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Rabbi Raziel Cohen doesn’t want you to have to draw a gun in synagogue. But if you must, he doesn’t want you to waste precious time unbuttoning your kapota, a type of jacket worn by men in the Chabad Hasidic community on Shabbat and Jewish holidays.

So Cohen, a firearms instructor who goes by the moniker “The Tactical Rabbi,” worked with Shaul Snovsky, who sells kapotas in South Florida, to create the Tactical Kapota. The jacket, which looks like any other kapota, closes with snaps instead of buttons for easy opening. Its cost: $550.

“The issue came up with when you wear a kapota … the ‘gartel’ gets in the way and the kapota gets in the way and it can make it dangerous to draw your weapon,” Cohen said, using the Yiddish word for the belt worn over the kapota.

— Shira Hanau in Hasidic rabbi makes Shabbat jacket for carrying guns at synagogue


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  1. So is the next article going to be the Best Tactical “Man Jammies”.

    In America, we have Freedom and as long as you’re not hurting anyone or violating the law, you can usually do as you please.

    The issue I have is that all these groups that want to live here for economic reasons, should not be allowed in, as they never want to become Americans, but only want to live in safety while pursuing their 14th Century Dreams. (Same goes for the illegal Central Americans.) The other issues is many live on welfare and spend all their time studying their religion at public expense, contributing nothing, only taking from tax payers.

    The 80,000 Afghans who Biden hopes will be new democratic voters should have either been given arms and told to fight for their country, as the entire Taliban is supposed to have 70-80,000 troops. Alternatively, we could have dropped all these cowards off in Saudi Arabia, as they import 10’s of thousands of foreign workers a year to work on projects in the kingdom.

    Its not HATE to demand that your country act in its own self-interest.

    • Do you have any actual statistics to back up your claim the ultra Orthodox Jews in America live off welfare? I have known many Orthodox and Hassidic Jew and none of them were on welfare. They were not affluent, but they took nothing from the government. Yes, the Ultra Orthodox may dress as in the Middle Ages but one usually finds them on their cell phones.

        • Are some ultra-orthodox Jews on welfare? Sure, but if you think they’re the only ones, then you need to open your eyes as well. I drove with someone to the welfare office once for an appointment, and shocker of shockers, there was one orthodox person in a sea of non-Jews. You also apparently don’t know about the tens of millions of dollars given to charity by those in that community. It’s easy to see anything if that’s all you’re looking for.

    • The Afghans being admitted under special visas have already demonstrated their willingness to fight by working with Americans against the Taliban. Getting them out of Afghanistan and into the US, before the Taliban murders them and their families, is showing loyalty to those who have proven their loyalty to us. Governments have a bad habit of abandoning allies when there is no longer any profit in supporting them.

        • If I had my way, I would stick ALL refuges from ANY country in Guam, Oahu, or some highly isolated island. This limits any damage the bad actors can do and allows us all the time in the world to vet the good ones. (Guam also offered to take em in TMK.)

          If I really had my way, people seeking safety / asylum would never leave the island and would ultimately have to immigrate to an ethnically similar country after an arbitrary number of years. If no one wants them, they are just stuck on-island.

          I would literally make one of our most inhospitable islands the “refugees go here” island. If they don’t like it, they are free to go home. 🙂

    • “The 80,000 Afghans who Biden hopes will be new democratic voters should have either been given arms and told to fight for their country“

      Well you know, 20 years ago that was President dick Cheney and vice President George W. Bush‘s entire plan for Afghanistan. Under that plan, our government has given the Afghani army $89 billion in weaponry and equipment, which they immediately abandoned and went home upon the withdrawal of US troops.

      So much for republican “nation building”.

  2. Gotta love “The Tactical Rabbi” moniker; it’s heartening to see Jews who are not antigun nuts. I guess most antigun Jews are Reformed, not sure about Conservative Jews.

  3. The new tactical Kapota is necessary so that Jewish people can protect themselves from the type of racist right wing people who hang out on this forum. Not all of them are racist but the majority of them are.

    • It’s actually the left who are out to get the Jews this time. Read about what’s going on in Europe to the Jews, the squads opinion on Jews, and the black supremacy movements opinions on Jews. They all sound like they’d get along well with Himmler.

      • I suggest you quit making a total fool of yourself. Watch a few foreign news channels like France24/News or DW News out of Germany. It is the radical far right modern day Nazi’s that are threatening the Jews. The French Military even had to guard Jewish Synagogues from attacks by the Far Right nut cases. Steve Bannon was invited to give speak at far right nut case rallies and was living there for a time to help organize new Nazi organizations. Far Right equal Nazi’s equal Republicans, equal KKK , equal Proud Boys, equal Germanys AfD

        The AfD sits in the same political family as France’s far-right National Front and Austria’s far-right Freedom Party – as well as the populist, anti-Islam Dutch Freedom Party (PVV) of Geert Wilders. Nigel Farage, former leader of the UK’s anti-EU party Ukip, took part in their 2017 election campaign.

        The party’s leader in the eastern state of Thuringia, Björn Höcke, once described Berlin’s Holocaust memorial as a “monument of shame” and called for a “180-degree turnaround” in Germany’s handling of its Nazi past. Picking up the same theme, Alexander Gauland trivialised the Nazi era as “just a speck of bird’s muck in more than 1,000 years of successful Germany history”.

        The AfD has managed to attract voters from the centre right and even the centre left but in the words of Verena Hartmann, a moderate MP who left the party in January 2020 because it was becoming to extreme: “Those who resist this extreme right-wing movement are mercilessly pushed out of the party.”

        In the words of Matthias Quent, a German expert on the far right based in Thuringia: “Not everyone in the AfD is ideologically far right, but anyone in the party or even voting for the party is supporting a party that has a far-right objective.”

        Austrian far right challenges poll result
        Who to watch
        The AfD has only existed for seven years and its leadership has gone through regular, turbulent changes. Its best-known figures are co-leader Alexander Gauland, parliament group leader Alice Weidel and Björn Höcke, the party’s most significant figure in its eastern heartland.

        AfD’s lead candidates: management consultant Alice Weidel and lawyer Alexander Gauland
        image captionAlice Weidel and lawyer Alexander Gauland are among AfD’s best-known national figures
        Alice Weidel is a 41-year-old economist who divides her time between Berlin and Switzerland, where she lives with a woman adopted as a child from Sri Lanka and their two children.

        She is one of a small number of women in prominent positions in the AfD and argues that her presence as one of its top candidates proves the party is not homophobic.

        Alexander Gauland, a 78-year old lawyer, has been with AfD from its Eurosceptic start and his political career began decades earlier with the centre right.

        As AfD moved to the right so did he, making a number of remarks condemned as racist. In 2016 he talked about footballer Jérôme Boateng, who was born in Berlin to a Ghanaian father. “[Germans] like him as a football player. But they don’t want to have a Boateng as their neighbour.”

        German fury at Holocaust memorial remark
        New Thuringia Prime Minister Thomas L. Kemmerich (L) of FDP shakes hands with Bjoern Hoecke of AfD
        image captionThere was shock as the man elected Thuringia’s state premier, Thomas Kemmerich (left), shook hands with Björn Höcke
        Björn Höcke, AfD’s party leader in the eastern state of Thuringia, has been behind some of its biggest controversies. He is also seen as an inspiration to many of the MPs elected to the Bundestag in 2017 and heads a stridently nationalist group called Flügel. He helped AfD in Thuringia push the centre right into third place in state elections in October 2019.

        When he criticised the idea of a Holocaust memorial in the heart of German capital, the party moved to expel him but apparently changed its mind.

        Mr Höcke helped trigger a national crisis in February 2020 by helping a liberal candidate become state premier in Thuringia. Not since World War Two had the far right played kingmaker in German politics.

        How far right caused earthquake in German politics
        Jörg Meuthen, co-leader of the party with Alexander Gauland, is seen as a relative moderate. After the election result he insisted the AfD did not accept racism or xenophobia, but in the same breath complained that “in some German cities, I struggle to find Germans on the streets”.

        Map of Germany showing AfD support
        Presentational white space
        Fighting mass immigration
        The AfD’s big success came in challenging Angela Merkel’s decision to let in around 1.3 million undocumented migrants and refugees, mainly from the Middle East, from 2015.

        They tapped into anxieties over the influence of Islam, calling for a commission to investigate the chancellor’s “breaches of the law” in allowing them in.

        The party made the influx the focus of its party platform. There were contacts with the anti-immigration Pegida movement, which staged weekly marches against what it called “the Islamisation of the West”.

        Pegida took hold mainly in eastern cities such as Dresden, and it is in the ex-communist east that the AfD has had its biggest successes, attracting more men than any other party. Odd perhaps, in that the biggest concentrations of immigrants are not in those areas.

        media captionThe moment a famous refugee meets an AfD supporter
        AfD adopted some of Pegida’s anti-establishment rhetoric, such as the slogan “Lügenpresse” (“lying press”), which was used by the Nazis.

        Germany must reintroduce permanent border controls and the EU’s external borders must be “completely shut”, the AfD says. That position contradicts Schengen – the EU’s free movement zone, covering most of Europe, where border checks are generally minimal.

        Pegida rally in Leipzig, 21 Jan 15
        image captionPegida – seen here in Leipzig – fuelled opposition to Islam and the Merkel “open-door” policy on migrants
        One of its former leaders, Frauke Petry, once said German police should “if necessary” shoot at migrants seeking to enter the country illegally. And she was seen as an AfD moderate.

        Challenging Islam as ‘not German’
        AfD adopted an explicitly anti-Islam policy in May 2016 and its 2017 election manifesto had a section on why “Islam does not belong to Germany”. “Burkas? We like bikinis,” read one of its most garish posters.

        media captionIs Germany’s AfD racist?
        The party would ban foreign funding of mosques in Germany, ban the burka (full-body veil) and the Muslim call to prayer, and put all imams through a state vetting procedure.

        “Moderate” Muslims who accepted integration were “valued members of society”, its argued, while suggesting that multiculturalism did not work.

        An estimated three million people of Turkish origin live in Germany, most of them Muslims.

        Using nationalist rhetoric
        AfD has also built its success on challenging taboos and flirting with racism.

        Alexander Gauland drew criticism for declaring that Germans should be “proud” of their soldiers in both world wars. While SS units were notorious for German atrocities in World War Two, the regular armed forces also committed many war crimes.

        Frauke Petry once tried to end the taboo on the Nazi-era term völkisch, which comes from the German word for people but was hijacked by the Nazis to define those they saw as belonging to the German race.

        German storm over ‘pride in WW2’ remarks
        German fury at Holocaust memorial remark
        Against the euro
        AfD has come a long way since it was launched in early 2013 to challenge eurozone bailouts in Greece and elsewhere, and reject the EU’s arguments for keeping the euro.

        It still promises to abandon the euro and reintroduce the Deutschmark.

        But its first leader, Bernd Lucke, left the party in 2015, arguing that it was becoming increasingly xenophobic.

        Its anti-euro policy echoes the Euroscepticism of other populist parties in Europe.

        If the EU fails to reform and continues centralising, the AfD says, the party will seek to pull Germany out of the EU.

        • Wow! Uber Trolling.

          dacian I’ll give a free clue.
          Most people just scroll past your posts because nobody cares.
          When you post a massive missive, there isn’t ONE person who going to read it. I read Germans and skipped right past it.
          Ritalin and meth are a bad combo.
          Doctor to dacians mom: “The average IQ is here, about 110.”
          “Your boy dacian is here at 68 which using the old system is a Moron.”
          “Today we call it Extremely Low.”
          How bad is Extremely Low doctor?

          “Lets just say IF he able to be potty trained, it will be in his teens.”
          “He will be picked on and likely grow up to be a drug abuser.”
          “Were you on LSD when he was conceived or you were pregnant?”
          I used to do 5 hits of LSD minimum when I got knocked up by a bum.
          “That explains a lot.”

          Yesterday you were an expert on Afghani’s,
          Today you are an expert on Jews.

        • Notice how the smmoth brain rails against jews being killed by American but the pukes up a giant copy paste about anti Semitic Germans? This may be news since I’m sure you view all people with a similar skin tone as belonging to big monolithic groups (you know like a racist), but the U.S. and Germany are different countries on separate continents.

        • “Verbous little marxist aren’t you dacian?”

          I believe the “tome” is: If you can’t dazzle them with brilliance, baffle them with bullshit”.

      • Ron,
        We had a friend over for dinner yesterday, he is Jewish.
        He fears the left more so than he does the far right.
        And he defines the far right as actual neo-Nazis and real white supremacists. Not just some blanket statement about anyone who votes conservative is a white supremacist.
        He sees antifa as para-military arm of the left, and are anti-Semites.

    • dacian You really are a special kind of stupid.
      Most of the attacks on Jews are from blacks, but then that doesn’t fit your narrative does it?

  4. To Nazi Mauser 6863

    quote————-The issue I have is that all these groups that want to live here for economic reasons, should not be allowed in, as they never want to become Americans, but only want to live in safety while pursuing their 14th Century Dreams. (Same goes for the illegal Central Americans.) The other issues is many live on welfare and spend all their time studying their religion at public expense, contributing nothing, only taking from tax payers.————-quote

    And so we have another right wing Nazi spewing out his racist hatreds. To quote you “Talk about 14th Century Dreams”. Well, well, what are you when you scream for a Christian Caliphate where your religion is forced down the throats of all Americas children attending public schools , many of whom are not Christian and want nothing to do with a State mandated Christian Religious Caliphate.

    I might add that most of your welfare tax dollars do not go to needy people or immigrants, they go to WHITE CITIZENS on welfare who also work but earn so little they qualify for welfare, but the majority of tax dollars go to Corporate C.E.O’s who get wheel barrels full of your tax dollars called “corporate subsidies’, while the balance goes to the military industrial complex that gets 54 cents of every one of your tax dollars.

    quote————-Its not HATE to demand that your country act in its own self-interest.———–quote

    And yes your statement is HATE but only a person blinded by hate like yourself would be oblivious to that fact.

    America’s best interests would be best served by deporting racists like you and letting in more refugees and immigrants to replace racist scum bags like yourself.

    Of course you probably were the guy who occasionally tries to deface the poem on the Statue Of Liberty who you blaspheme every time you open your racist mouth. Try reading it some time Herr Hauptman.

    We have a name for people like you its called “The Ugly American” who represents the lowest level of society in America.

    The recent census shows that by 2054 Whites will be a minority so get used to it and get used to living in a more civilized country.

    • There is no such thing as a “right-wing Nazi” in modern political terms. It just so happened the elected Nazis sat in the right wing of the Reichstag. It doesn’t mean the same thing. That’s not how this works. That’s not how any of this works.

  5. So it’s a knee length coat with four buttons in a square over the belly and some men also wear a girdle/belt thingy over that?

    And combined with pants, shoes and a hat it is common to spend upwards of a thousand dollars on it all?

    Seems to me if you weren’t spending all that money on religion-directed clothing you could afford a better gun, holster, some ammo, maybe a tactical pistol course?

    I mean, something pragmatic and practical!

      • I’m not Jewish, but I want that coat anyway! I like the cut of the tactical rabbi’s jib.
        Hey, I went to Jew school, maybe that’s my “in”.

  6. Jews have never been killed enmasse by anyone on the right. That dishonor has been exclusive at the hands of the left. FYI; the Germans who murdered the most jews were all socialist the name of their political party reflected that.

    • 👍
      Whiner49er and little d should be along shortly to dispel these facts.
      Their troll-farms are hard at work collecting the taxpayer funded, liberal arts college “alt-facts”.
      We’re soon to see what sort of spin our tax dollars have spun, to be retrieved and regurgitated by Soros funded schills……… 🙄

    • To Herr Hauptman Storm Trooper Officer Bill

      quote————the Germans who murdered the most jews were all socialist the name of their political party reflected that.————–quote

      Go back to history class you ignorant moron. Hitler was as far to the right as you could get.

      Hitler & U.S. Republicans both————

      Hated communists

      Hated immigrants

      Hated refugees

      Privatization of public utilities to rip off the people via the Capitalvanians

      Tried to destroy workers unions

      Were super Nationalistic

      Hated Socialism

      Thought they were the master race because they were white

      Were both pro military. Hitler said “Every nation needs a big war at least once every generation”. Have you noticed who always joins the military? It sure as hell are not the educated Liberals.

      Believed in spending most of the nations money on the military.

      Hitler inherited National Socialism and gave it lip service but did everything to try and destroy it.

      Both were/are xenophobic

      Both were/are bigots

      Both were/are populist

      Both were/are rabid racists

      Hitler and the Republicans were/are Nazi’s.

      Hitler relaxed Germany’s gun control laws (except for Jews)

      In conclusion the Far Right Republicans worship Hitler and all of them including its most ardent modern day disciple Herr Drumpf (fake 45) worship every line in Hitler’s book Mein Kampf.

      • Verbous and a dumbass.

        The Nazis and the Commies were step brothers fighting over their grandpass inheritance. 2degrees of seperation. The idiot navel gazing university marxists of the Western left have been trying to recast the the Left/Right political divide for generations. To claim that Hitler/Nazis were something other than one more Euro socialist tribe. Idiots like dacian actually believe the drivel.

        • Neiowa brain your making a complete fool of yourself. You know as little about Hitler and Germany as you know about rocket science.

      • Smooth brain if you new jack crap you would know adolf was not xenophobic. He was an Austrian who took over a foreign country you know Germany. Nazism didn’t care about national borders, it was all about racial/ethnic lines. Why would a xenophobe intigrate whole divisions of foreign troops into his military ala the SS?
        Oh and why do rtards like you call Trump a nazi but never have an answer about his grandkids that he dotes on being jewish? Or his Jewish son inlaw being one of his closest advisors? Or his pro Isreal foreign policy? Oh wait it’s because your a mindless cut and paste bot.

        • quote—————-Why would a xenophobe intigrate whole divisions of foreign troops into his military ala the SS?————-quote

          If you had not flunked world history classes you would know the answer to that question. Hitler lost so many divisions on the Easter Front he had no choice but to reluctantly call for volunteers from the countries he had already conquered.

          As a side note there were a lot of right wing racist fanatics much like todays Republican paranoids that hated Stalin and communism and this was well known by the Nazi’s and they chose to take advantage of these Morons who they needed to supplement their horrendous losses on the Easter Front.

        • I might add both Hitler and Herr Drumpf and the Republicans ran political campaigns based on racism, xenophobia, and hate of immigrants.

    • And Stalin killed at least 5x as many Jews specifically (=~30m give or take), along with some 140m other groups he deemed undesirable for the Soviet.

  7. Great to see more carry options for people of all faiths. I have been using the Phlster Enigma with their pro series holster for 6 months. Often times 14 hours a day in every thing from basketball shorts to three a piece suit it conceals my G19 and does so comfortably. I encourage anyone who carries to check it out, I only wish it was out 15 years ago I would have saved a fortune on smaller guns, magazines, ammo, and holsters.

  8. Ragging on the Orthodox. Where’s Tdinva when we need an anti-semitic remark?!? He stated ultraorthodox weren’t “really” Jewish. Good on this dude!

    • Think about it a little and you’ll find that buttons and snaps are topologically the same. Both involve pushing a round(ish) piece through a deformed aperture that when it resumes its rest shape prevents the inserted piece from passing through it. With a button, the aperture is a slit in cloth; with a snap, the aperture is a hole whose inner perimeter is made up of springy metallic tabs.

  9. Oy Gavult!! With those long coats, why only a pistol pocket? Why not concealment for an entire John Wick arsenal? Multiple handguns, a shotgun, AR, maybe even a grenade launcher, along with an assortment of blade weapons. Coats like that will revitalize Hasidic fashion!

  10. I’m on my synagogue’s security staff, I always carry to services. We are trained to only carry in a waist level holster while on duty. Shoulder holsters are not allowed bc they hang loose and if you bend or stand over kids you are muzzling them.

  11. I was shocked (truly) when I arrived at my local Reform synagogue for High Holy Days last year and was given “the stare” by an armed congregant guarding the entry. Pleased, but shocked.

    Also, I find it amusing (not truly) how Leftists have been able to move the Nazis into the Right’s “deplorable” basket. https://paulhjossey.medium.com/the-nazis-were-leftists-deal-with-it-b7f12cc53b6f

    It really is amazing (truly) how good they are at redefining and re-writing history…

    • That’s why I call dacian and miner49er the ‘fascist left’. If they had any self awareness they would know they were new age Nazi’s. They likely do realize it but are so used to lying that they no longer know reality from fiction.

    • How’s that little ditty go? Something like, “Same song, different verse, it could get better, but will probably get worse.”

      The left are bankrupt in many ways. The only new ideas they ever have, are ways to repackage their tired, old, evil, socialist tripe. Tired, old, evil, socialist tripe remains tired, old, evil, socialist tripe regardless of the trappings that seem to be refreshed every now and then.

      • @jwm & hawkeye – I don’t know… having been raised in a very Left home and buying into it all through college, I legit believed in Big Gov’t and that anyone with a hint of conservatism was truly evil. My “deprogramming” was a long process and I think most of the current “rank and file” Prog-Left truly believe that their cause is just and pure. Secular jihadis, if you will…

  12. My point was more to the “… redefining and re-writing history…” that you noted. I agree that the foot soldiers are generally true believers. However, fervor of belief and absolute truth value are two different things. The part of the left I have in mind are those few who are pulling the strings from the top. And no doubt, many of those are also being duped to some extent by the one who is at the very top of that heap. In the End, it will be exposed as having been a colossal Ponzi scheme of sorts.

  13. Marxism, socialism, communism, facism, nazism are all left of center. All are brutal statists. Right of center, that is extreme right of center are anarchists and no government. The center is made up of governments that are for the people and individual freedom. Only God has the perfect government.

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