws placing the burden of those crimes on everyone else.

      Very well stated! Great example too.

      And they use that same logic to legislate anything “bad” that could ever happen in society. Anywhere. Anytime. No matter how remote the possibility. Unintended consequences be damned!

      A recent example I encountered was buying a new gasoline can for my lawnmower, something I hadn’t bought in about 15 years.

      Unbeknownst to me, either the EPA or the CPSC (or both!) has instituted regulations governing gas cans. All new cans are required to be “smart cans” that have an automatic shutoff device to prevent vapors from escaping and to prevent spills.

      * The new design requires that you have three hands to operate “the system.”
      * It also requires x-ray vision to see how full the tank is because “the system” requires that the gas can spout be pressed tight against the tank for the gasoline to flow.
      * “The system” leaks gasoline through the automatic shutoff device.
      * The new cans don’t have vent holes.

      The net result of this do-gooder “if it saves one life” regulation:

      1. Increased cost of gas cans
      2. Inconvenience to millions of consumers in learning “the system”
      3. Wasted time since the gas flows slower without a vent hole
      4. Increased gasoline leakage (due to the spout “system” that was designed to prevent leaks and vapors)
      5. More people getting gasoline all over their hands (due to the spout “system” that was designed to prevent leaks and vapors)
      6. Increased gasoline spills since you can’t readily check tank and therefore have inadvertent overflows (due to the spout “system” that was designed to prevent leaks and vapors)
      7. Numerous gas-can hacks posted to YouTube
      8. Entrepreneurs selling replacement spout and vent kits

      To top it off, the staff at my local big-box hardware store said that when the regulations went into effect the federal government sent inspectors out to the stores to verify they weren’t selling any “banned” gas cans.

      And there I was naively thinking that there wasn’t much left for the government to screw up in my house after they regulated toilets and light bulbs.

      I’m sure someone in D.C. is scheming for a way to regulate replacement spouts.


      Like many regulations, this one appears to have started in California and then spread to the bureaucrats in D.C.

      The 2003 Consumer Product Safety Commission report on the gas-can crisis runs 50 pages!

      It’s authored by two Ph.D.s and one M.S. I wonder if any of them mow their own yards.

      Read it and weep.–Statistics/Technical-Reports/Fuel-Lighters-and-Fireworks/Report-on-the-Safety-of-Portable-Fuel-Containers-Gas-Cans-0981/

  8. “Tell Me Again How New York City’s “Tough Gun Laws” Keep Guns Out of the Hands of Dangerous People”

    Well, he’s just plead guilty in federal court on the weapons charges. So it’s federal law that’s relevant here, not NY state law (aside from that whole state charge of attempted murder of a police officer thing, of course…)

    Nevertheless, I’ll stipulate that NY law did jack squat to keep guns out of this, by your own admission, dangerous man’s hands, if you’ll concede that federal law barring firearms from prohibited possessors is what’s going to keep guns out of this dangerous man’s hands for the duration of time he servee for his 10-13 year federal prison sentence.

    This would be the same felon-in-possession law that many TTAGers oppose, by the way.

  9. well of course he was planning a mass shooting. he has alot of guns, isn’t that what we are all doing with all our guns? :S

    • I don’t know his intentions. He may have just been illegally trafficking in firearms, without any violent plot of his own.

      Still, he does have a criminal conviction and another arrest for building pipebombs and possession of bomb making materials. Sounds like a bad guy with an appetite for indiscriminate destruction. So I wouldn’t put it past him.

  10. Whether he was planning a mass shooting or not, whether he voted for Obama or not, whether there were ever WMD’s in Iraq or not, whether gas prices will ever be below $2.00/gallon or not, whether Harold Kamping will predict the end of the world, again, or not, whether giants win the WS or not, whether it will rain on Christmas 2014 or not all remain unclear

  11. Hey all you people in New York. Were the AR’s and AK’s a Fast and Furious weapon? That’s right I’m asking if Obama armed the bad guys. Keep voting for gun control, this killing will seem minor to the Sh– Storm you have asked and voted for.

    Voters put in these anti-gun politicians, who write and pass laws, dis-arming victims, and setting everyone up as a target!


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