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Bond Arms has released [what could well be] the world’s longest derringer — the firearms equivalent of the world’s most fire retardant paper hat. Be that as it is, the company is running a contest on their Facebook page to name their new long-barreled derringer. The prize: the new gun! Some weisenheimer might suggest calling it the Peter North special, but I couldn’t possibly comment. [h/t]


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  1. Well honestly, if your going to make something that size anyway by not give it 4 barrels and create the new version of the COP. :p

      • if you want “comfy to shoot” get a full sized 9mm service pistol. This company is only around to make pocket pistols. What’s the point of this thing??

        • “This company is only around to make pocket pistols. What’s the point of this thing??”

          Whoops, I didn’t answer that as I should have. –

          The primary ‘point’ of a company is to make money for the owners, unless the company is a rich person’s amusement or is supposed to lose money to make the company less attractive to a hostile acquisition.

          (Years back, I worked for a chemical company that worried about being bought, broken up, and sold off in chunks. You remember, the 80’s? So our division lost money on every short ton they produced for a few years. It also depressed the spot price and indirectly killed off one of our competitors who didn’t have an owner with rather deep pockets .)

          So, even if it is ‘stupid’, but sells, it’s all good…

    • Concealability depends on the context and what you have to work with. A single stack SA’s slender profile disappears more readily than a comparable double stack or its chunky cousin revolver in an IWB application. Likewise, in a flash bang bra, economy of length, width, and weight are in order.

      However, where some extra barrel length can be accommodated, as in a boot or sleeve or even an off-body mode like in a binder, taking advantage of such a sidearm as this could offer benefits of less felt recoil and longer sight radius. It isn’t an all around winner and may not even be best-in-class, but its longer barrel doesn’t necessarily disqualify it outright as a concealed carry option.

  2. Bond Arms Dare-inger
    Bond Arms Dare Ya Derringer
    Bond Arms Smoke Stack
    Bond Arms Saturday Day Special
    Bond Arms Double Dirty
    Bond Arms Double Trouble
    Bond Arms Bon-dead
    Bond Arms Boot Boss
    Bond Arms NOW THIS IS A DERRINGER (Dundee style)

    All joking aside I think the marketing hook for this thing is as a backup “boot gun” so I’d say keep it simple and sweet

    Bond Arms Boot Length

    • How about the “Deeringer,” since it’s in .357, .45, or 10mm it would be legal in many states to hunt deer with?

  3. With a nod to ‘Aerosmith’, how about…

    “My Big Six Inch!”

    (Singing like Stephen Tyler)

    “If you come on up to rob me,… I’ll whip out my Big Six Inch!”

    • Well, this sucks.

      I neither have (nor am I interested in getting) a Facebook account.

      I claim copyright on “My Big Six Inch!” or similar variant, 7:15 pm, 1/17/2017.

      • “I neither have (nor am I interested in getting) a Facebook account.” Same here, no time for unsocial media. TTAG is bad enough.

        • Agree to A_ _book.
          Disagree on TTAG not even in the same universe, And Smuckerberg making a failed run for the presidency is going to make Hillary’s run look like milk money. Freekin globo-communist. Nobody pulls for communism like the PIS’s that think they’re going to wind up at the top. Castro’s ‘people’ didn’t have two milk jugs to tie together to swim to FL. But Castro’s estate splits $90 Million? Kinda sounds ike Obama, and Hillary, and . .. Unsert you favorite evil (D) here.

  4. Oh look! A longer, narrower version of their “Snake Slayer,” which would have more appropriately been named the “Shoe-Size Reducer.”

    I have a perfect name! How about: “Stupid Fucking Waste of Money?”

  5. Well… if you manage to miss or not incapacitate your attacker you can use it as a pretty handy fist pack.

    “Pretty Handy Fist Pack” it is. Runner up for me would be “I don’t need a sap” followed by “Sap 3.0”.

    • How ’bout Baldry? (The only “Long John” person that comes to mind…)

      Don’t try to lay no boogie woogie on the king of rock-n-roll….

  6. Since they’ve already got the Snake Slayer they could chamber it in .45acp and call it the Soul Slayer.

  7. How about the Bond Arms WDTCF Derringer … and WDTCF is an acronym for Where Did That Come From?

  8. The originals were from Deringer, the copies are derringers, so this one must be a “derrringer”.

  9. It’s missing the required four full length Picatinny Rails on the top, bottom, and sides of the barrel- if it only had those, it could be the Tacti-Poseur

  10. Tex-Caliber. As Excalibre was the King of all swords, Tex-Caliber is the King of Texas quality derringers!

  11. TEXCALIBER. As Excalibur was the King of all swords and highly revered, TEXCALIBER is the King of Texas quality derringers!

  12. ^
    . . .

    Hahahahahahahahaha ?

    Didn’t hear one mf say they’d turn down a free one ???
    If you had to draw that, the look on the other person’s face would be priceless. They should call it “Priceless”

    • Here’s your first. I would turn it down. I would not even get in my car, drive to my LGS and fill out the paperwork for that POS.

      The name I thought of was “The Bond POS,” but I realized that was redundant. This is a gun people buy solely to show to their friends, thinking that will make them look cool…but it doesn’t.

      • Yes, in Amerika we should only be allowed to own practical handguns. Buying an impractical gun for a range toy just because it might be a hoot to shoot is just wrong. Besides, Bond Arms derringers are so weak they can’t even be chambered in .500 S&W! In the puny .357 magnum cartridge that 28oz. derringer would barely pump out 800ft/lbs of energy. And everyone knows it takes at least 7 rounds of .357 to kill a bad guy. What a POS!

  13. Just because someone CAN make something, doesn’t mean they should. If they do make it, few should buy it due to its intrinsic lack of practical purpose. For self defense, it’s wholly inadequate. For back-up, it’s inferior to the many fine products on the market. I see little purpose.

    • Not much R&D or tooling required for this, so not much investment, ergo not much risk for Bond Arms.

      This is what happens when a company runs out of ideas, in an industry that has run out of ideas.

  14. This kinda reminds me of the old soviet-era jokes about their propaganda on being first and foremost in various realms of technology: that their garden gnomes are biggest in the world and their wristwatches are the fastest.

  15. Don’t know the name,.. but the Tag line,,
    “Now you can quit lying about that 6 inches you’re carrying.”

  16. Paul “Crocodile Dundee” as company spokesman:

    “That’s not a derringer…
    THAT’S a derringer!”

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