Florida Grand Jury Indicts Lakeland City Commissioner for Second-Degree Murder in Shoplifter Shooting

Earlier this week video was released showing Lakeland, Florida city commissioner Michael Dunn shooting and killing an alleged shoplifter on October 3 who was trying to leave his military supply store (see our original post here). Now, a grand jury has indicted Dunn on a charge of second-degree murder. As the Orlando Sentinel reports . […]

Gun Owners’ Prudence is Required to Protect Second Amendment Freedoms

“It is simply a fact that the irresponsible or reckless exercise of any given freedom undermines public support for that liberty. Thus, those who support, say, the First Amendment should be among the most vigilant in exercising those rights virtuously. Those who support the Second Amendment should be unrelenting in preaching responsibility, prudence, and courage. […]