CNN Pumping Out Fake News on Florida Gun Laws

In the wake of the Florida school shooting, CNN sent out the following Tweets from their verified account . . . Really CNN? Really? In Florida we don’t need a conceal weapons permit to conceal carry any long guns? As a resident of the Sunshine State and a member of the Law Enforcement Community, I […]

Question of the Day: How Do We Get Our Message Out There More Effectively

[CAUTION: SPOILER ALERTS IN VIDEO] I’ve never seen ‘The Walking Dead’ (I seem to run into enough mindless, shambling, brain-suckers as it is) but the point of this video is clear enough. One wanna-be strongman in AMC’s zombietastic series is apparently bent on post-apocalyptic world domination. Hence the lesson drawn by the bearded alley-dweller above. As […]

Movie Review: Hacksaw Ridge

Reader BK writes: I never served in the military. In fact, the most I can say is that I am a veteran of many a war movie. But Hacksaw Ridge, just like the Pacific campaign in World War II, is a whole ‘nother (movie) theater of war. What makes it different: its real-life hero, Desmond […]

Hillary Not Only Hates The Second Amendment, She Lied. The Heller Case Wasn’t About Protecting Toddlers

  By Regis Giles of When Hillary Clinton announced last night that she was pro-second amendment, I couldn’t help but laugh and scream ‘BULLSHIT!’ She really thinks the American public is that stupid? Well Hillary, we’ve got news for you…WE AREN’T! The Hilldebeest has stated in the past that Second Amendment supporters are a terrorist minority: […]

Pixar Animators’ ‘Borrowed Time’…Anti-Gun?

“Pixar animators Andrew Coats and Lou Hamou-Lhadj’s brilliant short film has been racking up accolades on the festival circuit,” reports. “Borrowed Time captures a lonely sheriff as he stares down the barrel of a painful memory from his past.” Stares down the barrel. Geddit? SPOILER ALERT . . . Borrowed time (click image above to […]

Beginner’s Guide To Media Interviews

  The mainstream media industry isn’t your friend. Even your local newspaper or television station, unless it’s a small market, probably isn’t all that supportive of gun rights. (One litmus test:  Do they post their offices with “NO GUNS” signage?) How do you handle an interview if you’ve been singled out or contacted to give […]

USA Today’s Four-Point Plan to Stop Negligent Discharges That Kill Kids starts their editorial When kids fire guns: Our view by excoriating irresponsible gun owners. “You’d think gun owners would understand that kids are surprisingly good at finding guns that aren’t kept secured and unloaded,” they opine, “yet the toll goes on, year after year. Maybe gun buyers should be required to listen to the heartbreaking 911 call from […]

Vice Pillories the Michigan Militia

If you’re a jobbing journo, making fun of American militia men is a walk in the park. Make that the woods. Militia members are white (racists!), they don’t trust their government (paranoid insurrectionists!) and THEY’VE GOT GUNS! It’s especially easy if you pretend to be one of them. It’s a technique perfected by visiting British comedians/commentators, […]

Tennessean Journo Natalie Neysa Alund: I Cry For Child Victims of Gun Violence

“Not too long ago I covered crime in Oakland, Calif.,” crime beat journalist Natalie Neysa Alund reveals. “It wasn’t an anomaly to cover youths being killed in the city, where the streets are mean and poverty flourishes. When I took this job covering crime and breaking news in Nashville last year, I thought I’d get a break from seeing children die. I […]

Teach Your Children Well.

I’m fairly certain that when that noted folk-rock supergroup Crosby, Stills, Nash, Young, Merrill Lynch, Pierce, Fenner & Smith wrote that song, teaching your children about guns was hardly what they had in mind. But bear with me for a moment and let me take you down the road on a train of thought that […]

ATF Death Watch 15 – And Another One Rides the Bus

The Wall St. Journal is reporting this AM that, according to the proverbial “unnamed sources,” BAFTE (and sometimes Really Big Fires) acting director Kenneth Melson will be joining the history team sometime within the next week or so. Melson, who’s been taking his title of “acting” head a wee bit too seriously since April of […]