Sunday Morning Funnies: The Professionals

Ah, the wonders of AlGore’s InterWeb thingy. No, I’m not talking about Mr. Global Warming’s failed attempt at creating a television network “for the rest of us.” No, I’m referring to the fact that the web has allowed just about anybody with a camera, a laptop, a broadband connection and a dream to write/direct/produce their own shows, and distribute them on the web for all to see. Of course, the one, tiny little problem with this plan is it’s virtually impossible to make money on it as a content developer, but, what the hey…we can make it up in volume, right?

Above is one such example of a webisodic show, The Professionals, kind of a Chuck spin-off, if it was created by a Tarrentino-obsessed film-school wanna-be. The premise is simple – a seemingly legit business (the Nerd Unit) is actually a cover for a crew of contract hitmen. Bumbling contract hitmen. Hilarity ensues. Kind of. Check out episode 2 above, and if you’re so moved, visit YouTube to watch episode 1 and the near-dozen episodes that follow this one. Enjoy.

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