Florida League of Prosecutors Files Lawsuit to Declare Stand Your Ground Unconstitutional.

Florida’s League of Prosecutors (“the lifeline of the judicial community”), an organization that claims to closely monitor issues that affect legal professionals and the judiciary in South Florida and across the country has filed a lawsuit to declare the state’s stand your ground law unconstitutional. In court documents released to the Miami Herald . . . [The League] […]

Gun Owners’ Prudence is Required to Protect Second Amendment Freedoms

“It is simply a fact that the irresponsible or reckless exercise of any given freedom undermines public support for that liberty. Thus, those who support, say, the First Amendment should be among the most vigilant in exercising those rights virtuously. Those who support the Second Amendment should be unrelenting in preaching responsibility, prudence, and courage. […]

Stand Your Ground Stands Its Ground

The people crusading against Florida’s Stand Your Ground (SYG) law readily admit that SYG had nothing to do with the Zimmerman or Michael Dunn cases – and then blame SYG for Trayvon Martin’s and Jordan Davis’ death. Commentator Dennis Trainor Jr. [in the video above] does the SYG two-step with the best of them: “They’re also […]