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Behold the face of 21st century law enforcement. The officer above sports TASER’s latest foray into police accountability: a hook-up between the stun gun maker’s AXON Flex video recording system and Oakley’s Flak Jacket eyewear. TASER reckons the combo gives wired po-po-on-the-go “flexibility, simplicity and wearability.” And if their partner/lawyer wants a quick recap? “AXON Flex systems feature Looxcie Inc.’s proprietary video over BluetoothTM streaming technology that allows officers to review events on a smartphone application supported by Apple iOS and Google Android operating systems.” Will civilians get the same TASER – Oakley interface? TASER says no suh. We say Looxcie’s halfway there and T&E (testing and evaluation) please.

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  1. I like this idea, it creats a record of TASER use to verify it was needed. And if the officer switches it off, there would be a reason to ask WHY the record function was switched off.

    • The system isn’t activated or connected to the Taser ECD other than the fact that it’s made by the same company.

      The Axon is a stand-alone camera system with a “event” button that turns it on and starts recording from 30 seconds before the event button was pressed.

  2. Also worth looking at in the civilian market are the Eyez by Zioneyez, they look like ray ban wayfarers but have a camera and mic. like looxie you can stream the video but there is also a micro sd slot. They are much less conspicuous than the other options but aren’t on the market yet.
    They were due months ago and the company has been slow and shady about updating people who pre-ordered or supported their kick starter.

  3. Brilliant idea. In today’s litigious environment, I think that having any type of recording system on a weapon is a good idea – even if it has poor picture or sound quality. If you ever have someone in your home who comes at you, it will be a lot easier to be acquitted in court if you have a recording of exactly what happened.


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