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This pocket dump includes a VP9 and a Dango Tactical Wallet. There’s also a pocket organizer containing an assortment of ink pens and an Atomic Bear Tactical Pen. You might also notice there’s a spare mag…in the pocket organizer.

If your spare mag is stored in a zippered organizer, how fast do you think you can get at it should the need arise? Do you have time to locate said organizer, open it, and remove the mag, all before executing a reload?

If you’re thinking “no” then answer this: is there a point in having a spare mag if it is stored in such a way it makes a timely reload all but impossible?

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  1. The Fatty organizer is one I like but have always found a touch large. Great for organizing stuff inside another bag but unless you have large cargo pockets it’s not something I’d carry “on me” and certainly not with that amount of weight in it.

    I probably wouldn’t put my spare mag inside something requiring removal from a pocket and a zipper to get at the reload.

    Nice knife and gun though. Complimented by a Timex which is mildly amusing considering the number of posts that feature multi-thousand dollar watches. Seems he goes for “utilitarian” which is admirable.

    • The knife belongs clipped in a pocket, not in something you need to un-zip to get at…

      • While I would tend to agree and that would be the way I would do things the way he has the overall PO set up suggests that it’s mainly for “tools” and he therefore doesn’t really think of the knife as a potential weapon that he might want to get at quickly.

        The overall set up indicates he likes to have rapid access to his gun and the rounds in it and considers most everything else something which he doesn’t want/need truly rapid access to. Potentially losing the organizer and, by extension, it’s contents doesn’t appear to be something that bothers him.

        Personally I roll with the spare mag, knife and flashlight on me so that I basically need to lose my pants to lose those items. Which could happen if I fell in a river or hit a red light district…

        • My pocket knife has always been an extension of my hand, with a real sharp finger.

          It may be there usable as a weapon, but 99.99 pct. of the time it’s a tool, and is used several times a day as such. I can’t see myself zipping it up like that, but he rolls as he wants to roll.

          (And oh, to be a fly on the wall at your house when you try explaining to your wife where your pants are, in the red-light district. You’ll likely need the services of a trauma ward, for *multiple* broken bones…)

        • Understandable. I basically think the same way.

          Also, if my pants were in a red light district it would be because my wife took me there.

    • It looks like two are pencils. So he has a spare pen, spare pencil and a tactical pen which I kind of assume isn’t something he carries primarily for writing and therefore doesn’t think of as an extra writing utensil.

      Personally I carry two pencils and two pens of whatever colors I think I’ll use frequently, which is usually black and blue. That way if a pen or pencil craps out you can just toss it and move to the other one without screwing up your color scheme for taking notes or whatever. You can also loan one out and if you don’t get it back still have one just like it.

  2. Where’s the holster?

    That’s not a pocket dump. It’s a pocket, wrist, and zippered carry case dump. More akin to a lady’s handbag dump.

    My pockets have a .380 in a pocket holster, a spare mag, a wallet, car keys and a cell phone.

    I do have a zippered case that stays in the vehicle and has extra stuff. Bigger gun, more mags, belt holster for the bigger gun, etc etc etc.

    • That zippered carry case is called a “pocket organizer”. It’s meant to be used that way and the guy may well do so.

      The Fatty was designed for EMT’s, cops and military to organize a bunch of stuff they might otherwise have loose in cargo pockets.

      His profile lists him as an “electomechanic”, so if he’s an engineer that spends time working on things in the field he may well wear such a pair of pants and use the organizer for exactly that purpose.

  3. What normal carry’s this much stuff besides nutnfancy?

    Besides the pistol and spare mag I carry a single cell streamlight, a folder and a two small Leatherman. Anything else gets left at home or the car.

    • If you start to look at the actual profiles on the EDC site a lot of this stuff becomes reasonable carry.

      Granted sometimes it’s entirely nonsensical but this particular carry makes a lot of sense if the guy is what he claims he is and is an engineer that works in the field rather than in a lab or production facility.

      If I showed you the stuff I carry on a daily basis these days you’d say it’s crazy unless I specifically listed each item and it’s purpose. I carry a bunch more pouches and shit these days than I did six months ago because I basically have to and therefore don’t have a choice.

    • If it’s as cold there as it is here, he probably set fire to them trying to thaw the ink out in his ink pens

      • I never understood that. Ink pen and lead pencil. Doesn’t a pen use ink and a pencil lead? Can’t you just say pen and pencil?

        • You’re right. You’d think it would be obvious, obviously. He’s probably a clerk in the Department of Redundancy Department.

  4. Well it certainly looks nice an organized. I can just see myself in a frantic haste trying to unzip that carrier though. And even if I practiced I still don’t think I could tacticool it as fast as a Velcro flap on mag pouch. As far as looks go I give this setup a ****’s.

  5. Oh ya, that pouch which is the same size as a full size handgun looks super realistic for everyday carry…

  6. Well……..I won’t judge since he does have a spare mag.

    Not the way I might carry it…or the knife….or the light….but he has them.

    And it may fit the way his day goes…..but not mine…I use the light too often (mine is smaller).

    I would love to see how some of the folks that dump carry their kit. I see a lot of youngsters carrying a backpack like it had attached blood flow. More than a few probably have a Roscoe in there.

  7. I don’t get it. Is this guy thinking he’ll have time to spread out his little mini-purse to get his ammo out for a gunfight or is he hoping he can open it and show off his magazine when he needs a screwdriver?

  8. First time ive ever ordered anything after seeing it here in the EDC posts. Fatty Organ izer has my name on it. I have a pocket on my EDC tac briefcase that is like my wifes pocket book. Everything shown in the picture is in there but i cant find it. Sweet!

  9. A spare mag doesn’t have to be because you are worried about the every day gun fight.

    I’m pretty confident that a revolver’s worth of rounds will end any confrontation I might find myself in day to day scenarios, but I carry an SR9C with 10+1 and a spare mag.

    I carry the spare mag not for every day, but for the extremely unlikely— but possible— scenario that I have to hike the 12 miles from work to home in X disaster scenario, or I’m on the road when Y happens, and I need longer term peace of mind than the 3-3-3 rule provides for.

    Having said all that, I think this guy just wants to show off his mag when he gets a pen to jot down the address of that new 5.11 Gear store.

    • I agree. I would only add that having a spare mag nearby, even if not immediately accessible, would also be a good idea in a situation where you have some time to realize that things are about to get ugly. Not all defense situations happen suddenly, but when they do, as you said, they tend to involve firing at less than ten feet, and almost always only a few rounds are fired.

  10. Looks like most of these EDC people are going on a camping trip and need extra baggage for extras! or maybe too impress people ??
    Personel carry consists of a 238 SIG and a gentleman’s knife. work carry is the same with addition of a Mini Mag and TL-29 Both in holster I Made from a kit. weight is about 2 lbs.
    Occasionally carry a Charter Arms .44 special

  11. Hold on I need a pen. Lemme open up this pouch with a bunch of tools and a fucken extra mag to get it…

    Just carry a fucken backpack and I hope you have a pen on your persons to avoid getting a bunch of other junk out anytime you need to simply write something down, especially in public.

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