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Pro-Tip: Don’t Rely on a Stun Gun

The gentleman above makes a compelling case that stun guns aren’t quite as stunning a form of self-defense as some assume. That said, remember that bad guys don’t quietly fall down and die when you shoot them, as they do in Black List (for example). That is all.


  1. avatar jwm says:

    Lotsa bad guys, probably most, are chemically altered. I beat one into the hospital once and broke multiple bones, including cracking his skull and he kept getting up and coming back.

    Probably should have shot him but I didn’t have a permit and Wayne County jail was a miserable place to be.

    1. avatar Ian says:

      If you are using a non-shitty stun gun it won’t matter how drugged up or tough they are. It causes involuntary contractions/spasms in the muscles and disrupts the nervous system. There is absolutely no way around being instantly dropped by a quality one.

      1. avatar panzercat says:

        …Only for as long as you keep it engaged.

  2. avatar Defens says:

    I appreciate this guy’s desire to spark conversation on this topic. Despite obvious concern, he shocked himself anyway and provided good data.

    Don’t stun me bro!

  3. avatar iCONOCLAST says:

    Nicely shot in the rapist victim POV. And such a high energy presentation, riveting.

  4. avatar dave s says:

    Use to break contact and leave just another tool

  5. avatar Ralph says:

    Stun guns are illegal in MA. So I can’t stun a BG, but I can shoot him in self defense. Go figure.

  6. avatar A7ropos says:

    Blacklist is a great show but it’s also one of the most hilariously obvious anti-gun shows I’ve ever seen. In one episode a concealed-carry gun owner tries to shoot an armed robber but gets himself shot and shoots a little girl in the process. Blatant anti-gun rhetoric wrapped up in a dramatic emotional knee-jerk.

    1. avatar Cliff H says:

      Hollywood. In movies and on TV armed “civilians” almost never do the right thing or come out on top. The only exception would be the vigilante stories where the police can’t or won’t take appropriate action and the protagonist goes on a rampage, usually ending in his own demise as well.

      We should have a contest to list the number of Hollywood productions where the average Joe is armed and comes out on top (Walking Dead and such shows disqualified).

  7. avatar notalima says:

    If Red shoots you you lay down and die. Because if you don’t he’ll hurt you real bad 😉

  8. avatar James69 says:

    It’s Amp’s not Volt’s. Ya want BIG Amps,

    1. avatar Nate H. says:

      Amps kill, guy. The point if these kinds of weapons is less lethal. If you wanna kill someone, up the amps, if you want to incapacitate, up the volts.

      Source: my dad’s an electrician.

      Further reading:

      1. avatar Nate H. says:

        Omit one of the “safety/”s in URL

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