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The following editorial was written by Aaron Zelman, Founder and Director of Jews for the Preservation of Firearms Ownership.

Dear Sarah: Here is the speech you should give to the NRA when you address its national convention on May 14th. I sincerely invite you to ask me for any and all evidential material you might need to make you confident in these declarations.

Fellow NRA members, thank you for inviting me here today.

How does it feel to be part of what our deceitful adversaries sarcastically call “the gun culture”?

Did you know that we are also part of an even larger group? It’s a not-so-secret society. It’s called “The Freedom Culture”.

The American Experiment was designed around a fundamental spiritual and ethical concept: the premise of certain individual and unalienable rights. I have them. And every single one of you has them. They are ours at birth.

Where does an unalienable right come from? Does it come from the whim of a politician? Does it come from some military general’s fickle approval? Does it come from some judge sitting above you in court? Does an unalienable right exist because some newspaper editor or television anchorwoman says it is okay for it to exist?

No, unalienable rights come from G-d *. (see: footnote) They are bestowed upon us by our Creator!

Now, we all know that it isn’t politically correct to speak of G-d these days. Well, take that one up with Thomas Jefferson, okay?

He wrote of “the Laws of Nature and Nature’s G-d” in our Declaration of Independence. Much that Jefferson wrote irritates Liberals.

Much that Jefferson wrote irritates Liberals.
So, even an atheist can look at Nature (even while denying its Creator) and come to the common sense conclusion that there is a specific aspect of life that every living animal and human being naturally shares in common: the instinct towards, and the means to preserve, its own survival.

This is just common sense. You don’t need to attend a church or synagogue to figure this one out. Observe the natural world. Even a mouse will attempt a final last stand when cornered by a cat. Have you ever seen a blackbird defend its nest from a hawk? Does it not cause a stirring in your heart?

It is unnatural to strip a creature of its self defense mechanisms. In the case of human beings it is utterly and indefensibly immoral. It is a foundational evil. It is an affront to the innate drive towards life and liberty that our Creator has planted in our hearts and souls.

Does the mouse not have the right to defend itself against the cat? Or the blackbird the right to defend its young against the hawk?

Does the mother bear not have the right to defend her cubs?

But now look around at these dangerously malicious politicians and mainstream media pundits. Listen to some of our blindly idealistic religious leaders. They would assert that human beings, amongst all of G-d’s creation, do not have a right to personal self defense!

This is insanity. We must refuse these manipulators any further control over our lives! We must expose them, and never lose sight of their devious actions. We must never let down our guard!

We must refuse these manipulators any further control over our lives!
Their lust for control over our lives is the foundational basis of the insidious and misleading phrase “gun control”.

Add to this semantic trickery, the completely anti-American idea of “political correctness”. What a poison! This tactic was invented by Marxists in the 1920s and it has permeated our entire society now!

I’m not even supposed to say “Merry Christmas” anymore! Can’t say “illegal alien” can we? Mustn’t say “black” now, even though Americans of African ancestry insisted we use that term in the sixties and seventies.

Political correctness has now become a government sponsored tactic to stifle dissent. There is no other reason, friends. Political correctness has been institutionalized in America. Be very, very aware of this. Because…

Political correctness has now become a government sponsored tactic to stifle dissent.
Absolutely central to the stability, or “orbit”, of our freedoms is a healthy and realistic distrust of government on the part of the free citizenry.

We are their bosses. They are our servants! Without a crystal clear realization of this relationship, there is no America!

That is why America has a Bill of Rights.

The Bill of Rights is a “No Trespassing” sign meant to be obeyed by our government. The Bill of Rights doesn’t tell you and me, as citizens, what to do.

The Bill of Rights tells the government what it cannot do!

“Congress shall make NO law”! “Shall NOT be infringed”!

As a free citizen, you can choose to not exercise your freedom of speech, or your right to keep and bear arms, but the government cannot make that decision for you. Think about this point. It is so crucially important.

Oh yes, now is a good time to remind you all of “Bill of Rights Day”. Our Bill of Rights was born on December 15 th, 1791. When that day comes up on our calendar, make time to appreciate and celebrate this great day in history.

Let’s get to the bottom line, and the most important reason the National Rifle Association exists.

Ladies and Gentlemen, the Second Amendment is The Guardian of the rest of the Bill of Rights.

Ladies and Gentlemen, the Second Amendment is The Guardian of the rest of the Bill of Rights.
Why can’t so many so-called “civil rights activists” understand this?

Do you hear me, ACLU? Do you hear me, NAACP? Do you hear me, ADL?

Without an armed citizenry, our unalienable rights will almost certainly be eroded away … and then crushed.

How can anyone call this “paranoia”? The last one hundred years of the history of civilization confirm this time and time again.

Look at other nations in recent history, and what those nations’ governments have done to their citizens. It is appalling what government-gone-bad can do to an unarmed citizenry. It is hellish.

Tyranny can only thrive and prevail if a citizenry is disarmed. The Founders did not pen our right to keep and bear arms in order to protect us from muggers, burglars, and rapists. These are actually secondary benefits, vital though they may be.

The Founders installed the right to keep and bear arms to insure that, if such a tragic day ever arises, we will be able to protect ourselves from our own government.

This is an extremely somber understanding. But I believe that the NRA must declare this more emphatically. It is the elephant in the room that too many well-meaning gun rights advocates are hesitant to acknowledge.

The NRA should be at the forefront in educating people about the direct connection between gun control and the tyranny and genocides of the last one hundred years. This understanding of the mechanism of government sponsored mass murders can no longer be simply a marginal issue here at the NRA. It must be taken to the roof tops. If every American understood the “gun control”/genocide connection, how long would “gun control” be tolerated in our nation?

If every American understood the “gun control”/genocide connection, how long would “gun control” be tolerated in our nation?
I hope you expect me to speak my mind. Well, I will anyway. Call it a little friendly finger wagging. It is time for the NRA to also become far more assertive in other areas as well.

The NRA should be at the very forefront in educating people that the police have absolutely no legal duty to protect any citizen. How many of your friends and neighbors actually know and understand this?

If every adult in America understood this single reality we’d see gun ownership, and an armed citizenry, grow like Dianne Feinstein’s and Chuck Schumer’s worst nightmare.

And yet we keep hearing from Liberals and a vocal minority of brain dead police chiefs: “Don’t need a gun. Dial 911.”

Next: The NRA should be even more at the forefront in promoting the entire Bill of Rights for all American citizens, along with an urgent understanding of the Second Amendment as the Guardian of the Bill of Rights.

We must demand this fact be taught to every American school child. If the Second Amendment isn’t honestly discussed in the school books your children are reading, then the Second Amendment will die.

If the Second Amendment isn’t honestly discussed in the school books your children are reading, then the Second Amendment will die.
Now, what are you going to do about it?

Next: The NRA should be even more at the forefront in explaining how the history of gun control in this nation has deeply racist roots. The first widely applied gun control laws targeted freed black slaves. Do your children learn this in school? Well? Do they?

Next: The NRA should be center stage in respectfully, but firmly, reminding police officers and military personnel of their oath to support and defend the Constitution. The NRA should ask every police officer and active duty soldier if they will ever, under any circumstance, aid and abet in the disarming of the American citizenry. Any police officer or soldier who answers “yes” to that question must be drummed out of the ranks!

Let’s be very, very clear with this. This is not to make the overwhelming majority of honest cops and loyal soldiers our adversaries. To them I say, unreservedly: G-d bless you. As you stand with us we will stand with you!

And may I quietly whisper in their ears: There are eighty million gun owners out there … and about ten percent of them are real, real serious about the Second Amendment.

There are eighty million gun owners out there … and about ten percent of them are real, real serious about the Second Amendment.
Friends, it isn’t just enough to be for gun ownership. You must be for the Second Amendment!

My fellow hunters, are you getting this?

Next: It is now time to decisively resolve another disturbing matter. The NRA should be at the immediate forefront in abolishing the corrupt and criminally abusive Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives.

Now is not the time for the NRA to continue to “work with” those who fear and hate and persecute an armed citizenry.

Ladies and Gentlemen, the BATFE is not our friend. In the final analysis, they represent the knock on the door in the middle of the night.

We do not need the BATFE. If the legislatures and Governors of Wyoming and Montana and Tennessee can “get it”… why can’t the NRA “get it”?

We do not need the BATFE.
Last I heard, alcohol and tobacco were both drugs. Hand that over to the FDA. Explosives? Wasn’t that one of the FBI’s specialties for decades?

And, as for firearms? The unalienable right to keep and bear arms? What part of “shall not be infringed” can we not understand?

“Shall not be infringed”!

Next: The NRA has been far to slow on the uptake in exposing the actual draconian legislation that granted this rogue agency, the BATFE, its present bloated and arrogant authority.

It was a terrible mistake called “The Gun Control Act of 1968”. Americans were callously manipulated by the hysteria surrounding the murders of three men: John F. Kennedy, Robert Kennedy, and Martin Luther King.

For the lives of three good men, as horrific as those tragedies were, we are willing to throw the Second Amendment, the last resort Guardian of our Bill of Rights, out the window? This is lunacy!

What about the nearly one million American soldiers who have given their lives to protect our way of life? We desecrate their sacrifice every time we complacently let another of our unalienable rights get trashed by some arrogant politician or morally corrupted judge or appointed bureaucrat.

The NRA should, tomorrow, demand that “The Gun Control Act of 1968” be repealed. Not amended. Repealed.

The NRA should, tomorrow, demand that “The Gun Control Act of 1968” be repealed.
How to explain this sweeping campaign to a tenuous American people? Explain to them where “GCA ‘68” actually came from!

“GCA ‘68” was cloned from Nazi German Laws, in some instances almost word for word! This despicable feat was accomplished by the late Senator Thomas Dodd of Connecticut. Why hasn’t every American gun owner learned this by now?

Hindsight: And a bitter pill. The NRA should have fought “GCA ‘68” with all its might, instead of help write the law.

The NRA should have fought this trespass while a still staunchly conservative America of that time could have been successfully rallied.

Some of you might wave this off as “ancient history”. It is not ancient. We live with it right now. We live with Nazi inspired laws right now! These laws are like a cancer, and we suffer from them right now!

We cannot permit laws in our land that mimic Nazi German totalitarianism. It cannot be.

We cannot permit laws in our land that mimic Nazi German totalitarianism.
It cannot be!

So I strongly suggest that there is only one honest and consistent position for the NRA to take now. The time will never be better.

The NRA should stand for the complete abolition of gun control.

The “gun control” philosophy is intolerable in a free society. Why? Because gun control denies you your unalienable, G-d given right to defend your own life or the lives of the innocents around you.

Next: When a person criminally uses a firearm he or she should be given a fair trial and, if found guilty by a jury of his or her peers, be punished severely. That is the “due process of law” declared in the Fifth Amendment. Here, the NRA has stood tall.

However, to punish the law abiding, to impose so-called “reasonable regulations” on the ownership of firearms, is absurd and upside down logic.

This is called “prior constraint”, and it is illegal. Again, the NRA has been steadfast in pointing out this dangerous illogic.

People who criminally misuse firearms should be incarcerated or institutionalized. There are laws on the books that cover every possible criminal misuse of a firearm. Enforce those laws!

And then repeal every firearms law that, in even the slightest, trespasses against our unalienable right to self defense. The NRA must walk point in the utter and complete destruction of the lie that is “gun control”.

The NRA must walk point in the utter and complete destruction of the lie that is “gun control”.
I’m tired of being told by advisers to be a “moderate”. This nation was not founded by “moderates”! It will not be preserved with “moderation”. It is now too late!

Let me change pace for a moment.

Ladies and Gentlemen, who are we actually fighting? Observe our opposition. Gun control advocates have an almost suicidal trust in government, especially Big Government.

Ladies and Gentlemen, who are we actually fighting?
Do they actually think that Lenin and Stalin, and Hitler, and Pol Pot, and Idi Amin, and Fidel Castro (just to name a few) believed in “rules”? Or the “will of the electorate”?

If you think I’m exaggerating here, ask yourself this question: How long would our American freedoms last if, by some wave of a wand, every privately owned firearm in this nation was confiscated, and, I quote, “only cops and soldiers should have guns”?

Even some Liberals know what would happen!

Friends, what kind of America do you want? What is our goal here?

Critics say we in the NRA want to return to the “days of the Wild West”. I’ve heard it myself: “Do you want everybody packing heat?”

I, and probably many of you out there, unabashedly say: Why not? If a free and honest man or woman so chooses.

An armed citizenry? Oh my! Lions and tigers and bears! Oh my!

An armed citizenry? Oh my!
Yes, an armed citizenry. Why not? How did we ever get so soft, so addicted to a Mommy/Daddy government that treats us like children … or, more accurately, like indentured servants?

You mean, actually carry a gun in public? In Alaska and Vermont you can just do it. Folks, I call that “freedom”.

And now Arizona seems to be heading down the same “Freedom Road”. What’s wrong with Vermont, or my home State of Alaska? Both allow concealed and open carry with no licensing or registration whatsoever. Concealed carry restrictions on the free citizenry are immoral because they violate G-d’s command to defend our own lives and the lives of innocents.

These “reasonable regulations” (don’t you love that smarmy phrase) are patently illegal as well. Do Vermonters or Alaskans have better dictionaries?

“The right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed”!

That’s the law! It is the Supreme Law of the Land! Period!

I just mentioned open carry. I would hope that the NRA will grow to more strongly support unlicensed and unregistered open carry in every State. Trust me, as an Alaskan, you do get used to it. And then you learn to appreciate it.

Hey! Wake up! This is America! This isn’t namby pamby nanny state Europe! This isn’t jackbooted Red China! This isn’t some murderous tin pan South American or African dictatorship!

This isn’t namby pamby nanny state Europe!
Personal freedom requires personal power! The free citizen must be empowered, not weakened and hobbled at the every whim of some ivory tower social engineer or elitist politician!

Look, some people will always be phobic about guns. But the more citizens exercise their unalienable right to carry openly the more common it will become. And I sincerely believe, in the face of the gun prohibitionists’ deceitful hand wringing hysterics, that an openly armed society will be a far more polite, and lawful, society.

I also staunchly believe in women’s rights. Would I be here talking with you today if I didn’t?

And would you have invited me if you didn’t?

The invention of the modern firearm, and specifically the handgun, was my gender’s first taste of equal rights!

Wake up, feminists! Don’t you get it? The six foot six goon with a knife or club falls to the petite hand holding the revolver. Ladies, always remember this: Sam Colt came before the vote.

Ladies, always remember this: Sam Colt came before the vote.
Gals, own a gun, learn how to use it safely and effectively, and then carry it. The good Lord gave us better hand eye coordination, Sisters. Perhaps there is a reason. And it wasn’t just for sewing up Papa’s trousers.

Friends and kindred spirits, we must not be the last generation that will be able to take this stand for freedom. This is an immense and somber responsibility.

We, all of us in this room, must now become “The Greatest Generation”. We must bring America back to America!

The battle has now reached our own shores. “Gun control” in America isn’t simple “infighting” anymore.

You all know what the U.N. plans for the world … and this nation … with its upcoming “Small Arms Treaty”. This lunacy was born and nurtured at the University of Minnesota! This bogus “treaty” is the brainchild of an instructor there! And just last month, the U.N. unilaterally made its first “trace” query of an American gun company. The U.N. didn’t even attempt to go through the BATFE! They went direct! The arrogance!

The globalist agenda slithers ever closer. Ever closer.

The globalist agenda slithers ever closer.
Fragile freedom is flickering out all over the globe. Collectivist authoritarianism spreads like a plague.

But here in America the embers of Freedom still glow brightly. Thank G-d that Freedom is a severely addictive substance!

“Hi! I’m Sarah. I’m a Freedom Addict!”

For far too long, the wind has blown the wrong direction in our nation. It has blown us far off course. Who among you can deny it?

But now, if we set our sails effectively, steer by our moral compass, and stay the course, we can navigate our vessel “Lady Liberty” back to her home shore. The shores where she was invented!

I will say it proudly and with no shame whatsoever: America is still the light of the world. We are not, and should not be, the boss of the world. Let’s keep our own doorstep clean first. We must demonstrate, not dictate.

We must, once again, be the guiding light of the world. Don’t you get it? There’s no one else out there to do it!

America is still the light of the world.
But that light must quit wavering and dimming with indecision and hesitancy. It is time to turn up the voltage! Let’s relight “that shining city on the hill”.

Ladies and Gentlemen, we can prevail. We must prevail. But it will take the best and most from each of us. Let’s get it done! Let us be the zero tolerance NRA!

“Shall NOT be infringed”!

Let’s take off the gloves. The time will never be better! Millions of gun owners, maybe tens of millions, will rush to join us if they see that we truly mean business. Let’s walk the walk now!

Thank you. G-d bless you! And may G-d bless our America!

* Out of respect, observant Jews do not write the name of the Almighty in secular texts.

Jews For The Preservation Of Firearms Ownership Mission is to destroy “gun control” and to encourage Americans to understand and defend all of the Bill of Rights for everyone. Those are the twin goals of Wisconsin-based Jews for the Preservation of Firearms Ownership (JPFO). Founded by Jews and initially aimed at educating the Jewish community about the historical evils that Jews have suffered when they have been disarmed, JPFO has always welcomed persons of all religious beliefs who share a common goal of opposing and reversing victim disarmament policies while advancing liberty for all.

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