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TBN is under suspicion of the usual financial finagling, sex scandals, etc. Go to 7:14 for some distinctly chilling sound-on-tape.

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  1. Im sorry I come here for Gun news not breaking stories on morally corrupt religious leaders, can we please get it back on the topic of gun news.

  2. What does this have to do with my owning, carrying, shooting firearms? I DO NOT need to see or hear about Tammy(put my makeup on with a trowel)Baker. She was ugly back in the day, she continues to be ugly today, not just physically, but morally as well!

    • Thanks for posting this. If people from TBN are threatening people with guns – I’m glad my favorite gun blog will alert me to it.

      I grew up in the Assemblies of God. Paul and Jan are an uncomfortable part of my church heritage. I never personally heard or saw any damning evidence against them…. but damn that video is cold.

      Even f’ing INSINUATING that someone died by God’s will because they opposed is completely f’ing unconscionable!!!


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