Kasky Leaves March for Our Lives, Sisterhood Against Kavanaugh, and Vox Says 262 Mass Shootings in 2018: TTAG Daily Digest

The Cut-and-Paste Problem with Initiative 1639 Outdoor Writer and native Washingtonian Dave Workman takes a closer look at the cluster that is i1639… When the authors of Initiative 1639—the 30-page, multi-faceted gun control measure now facing Washington voters on the November ballot—defined a “semiautomatic assault rifle,” they created a split among firearms owners, leaving some […]

Is There A Mouse Gun Backlash?

In the Elvis Death Day edition of Gun Digest (August 16), jobbing journo Dave Workman almost answers the question posed by his article’s headline: Are Some Pistols Too Small? “What one must remember is that those tiny pistols can be chambered for some potent cartridges that have quite a bit of recoil in a smaller-framed […]