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TTAG’s Virgil Caldwell has already reviewed the new SCCY DVG-1, the company’s first striker-fired 9mm pistol, but I hadn’t gotten the chance to shoot it yet. That changed early on Monday morning at Range Day.

The DVG-1 is very much in keeping with the rest of SCCY’s lineup. It’s a fairly slim polymer pistol that’s just the right size for concealed carry and doesn’t demolish your bank account when you pay for it.

In addition to being a striker-fired design as opposed to SCCY’s traditional DAO pistols (see the CPX-1), SCCY also gave the 10+1 DVG-1 a straight aluminum trigger that they say pulls at 5.5 pounds. That sounds about right from the rounds I put down range.

The DVG-1 is will be available in a number of colors, if that’s plus for you. SCCY is offering three configurations; a standard model (as above), the DVG-1RDR red dot-ready model with a slide cut, and the DVG-1RD that comes with a pre-mounted Crimson Trace red dot reflex sight. MSRPs are $369, $399, and $469, respectively.

The DVG-1s are shipping as we speak.

Given the couple of magazines I was able to shoot, it’s exactly what you’d expect in a sub-compact striker-fired EDC pistol. It shot well with a smooth trigger pull and decent reset. Like the rest of SCCY’s lineup, the DVG-1 will likely be a popular choice for those looking for a dependable, affordable piece for everyday carry.

Re the CPX-1 9mm, SCCY is upgrading that pistol for 2022. The new Gen3 version has a slightly smaller grip diameter, a new, more ergonomic safety lever, an accessory rail, and no more finger grooves. SCCY says they’ve slightly repositioned the trigger and improved the pull, too. The Gen3 CPX-1 should hit stores in March.

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  1. I haven’t seen it asked or mentioned anywhere if owners of the current CPX series can swap out their existing frame with the new Gen3 frame. I’d happily lose the finger groves on mine to gain a small accessory rail.

    • Mere ownership of a SCCY pistol is a tacit admission you’re a loser who’s given up on all your hope and dreams.

  2. I bet I know what the answer is going to be, but I gotta ask:

    Would it be legal to buy this gun in California if you got a magazine that had a maximum capacity of 8 rounds?


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