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As part of the White House’s Connecticut Love Fest following Governor Dannel Malloy and his cronies eviscerating the Second Amendment in the snort-worthily Constitution State, “Air Force One will fly 11 family members of victims of the Newtown, Conn., shootings to Washington with President Barack Obama after his speech on Monday on gun violence at the University of Hartford.” Yahoo News reports that the Civilian Disarmer in Chief will (again) meet with families of the victims and first responders of Sandy Hook. This time, though, “The White House invited the families to fly on Air Force One so that they could both attend the speech and still get to Washington in time to speak with lawmakers about gun legislation.” Innat nice of him? . . .

And there’s nothing untoward going on here. After all, “These were family members who were planning to be in Washington to speak with Congress about support for taking action to reduce gun violence,” according to White House Press Secretary Jim Carney. So they’re just doing them a favor since everyone was already headed in the same direction. Yeah, right. This marks a last-ditch, full-court press to push the Prez’ agenda before it comes up for vote in Congress. “The White House this week is calling on all of its major players, in addition to the Newtown families, to send a message to Congress on gun reform.”

Gee, I wonder what would happen if a few pro-2A Members of Congress used .gov funds to rush eleven gun rights advocates to D.C. to “speak with lawmakers about gun legislation” before a gun reform package comes up for vote? Yeah. That’s what I thought.

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  1. How do I file “Conscientious Objector” status and get out of paying for that dog and pony show?

    • If you want more reasons to be a “Conscientious Objector” this has 23 plus or minus points that you can add to your list of objections. From a brief read Obama has been killing a lot of children in addition to strangling internet freedom, and prosecuting whistle blowers, etc. It is weird to see a left leaning criticism of Obama, and a long list too. Well maybe not so weird.

      • Why not give them a ride on a C130? They can pass the time counting the stars and stripes on the tops of the coffins.

  2. So why is it ok that Obama uses gov funds for HIS agenda? Why can’t we call him to the carpet on this?

    • Good luck on that Bob. While I support where you stand, I will not hold my breath. I never, even as a child wished to look like a Smurf……..

      • I wanted to play w the smurfs as a wee lad, lol. But back on topic, if this was for anything else, seriously ANYTHING, the media would be all over it. Could you imagine the headline, “Obama sends Air Force one to pick up big bank executives in push for more tax breaks for big banks.”

    • Because that is what you get when you elect a guy who spent 20 years in church listening to “God Damn America!”. And was buds with Weather Underground terrorists. And who admitted that he doesn’t believe people should be able to own guns. I could go on for ages.

      We had all the information (despite the media’s coverup job) about this guy that we needed to see this coming, but we elected him twice (over two fundamentally decent men). So we must stop our bitching. If this country can’t make a decent judgement call like that, we deserve everything we get…good an hard. We are getting exactly what we asked for. Time to stop bitching and start thinking how we gonna get out of this mess…

  3. I read the story there not going to push the AWB in the victims speech BUT push for the Schumer bill. Keep calling my friends.

  4. TO: All
    RE: Heh

    Betray your country and get a ‘free ride’? On the traitors jet.

    Hooooow Niiiiiice…..


    [The Truth will out……]

  5. How in GODs green earth did we as Americans allow
    This to happen? How did we allow the fox to enter the hen house?
    Obama makes me sick every time I see him

    • The current state of America are a result of changes made, almost 100 years ago, to America’s Laws, government, and society that are now not PC enough to openly discuss.

  6. TO: All
    RE: Interesting….

    ….that people raised in this country will sell their souls to sell the nation. Even in their admitted grief.

    I don’t deny them their suffering. I’ve children of my own. If I were in their place, I’d suffer as well. Thank God I’m NOT there. But I do object to their selling their souls to a soulless, Godless president?


    [The Truth will out…..]

  7. Disclaimer: The Founding Fathers alongside the State of South Dakota DO NOT support the policies of the current POTUS.

  8. Eleven family members of victims…even if it’s only one family member per victim, that’s only half the victims represented. Mostly likely only a handful.

    So the majority of the families whose kids were killed in this massacre either don’t support Big O’s gun prohibition agenda or just want to keep their grief private.

    I wonder how many of the Sandy Hook families oppose Obama’s dystopian vision…probably we’ll never know. The national media doesn’t want to know, so we’ll never hear it. And Second Amendment groups probably aren’t callous enough to publicly exploit these devastated families like the prohibition industry is doing.

  9. So “during the worst fiscal crisis of our generation” POTUS is flying citizens around on AF1 because why?? I mean pay for a standard airline ticket why don’t you, the cost overruns for flying that bird around is ridiculous!
    I mean I get it, if YOU want to go play a game of golf or something it is your plain but for simply shuttling around pawns for your agenda it is almost criminal!!!

    • I wonder if they got the special SS pat-down rather that the crappy TSA one I always get?

    • I like that!! POS-in-Chief. I am going to steal that from you Ralph and use it.
      (I will give you the credit, but I will keep all the hot babes that I impress with my witty comments).

  10. Ok, but seriously guys…what if every gun owner pissed off about the government trying to trample on the Bill of Rights stated FOAD loud and clear by not paying any income tax?

    I know it’s a pipe dream, but just let that beautiful thought linger in your minds for a few seconds…doesn’t that count as civil disobedience?

  11. Well, at least he’s not taking a page from Pinochet’s playbook and giving his opponents free flights.

  12. Because “its for the children” it would be a 3rd rail for anyone to question this BS! Plus the media would defend this ahole. Just think how nice it is for the families to fly first class to go to lobby to take away your rights. He did say he would use every power. He looks like the savior and second coming to his base.

    I sincerely hope gun owners are finally pissed off to vote in 2014 and 2016 because I am confused as to what it will finally take.

    • Exactly!

      I’m wondering how many of those who were family members of the lives lost at that school think the current wailing about gun control is unconstitutional and of those, how many were offered invites to Air Force One?

      If there were any crying for gun control, well… yeah, I bet we all know the answer to that

      • The President continues to take advantage of the killing of the children of Newtown. At every stop where he makes a speech on gun control, the safety of children is constantly harped on as the reason for further gun control methods. Use of children as a prop to advance the argument is a well known tactic in advertising.

        What I’d like to see is a well organized ad campaign by Organizations that support gun rights which would use the same reasoning – for example, a DGU saved the lives of my children, using folks where this happened; as well as seeing pro-gun spokesmen advance this argument (when they get the limited chance to do so by the media). It’s this type of emotional argument – rather than the raw statistics that get brought out to support gun rights – that would (in my opinion) start to better change the “its for the children” dynamic getting relentlessly hammered on by the politicians and the media.

  13. Okay, so the plane was already in Connecticut and headed to DC and these people are tagging along. How are they getting home…?

  14. Just like to point out that it is not Air Force One unless the President is on it. They are just flying on an incredibly expensive jet for no justifiable reason. Probably costing the government $20,000+ for the flight.

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