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TTAG writer Chris Dumm and myself are big fans of the Chiappa Firearms Rhino, a handgun so ugly that simply brandishing it could kill, or at least turn onlookers to stone. The rest of the TTAG team can’t wait to try it, new trigger job and all. Meanwhile, this. We don’t know much about theĀ Chiappa .22 AR-15 M-Four Tactical Handgun, other than the name was created by Chiappa’s Department of Redundancy Department. And the fact that the 4.1 lbs. gun has a 6″ barrel and holds 28 rounds; available for your dining and dancing pleasure early next year for a mere $469. On the face of it, it seems like a great idea . . .

With .22 recoil (i.e. virtually none), why not make an AR-style weapon without all the bits that make them so damn hard to slip in your pocket (magazine in the other)? I kid. I think.

Still, when they hand out awards for guns that sing “I’m Too Sexy for my Gun Locker,” I don’t think the AR-15 M-4 Tactical Handgun will be a final nominee. Just sayin’.

And yes, we’ll test and evaluate this bad boy just as soon as Chiappa Prez Ron Norton forgives us for calling his baby—babies—ugly. I mean, aesthetically challenging.

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  1. Does Chiappa make an AR .22 rifle or just this hideous "pistol?"

    An AR-styled .22 rifle could be a real winner in the marketplace if priced right. All the ones I've seen have been $400+ which is a lot to pay for a can-plinker, but at a ~$200 price range it could be real attractive.

  2. Ah, the appeal of forbidden fruit. Here in the Kommonwealth of Massachusetts, where all taxes are legal and most guns aren't, this scary looking "assault weapon" would never pass muster. Is that why I want one? Uh, yeah. I can't think of any other reason.


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