Project Appleseed: My Daughter’s First Shoot

By Jay Mundy “Dad, do we have to go?” Samantha, my then 13-year-old daughter asked. “Yes.” In Sam’s defense, I’d gotten her up at 5. On a Saturday at that, to drive to Black Creek range outside of Richmond, Virginia for a Project Appleseed shoot. It was December 3, 2016. The drive started about 6am […]

Project Appleseed’s Bad Apple?

  “For an hour, instructor Dan Boyle, K-Dan for short, walks the [Project Appleseed] group through a fractured history of the American Revolutionary War. The group discusses the Minutemen, and Paul Revere, as well as the Boston Massacre (‘How do we know a British soldier fired the first shot? Because he missed!’),” reports. “The […]