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Today we have a Wisco carry which I admit I found interesting because I moved to this frozen tundra from Kentucky (yeah, it’s cold). This pocket dump includes a Springfield XD subcompact and an STEC folding cleaver knife. The pistol has a 3-inch barrel, weighs 27 ounces empty with the pictured extension mag, and is chambered in 9mm.

I’m curious whether the owner of this gun carries a larger gun during the rather lengthy freezing cold winter months. One of the highlights of cold weather is carrying a bigger gun you can easily conceal, am I right?

Who here changes up their EDC when the snow hits? (Yes, it’s already snowing in Wisco.)

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  1. My EDC, 365, is a 1911 Commander. Usually a Dan Wesson, sometimes another flavor. I did find a 1903 Hammerless this past weekend that I have an interest in. If it was good enough for Patton…………………….

    • That 1903 has a hammer. It’s inside the gun. I like the 1903 and 08. They are sleek and I like the grip safety.

      Wonder what the mags cost for them nowadays?

  2. I think I liked the EDC dumps better before they came with voiceover from TTAG.

    The comments were much more entertaining.

    C’est la guerre.

  3. Every EDC must have field notes and pocket watch complete with straps for attaching to your wrist. Once magic whistles and secret decoder rings become cheaper I’m sure we will see more of those too. My x wife carried a kitchen sink in her purse, granted it was a trinket, but upon a comment from someone as she dug through her purse to find a half inch wrench, she thought the kitchen sink would be appropriate. It always irked me that her handgun was in her purse, loose no holster, under everything else. You’d think after being kidnapped and raped youd know where your fucking gun was. “It’s in my purse.” She does have a knife handy though, she likes knives.

  4. Hey look! It’s a:

    Shitty gun.
    Shitty knife.
    Shitty watch.

    We should applaud his bad choices and make them seem smart!

  5. I live in NoVA and when it gets cooler/colder and the jackets come out, I carry heavier EDC artillery. Of course, what people in Virginia consider as “cold” would just make folks in Wisconsin roll down the sleeves of their t-shirts.

    Interesting that both Kat and the EDC guy are in Wisconsin, my boyhood home. Not quite as cold as International Falls, and not quite The Great White North (i.e., Canada, where I was posted while in the USMC), but still far enough north where it hurts sometimes in the winter (cold and snow). But, if you don’t like the weather in Wisconsin, just wait five minutes – it will change.

  6. The knife is HUGE must weigh as much as the gun. Living in Wyoming it can be “cold” any day of the year.(My county officially has 0 frost free days) I don’t up size my gun based on weather but rather the size of the town I’m going to. i.e. home smallish, next biggest town ,a size up, etc. Going to SLC I want to carry a ma deuce. Instead I opt for my 226.

  7. That’s a stupid knife, for sure. But this is a guy who thinks posting a pic of his crappy gun along with his marijuana paraphernalia business card is cool.

    I’m pretty libertarian, but right now the laws are what they are. But maybe he just likes the clothes. Either way, he’s a tool.

  8. Where or what is Wisco? Could he possibly mean W-I-S-C-O-N-S-I-N? Apparently the cold weather is already affecting his cognitive abilities in addition to his equipment choices.

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