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Suddenly I Have a Taste for Moons Over My Hammy


  1. avatar mountainpass says:

    It’s a great spot, but sadly the times I have seen it on the TV all the 2A stuff is missing.

  2. avatar Tarrou (Joshua Grabow) says:

    Preach it Grandma! 😛

  3. avatar Derek says:

    How ironic then that every Denny’s I’ve ever been to in Arizona is posted no firearms.

    Screw them and IHOP.

  4. avatar Chas says:

    They run the ad in its entirety here in Middle TN.

  5. avatar matt says:

    So why don’t they show the actual customer base of Denny’s?

    1. avatar Aharon says:

      The customer base at my local Denny’s is mostly white. Matt, what’s it feel like to be a bigot full of hate?

      1. avatar matt says:

        It feels pretty good. You know there are shit tons of videos of fights in Dennys? I simply posted the #1 google result for “Dennys fight”, its not my fault this video features blacks, or that all the videos disproportionately feature blacks. Am I forced to post a video of whites fighting at Dennys just to equal things out, just like how COPS is edited? You seem like youre a supporter of affirmative action.

        1. avatar Aharon says:

          You seem not to lack an ability to see things objectively and accurately.

        2. avatar Ralph says:

          Aharon, haters hate. It’s what they do. It’s probably all that they can do, ’cause they’re not good for much else.

      2. avatar Chas says:

        Ahhhh, another self-righteous asshole with no sense of humor.

    2. avatar Chris Pearson says:

      The only fight I’ve been in, in my adult life, was at the Denny’s in Gainesville, FL. It was between two groups of college students. In hindsight, I should have stayed out of it. It wasn’t my fight, but a waitress was stuck in the middle of it, and she was my friend, so I tried to break it up long enough to get her out. I’m glad my (younger and much larger) brother was there to cover my ass.

      These days I avoid places like Denny’s, places that serve crappy food, places where drunks frequent, and places where fights start. Though, if my family was at a craptastic eatery and something broke out, we would be moving towards a rear exit post haste. The wife is in charge of herding the kids while I watch our backs. We’ll call 911 when the kids are buckled in and we’ve left the parking lot.

      I do find the advertisement amusing though.

    3. avatar Bryan says:

      Black, white, or rainbow sherbert. All I saw was a bunch of class-less pigs, with no respect for other peoples property.

  6. avatar Blake says:

    What’s astonishing about the ad it that an ad man came up with the idea.

    Denny’s is definitely blue collar America so, I can see the demographic they’re aiming at.

    Plus, Jack in the Box sort of showed the way with that commercial they ran after 9/11.

  7. avatar jwm says:

    aharon, remember that matt comes by his angwer and racism honestly. after sharing a cell with big bubba you’d probably have some ptsd issues also.

  8. avatar Sanchanim says:

    We had moons over my hammy just the other day, good stuff!
    Loved the ad too.

  9. avatar إبليس says:

    That’s right fatty, eat your eggs while all the honkeys celebrate diversity and Asians steal your tech jobs. Get fat, watch more TV, and Gawd Bless Amurrica. Stupid f*cking goyim.

    Follow إبليس and fill your harem. We’re old school and can smack a b*tch. We are the new elect.

  10. avatar Joseph says:

    As an avid Infidel, I happen to like the commercial.

  11. avatar Taurus609 says:

    After watching the ad, thought I’d go to Denny’s website and see if they had this commercial there, they do. Clicked on media, and ran the commercial, the whole thing is there including the Grandma and the 2A, nothing had been changed.

    1. avatar mountainpass says:

      Yes, but in my market(Atlanta) the 2A stuff is absent from the telly. The ad is 34 seconds, I wonder if 4-5 seconds were pulled(so as to fill a 30 second spot) if that is enough to rid the commercial of the 2A.

      1. avatar Will says:

        THAT is probably the reason the guy and the grandma at two other tables were axed…. Not part of that “family unit” (more than likely completely unrelated actors) AND 4 seconds too long for the average commercial slot.

        We can all speculate about other motives all we want. We can argues demographics of fights in various places, and Brady will somehow attempt to make all the violence the fault of the evil Satan possessed gun.

  12. avatar bontai Joe says:

    I like the Denny’s ad, and don’t mind the food too much. It’s not fine dining, but compares ok to other fast food. As to the Denny fight video? I’d be 5 miles down the road ASAP if I saw anything like that start in any place I was eating. and the color of the participants would make zero difference. When I was working 2 jobs, and catching dinner around midnight or later, I deliberately made the decision to NOT eat inside anywhere to avoid being a potential robbery victim. Part of trying to avoid stupid people doing stupid things at stupid times of the day.

    1. avatar JuanCudz says:

      Hey it’s the deputy guy from ‘Jericho’! *pesky reply button… mumble..

  13. avatar Leon says:

    You rock Rick. I hope we meet some day!

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