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If you know any engineers, you know they’re…particular. About a lot of things. So when they choose EDC gear, you can bet dollars to donuts they’ve thought long and hard about everything they carry and have done their research.

We’d guess Derek from Pennsylvania is no exception to the rule. For a weekend hike, he packs a SIG P238 in a N82 Tactical holster and a top quality Benchmade blade. Aside from the hike, that pretty much gets you everywhere you need to go knowing you’re well prepared and adequately equipped. Period.

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  1. Ha, I’m a mechanical engineer, and I know my wife would also describe me as particular and precise.

  2. I’m a manufacturing engineer. Sometimes selecting, organizing, and packing my gear is more fun that the excursion.

    • “I’m a manufacturing engineer.”

      Do you have an urge to see someone doing something and then feel compelled to tell them how they really should be doing it differently?

  3. SIG P238 for a weekend hike? What’s he expecting to attack him, chipmunks? Angry squirrels? Kamikaze sparrows?

    Out here in Washington State we just had a mountain biker killed and another mauled by a mountain lion, about 25 miles from downtown Seattle. Black bear are ubiquitous. Griz have been reintroduced to sections of the state, and several packs of wolves have been successfully established in areas that used to be devoid of generally dangerous critters. Besides the four-footed predators, hiking areas near populous areas overlap with illicit pot growing locales and the hideouts of a motley assortment of tweakers and recreational chemical factories.

    In my nearby small town, I feel plenty secure with a .45 XDs in a pocket. Heading into Seattle, I step up to a full sized XD or Para Tac-Four. But hiking anywhere around here my weapons of choice are either an S&W scandium .44 Mag (with Buffalo Bore loads) or my new 10mm TRP Operator. If a critter of substance wants to eat me, I’d prefer to be slinging something more persuasive his way than peashooter projectiles, despite the gushing love-fest published on the .380 a few days ago.

    • He lives in PA. The woods in the north east are pretty safe. You are more likely to run into a dangerous human than a dangerous animal. Thousands of people walk the Appalachian Trail unarmed every year, and you don’t hear of many injuries/deaths due to wild animals. If he is comfortable carrying a .380 on the streets, I don’t see any reason for him to do any differently hiking in that AO.

    • Agreed. Anything under .45 where I live is considered putting your life at risk. 10MM or stay out of the woods. Even for stopping humans, I would not want anything less than a 9mm penetration.

  4. I was going to say pretty much the same thing as defens but he beat me to it. .44 special, .44 mag, .45acp or .45 colt bare minimum.

  5. So this structural engineer carry’s his hat in his pocket? What’s wrong with a . 380? It’s all about shot placement. I’m sure that by shooting out the charging Grizzly Bears eyes and a couple up his nostrils would prevent him from gnawing on your head.


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