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Imported by the Buffalo Cartridge Company under new company BRG USA, the new-to-the-U.S. BRG9 Elite is a striker-fired, polymer-framed 9mm pistol is made in Turkey. Showing some clear aesthetic similarity to the very popular, Croatian-made Springfield XD series, Dan and I popped into the Range Day booth to learn more and send some rounds downrange.

At a starting MSRP of just $399.99 for the black flavor, the BRG9 Elite is a darn affordable pistol. Especially given it comes with two magazines, three backstraps, and some cleaning and maintenance stuff all in a hard case filled with surprisingly nice, dense, laser-cut foam.

FDE is $429.99 and two-tone black frame and stainless slide is $419.99. BRG USA is supporting the pistol domestically with all sorts of replacement parts, accessories, and US-based service.

Dan and I each shot a couple mags of ammo through the BRG9 Elite on the range and it seems to be a solid pistol. I don’t mean to draw any conclusions based simply on the fact that it has visual similarity with an XD, but I have to say it shoots a lot like one, too. Good trigger, fine ergos, solid shooting gun.

My only gripe is that I found the grip frame a bit slick. I think it could use some more texture to keep the shooter’s hands locked in. If that’s a gripe for you, too, it’s fixed easily enough with grip tape or some appropriately-placed stippling. At $400 that’s still a bargain.


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  1. Who on Earth would buy this in a world where Canik exists?Just got an email the other day advertising the basic Canik TP9SF for $369

      • “A cleaning kit and fitted case?” It’s a few cheap brushes that will wear out quickly and I’d probably never use, with a vial of cheap oil. Ooh, big value there. And does anyone bring their pistol to the range in that plastic box? They’re as common as Chinese cable locks and a minor upgrade to a cardboard box with cut-out styrofoam.

      • MyName,

        That Canik TP9SF also comes with a fitted hard case AND a pretty nice paddle retention holster.

        • and a cleaning brush…

          Had a TP9SF Elite for about 6 years now. Great ergonomics. Spare mags are reasonably priced. Flawless reliability…eats everything that I’ve fed it (unlike my Springfield SA-35).

  2. why? Americans want cheaper pistols? Should stop buying Turkish stuff. Probably can get their stuff really cheap now their lira is nosediving

    • i didn’t see a lubricant baster in that case.
      maybe it has one of those little pop up thingys that tells you when it’s “done.”

    • Probably because they really are ripping off the Croatian design that Springfield Armory sells (and which I love…the firearms, not SA).

      Personally, I think a grip safety is a better choice for a carry pistol than a manual safety or one of those so-called trigger safeties.

      The Glock-style inset trigger blade is almost useless as a safety device (they’re intended to prevent accidental trigger pulls, but plenty of NDs demonstrate that they generally don’t). Manual safeties are a magnet for operator error; they can take time to disengage and the manual of arms can change from one gun to the next.

      With a grip safety, the gun won’t fire unless you’re gripping the handle. No bang if something slips inside the trigger guard without your permission. And once you ARE gripping the handle, there are no extra steps to take; the gun is ready to go when you are. It’s the best combination of safety and instant readiness there is.

    • IMO…Because a striker fired with a gizmo split trigger safety can allow an in motion object engaging the trigger to discharge the weapon. Or if the firearm is in motion and a stationary object engages the trigger causing a discharge.

      I.E….That little fold on zipper jeans can cause you to sing some high notes should the trigger engage the fold while shoving a chambered weapon down your pants which of course makes the BRG grip safety useless. It would need a plug behind the trigger or carried Israeli style unchambered and chambered during the draw. Although the odds are slim safety or no safety any firearm can sting you.

      • I read someplace (here, maybe? can’t remember now) that if you place your thumb on the back of the slide while doing administrative handling (holstering, etc.), your hand won’t contact the grip safety. It’s easy to do and works as advertised. It’s become such a habit after years of carrying a Springfield XDm that I do it by default on everything now.

  3. If lionheart industries has a booth go shoot their new pistol, or the new walther or the new aerex. Seems like mostly you’re looking at low end stuff or junk

  4. Another knucklehead focused on where a firearm is made and not its price, performance, etc. What is going on with manufacturer location for the most part are people seeing a better firearm than the one they paid twice the price for and it gets their panties in a wad.

    Such firearms are designed by a handful of people and the prints go to other people that make the components and componets go to an assembly line and then the finished product is shipped to distributors. All in all probably around 500 working people are involed. Not the entire government, population or warts incured throughout history. I’m sure there are just as pathetic broad brush azzhats in other countries who have a problem with Made in America.

    Otherwise the BRG appears to very nice well equipped reasonably priced handgun that should sell well.

    • origin is part of the equation. i’ll gladly concede it may be all plastic striker goodness, as it were, but i don’t want one for those two reasons. turkiye i can take or leave. my wife is, not my guns.
      nothing wrong with value, being butthurt because you need to justify your cheap purchase is sad. but it sounds like your having fun. i wish you could buy something nice.
      “maybe someday you can go to detroit.” -uncle shelby

      • I love The BIG D, and I don’t mean Dallas. Detroit rocks in more ways than one. And we make the best beer in the country. Shelby knew a great design when he saw it. RIP

  5. The BRG site is showing slides sold separately for $200. I’m assuming that they fit Glock frames, which makes me assume that the entire pistol is a clone with a few modifications.

    • That looks way more like an XD locking system, so that’s where I’d expect some compatibility, if any.

  6. A trigger blade safety is a inertia drop safety not for unintentional trigger pulls, maybe if a bit of clothing is offset by 3mm haha

  7. Tisas Zigana PX-9 9mm Pistol with Two 15-Round Magazines by any other name. Same look, minus the grip safety.

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