Black Women Guns
Marchelle Tigner, a firearms instructor, teaches a group of women how to identify which eye is their dominant eye during a class in Lawrenceville, Ga. Tigner's goal is to train 1 million women how to shoot a gun in her lifetime. She is among the nation's black women gun owners who say they are picking up firearms for self-protection. (AP Photo/Lisa Marie Pane)
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Today’s gun buyer understands the serious responsibility as they lawfully take ownership of their firearms and exercise their right to keep and bear arms and provide self-defense. As a state and nation, we celebrate Americans exercising our God-given rights. We cherish our First Amendment freedoms. We hold free speech and our right to protest as sacrosanct. Our religious liberties to worship our Creator in a manner of our choosing is vital. The same holds true for our Second Amendment rights.

Denigrating our Second Amendment rights to a second-class right denigrates the value of our freedoms we hold high as Americans.

Those opposed to firearms want citizens to believe that owning a gun is scary and dangerous for the gun owner and their family. The truth is that in the more than 100 years that data has been collected, accidental deaths from firearms have decreased 95%. In 2018 (the most recent available year), there were 458 fatal firearms-related accidents in our country, the lowest since at least 1903.

Critics of Americans taking ownership of their Second Amendment rights use fearmongering and half-truths. They paint gun owners as would-be abusers or suicidal, as murders in waiting. This couldn’t be further from the truth. There is a diverse citizenry purchasing firearms today, and they’re doing so to provide for their family’s safety. It is their constitutional right to do so.

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  1. We cherish our First Amendment freedoms.

    Do we though?
    I’m sure there is a not too small group of Sun readers who’d like nothing more than to cancel the author for this very article and burn her alive just for being Republican.

    • Do we though?

      Yes WE do.. THEY (Progressives, Liberals, Socialists, Communists, Fascists, alleged “Anti”-Fascists, Marxists, Nazis, Neo-Nazis, BLM, SJWs) ALL believe that THEIR voices are the only voices that should be heard (no matter how ignorant THEY sound)… If you agree with THEM you can play in THEIR sandbox, but if you disagree you will be shouted down, beaten, ostracized and/or cancelled.. If you are “white” the problem is even more complicated because now you must sing praises to THEM while convincingly disparaging your own… Yes WE believe in the 1st Amendment, so much so that we have allowed the growth of THOSE cancerous groups that now hide behind the very Constitution that THEY openly despise.. WE have stood by and watched as THEY bought out the media (a very willing media), got voted into ever higher political ranks, DEMANDED THEIR “rights”, twisted the words of our founding documents to THEIR purpose, infiltrated our schools, colleges, Universities and our judicial system and openly imported millions of like minded individuals from around the world using our own laws to do so… We came from humble beginnings to rise up as one of the richest, most powerful, most diverse Nations in the free world, but (there’s ALWAYS a but) WE allowed our National Pride to become blinding arrogance and that led to the belief that the very thing that IS happening here right now “could NEVER happen here” WE are victims of our own success and now THEY have made it to the top… With a compliant “go along to get along” leadership on the Right in the House and Senate and with a loud and ever growing radical “far left” element on the other side coupled with a compliant semi-braindead Oaf about to move into the Oval Office being guided by a racist radical socialist bitch whispering in his ear.. It has come to the point where there is no longer any middle ground… You are either US or THEM… Yes WE believe in the 1st Amendment for EVERYONE… THEY believe in the 1st Amendment but only for THEM… (minus the religious freedom thing and THEIR idea of a “Free Press” extends only to media that espouses THEIR ideology)….

      • The left has been playing a long game since infiltrating academia and the counter culture movement since the 1960s. Left leaning graduates have since moved into media, technology, public service, education, judiciary, and politics.

        The 1990s was a minor setback. But they are playing chess, not poker.

        • 1920s. Stalin’s plan to infiltrate and turn coats in academia, media, and government in the US began in the mid to late 1920s. I cannot say for certain that he thought it up before Lenin’s death in 1924. But he implemented in quickly afterwards.

  2. This why I teach a 140 youth ages 11 to 17 to shoot rifles and another 32, ages 14-17, to shoot pistols every summer.

    • Now that is something i can thank you for your service about. Thank you for your service, sir.

  3. No, what’s REALLY scary is the blatant desire of the left and their backers to strip away all of our rights and put us in our “proper” place!

  4. There’s Nothing Scary or Violent About Americans’ Increased Appetite for Gun Ownership

    Oh, I disagree. It’s all about who should be scared and whom the violence is directed against. There’s nothing wrong with striking fear into evildoers and using violence against them.

  5. I think in the first paragraph where Ms. Szeliga waxes on about how “we Americans” “cherish” and “celebrate” our freedoms, even holding some “sacrosanct”, the use of the collective “we” is inaccurate. It’s more like half of us agree with Szeliga’s assessment and the other half are indifferent or rather hostile to those values in theory and in practice. Those of us who agree with Ms. Szeliga’s assessment need to get that fundamental division into our heads and plan and act accordingly for our immediate present and future.

  6. I’m more concerned with Americans getting behind the wheel of an automobile than I am with them behind the grip of a firearm.

    • Same here, especially with an evil cell phone to distract them. Also one can cause a hell of a lot of mayhem with a can of gasoline and some matches or a pipe wrench to loosen a natural gas line and matches or flares. I believe one of the highest death counts at a school was done by a madman using fire.

  7. I have NOT RESEARCHED how many accidental firearms deaths there were in any given year in the USA but rest assured that a bloody well will None the less thar are now more than victims 20,000 of GUN CRIME in the USA year on year and counting and that my ignoble friend is the important figure I have never understood the facsination that firearms hold for Americans anyway and the excuse that it’s for self protection and their constitutional right. Other nations have the right for self protection and to uphold their constitutional rights, and EVERY OTHER developed country EXCEPT the USA seems to mange that quite well without resorting to firearms I do not feel I need to walk around with an assault rifle to upholds my rights. And for the betterb part of two decades weaponry was MY profession as an Armourer in the Royal Air Force and as a trained Infantryman in the UK Army

    • walk around with an assault rifle to upholds my rights.

      Until some “Arsehole” plants a butcher knife in your spine or runs over your kids on some bridge… No, YOU don’t feel the need because you CAN’T even own a so called “assault rifle”… Tend your own business, you’ve got problems enough without taking on ours and don’t worry, the next time some some bully comes knocking on your door there will still be enough Americans left willing to put their lives on the line to save your ungrateful ‘Arses” again… Good day to you..

      • @ MADDMAX…..even though it’s a French vernacular interjection, your excellent response to Albert L J Hall; I have to say, hey-hey, touché!

    • “in the USA but rest assured that a bloody well will None the less thar are now more than victims 20,000 of GUN CRIME in the USA year on year and counting ”

      GUNS don’t commit crimes, violent criminals do and they also ignore laws including gun control laws. USA has a big problem with violent gang thugs in the big city paradise ghettos run 100 percent by progressive democrats including progressive district attorneys that are very lenient on these idiot violent gang thugs. Lack of law enforcement and prosecution is the problem, not guns in the hands of law abiding citizens. One prime example is Soros installed Cook County (which includes Chicago) prosecutor Kim Foxx as described in link below.

      There are about 20 counties out of several thousand in the USA where this violent crime is out of control and the rest of them combined have some of the lowest violent crime and murder rates in the world. The very vast majority of the USA is a very very safe place to live other than these gang infested ghettos.

      Sorry you don’t live in a country with a Second Amendment like we have in the USA but many tens of millions of us Americans love our firearms and don’t feel a need to explain or apologize to anyone.

      • I wonder how much “research” this clown has done into the hundreds of murders committed by the more than 200 gangs in London over the past few years, with AND without guns… Violence and chaos WILL find a way no matter where you are or the “laws” you are subjected to…

    • OBTW… Do you recall what happened the LAST time someone tried to disarm the American people? Hmmmmmm. Something else for you to “Bloody well research” that might actually fall under the realm “your business”…

      • Yeah, pretty hilarious that Great Britain’s King George is the reason why we have a Second Amendment in the first place. Again for the ignorant, the Second Amendment is to allow “we the people” to keep and bear arms as protection from tyranny.

        • Sorry “allow” was a bad choice of words. The Second Amendment was to confirm the natural right of “we the people” to keep and bear arms.

        • The purpose of the 2nd A was/is to inform the Government that which they do not the authority to do. Infringe upon the Right to Keep and Bear Arms. It is the responsibility of “We the People” to ensure the Government does not violate that Right. By Force and Blood if Necessary. The words hold No power without the will of “We the People’ To enforce their meaning and intent… Keep Your Powder Dry.

    • And now in the UK….huge problem with KNIVES…so much do that there are actually knife restrictions.
      How about we look at personal responsibility.
      How about stiffer sentencing for gun crimes?
      Oh wait…when we mention that we are called racists because most actual gun crimes are done by young black and brown men.
      Accept the science? The numbers PROVE it.
      It is NOT gun violence….it is thug and gang violence…and we are way too soft on it.

      • There is stiffer sentencing for gun crimes, that is white people in possession of guns. They are sentenced, fined or prosecuted to the poor house because they want to protect themselves and their families.
        When the fine citizens of the inner city are caught misusing a gun, the use of a gun crime is plea bargained away(even if it is stolen or otherwise illegal).

    • Written as a ‘subject’ not a Citizen. In the UK the criminal can and does sue (and win) the lawful person who even attempts to defend themselves. Americans DON”T have a fascination with firearms. We ARE FANATICAL about Freedom however. I also don’t need to be lectured about so called “gun deaths”. Most of our (American) problems stem from our inner cities run by un-American politicians where the utopia of gun control is practiced. There would be no measurable gun related issues if you subtract places such as Chicago where gang related violence is an everyday occurrence. Another way to look at this is Americans own upwards of 400 million firearms only God knows how many rounds of ammunition as well as standard capacity magazines. If the Average gun owner was a problem, you’d already know it! (Also I served in the US military and am a combat veteran. I don’t not walk around with an AR to protect my rights).

    • “I have never understood the facsination that firearms hold for Americans anyway”

      That’s because you are a SUBJECT and not a CITIZEN, Albert.

      You are not allowed to defend yourself against attack. It is ILLEGAL for you defend yourself against violent attack, even inside your own home. Why do you Brits not DEMAND your human right to defend yourself against violent attack?

      Can you answer that?

    • Albert if you limeys had a bit more fascination with forearms, Like when you were mowing down Zulus, your country might not have been taken over by towel heads.

      • had a bit more fascination with FOREARMS?

        I find that 5 sets of forward curls at 10 reps each with 100 lbs really brings out the definition in my FOREARMS…. Now where did I put those steroids…

    • “I have never understood the facsination that firearms hold for Americans”
      A L J Hall, you are not required to understand, so bug off……….

    • Two decades of training in two different services, all to teach you to hold on until the Americans get there, right? How many times have your sorry asses helped save US from murderous, world conquering lunatics? Sit down and shut up, adults are speaking, here.

    • The more humans get kilt the fatter a possum gets,what I’d like to see is the cops dont get first dibs.Pisses me off they bury them with a big ole rock that even a grizzly bear can’t dig up.,,,,, Hey Albert, you ever think about coming to the States and doing some coyote or buzzard hunting?

    • ” I have never understood the facsination that firearms hold for Americans ”

      That’s perfectly OK. There is plenty of room in the American way of doing things for you to not understand or disapprove. You don’t have to understand anything — but you do have to accept it. The fact that you don’t understand it does not give you the right to crap all over those of us that do understand it.

    • “And for the betterb part of two decades weaponry was MY profession as an Armourer in the Royal Air Force and as a trained Infantryman in the UK Army”

      Cool story bro. You don’t gotta lie to kick it.

    • Would you rather have to resort to stealing a narwhal tusk?
      We understand that you supplicate to a government which demands you surrender anything pointy to a rubbish bin decorated with Cookie Monster from Sesame Street lest ye be labelled as “coward”.

    • Seems to me that the last two times we disagreed with you limeys about our rights we won. 1776 and 1812. Then we saved your asses twice. WWI, and WWII. Of course there is the pretty well confirmed contention that we should have let Europe and England wear themselves out and come to a more evenly termed peace in 1914, and that probably would have avoided WWII altogether, and left the gold standard intact and then we could have had a second century of advancement and capital accumulation even better than the 19th century was. But I digress. If you limeys want to try a round 3, we’ll be with you in 6 months or a year. We have to deal with our own government before we can kick your asses again. While we’re doing that you can hold our beers.

  8. Watching society degrade is scary, but the increase in gun purchases are not the cause, just a reaction. People are starting to realize that government has real limits on how much in can protect citizens and as individuals we need to be more self reliant. Purchasing a firearm for self defense is a step, one of many.

    People often jump into fighting for our rights to free speech or owning firearms, but it is a really a responsibility. We owe it to our nation and fellow citizens to use the 1A to speak out against wrongs. Likewise we have a responsibility to be able to defend ourselves, families and neighbors physically using firearms when needed. We also owe it to challenge government (peacefully, not “mostly peaceful”) when they overreach because once they set precedent, it is hard to recover the lost ground.

  9. Some idiot with alcohol, keys, and a vehicle aka innocent bystander seeking weapon can and has killed a lot more people than any gun in civilian hands when numbers are figured fairly.

  10. Oh they’re sceered in Chiraq…just saw on the local tv “news” about a gun “turn in” event today near 69th & ghetto . At a black missionary baptist church. $100 for a real gat. Whoopdeedo😏

    • Water walker, you should have gone there with cash and saved some from destruction, and made a nice profit while doing so…

      • Not in THAT effing neighborhood! Besides I’m not buying gats I haven’t thoroughly examined. Homie don’t play dat😏

  11. Every house should be built with a safe for valuables (not just guns)…locking medicine cabinets…locking cabinets for laundry and cleaning supplies…
    Oh wait…we are not quite that nanny state …yet.

    • The only problem with that, Leigh, is it was required in new construction, it would cost many times the cost of the safe itself.

      That forces the homeowner to pay off a few hundred dollar safe with 30 years of interest, making it cost the home owner THOUSANDS of dollars…

  12. Rep. Szeliga is correct – there’s nothing scary or violent about Americans’ increased appetite for gun ownership. But it should be.

    The leeches and grifters who dominate American politics, and their billionaire shot-callers, should be very scared. They’re not, because they believe that they have the hammer, and they are willing to destroy our country to keep it.

    • Sounds like your left eye is dominant, but you’re right hand is dominant. With pistols, you can compensate by pushing the pistol to the left or tilt your head the the right.

    • Me too, it all started using a pump shotgunm and quail ,I could work the pump faster.,,,,,The thing that bugs me shooting right handed left eye dominant with a pistol is I get more bang to the ears tilting my head.

  13. Nothin scary about Americas appetite for gunms, depends on which side of the fence your sitting on.,,,,I got a buzz watching a Chinese film clip about Americas people and gunms, according to the film clip We was pulling gunms off the racks by the hundreds, looked like an armories free for all.

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