Beretta A400 XCel Sporting Black Edition – SHOT Show Range Day

Do you love Beretta shotguns (come on…who doesn’t?), but wouldn’t be caught dead busting bouncing rabbits or soaring battues with a cerulean blue competition gun? Beretta has felt your pain. Which is why they’re out with the more traditional A400 Sporting Black Edition. Besides the color makeover, Beretta’s enlarged the bolt handle and bolt release […]

SilencerCo Introduces Omega 45K – SHOT Show Range Day

SilencerCo has always been the 800 pound gorilla in the room when it comes to silencer innovation, production, and marketing. They make a lot of silencers, and it can start to get confusing fast. On the pistol side alone, SilencerCo makes eight different models within three subgroups – Osprey, Octane, and Omega K. The Omega 45K […]

Savage MSR Hands-On – SHOT Show Range Day

Jeremy has been posting about the Savage MSR coming out this year. Full details are available here, and we were able to get our hands on one for the first time at SHOT Show Range Day on Monday. I tested out the MSR-10 Hunter in .308 Winchester. One of the things Savage is trying to do […]

Hands on with SIG SAUER’s Kilo 2400 ABS – SHOT Show Range Day

Introduced in November of 2016, the Kilo 2400 ABS expands on the Kilo line of rangefinders that SIG debuted several years ago. New for 2017, the ABS model includes better, faster, stronger ranging capabilities and an integrated Applies Ballistic engine for providing the solution to your long range shooting woes. Similar to the Bushnell/Kestrel system […]