Marjory Stoneman Douglas Shooting Victims Don’t Know What They Don’t Know: Quote of the Day [VIDEO]

“We’ve been locked in a classroom. We have seen our friends text their parents goodbye. We are the experts . . . We know exactly what we’re talking about. How dare you tell us we don’t know?” – Marjory Douglas Stoneman High School student Cameron Kasky quoted in Parkland Survivors: Donald Trump ‘Needs To Listen To […]

U.S. Representative Ted Deutch: Why The Feds Should Ban ‘High Capacity’ Magazines

“Combined with bump fire stocks, high-capacity magazines allowed the Las Vegas shooter to kill 58 concertgoers in a matter of minutes,” Democratic Florida Congressional Representative Ted Deutch writes at “But the massive scale of violence extends so much further. High-capacity magazines make killers capable of firing dozens of bullets before reloading. In the recordings captured […]

Gun Owners of America Statement on the Las Vegas Shooting

Gun Owners of America president Erich Pratt has issues the following statement in response to the Mandalay Bay massacre: GOA Statement on Las Vegas Shooting Springfield, VA – Executive Director of Gun Owners of America (GOA) Erich Pratt stated the following after the tragic shooting in Las Vegas, Nevada: “Everyone at Gun Owners of America was […]

The Pre-Hillary Gun Sales Surge for Dummies

Three variables greatly influence American gun sales: elections, legislation, and mass shootings. The last factor is obvious enough; people don’t want to get shot by a sociopath. The first and second are confusing to those on the left. They really don’t understand why people arm up when an anti-gun politician has a chance of being elected, or gun control legislation […]

Gallup Poll: Support for Assault Weapons Ban Drops to 36%

President Clinton enacted the Federal Assault Weapons Ban (AWB) in 1994. [For an overview of the AWB concept click here.] Since its expiration, the Democratic Party has been hell bent on reenacting and strengthening an “assault weapons” ban. While that may have been a winning argument back in the early 1990’s, a new poll by Gallup shows that support for outlawing […]

BREAKING: Federal Appeals Court to Revisit Ruling Against MD’s ‘Assault Weapons’ Ban

In the headlong rush of anti-2A opportunism in the aftermath of the horrific Newtown shooting, three states stood head and shoulders above their hoplophobic peers: Connecticut (of course), New York (i.e., the SAFE Act) and Maryland, which enacted an “assault weapons” ban. Never mind that the defunct federal version had been universally judged an utter failure. […]

Gun-Grabber Proposals, Including O’Malley’s, Getting More Outlandish and Laughable

An editorial in The Ellsworth American promises us “rational gun control.” Unsurprisingly, to anyone who understands that for “progressives,” every day is Opposite Day, it’s anything but that. In typical bipolar fashion, noise is generated to make it sound like the right to keep and bear arms is recognized, but that’s just lip service as […]

D.C. Gun Laws: Testing the Limits

[HTML1] Some kids are bright enough to look at a stove top, see the flame or the glowing coil and think “Hot!” and forget about touching it. Others just gotta touch it, in order to figure out that when you play with fire you get burned. I’m predicting that the U.S. Court of Appeals for […]

Anti-Assault Rifle Agit-Prop On the Rise

I have no statistical basis for making that conclusion. For all I know, there’s never been less agitation to ban assault rifles in the United States than right now. Which would mean that the article The Return of the Assault Rifle at represents a significant percentage increase in the amount of media clamor for a […]