Streamlight TLR-8
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Streamlight TLR-8 A G
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Press release:

Streamlight Inc., a leading provider of high-performance lighting and weapon light/laser sighting devices, introduced the TLR-8 A and the TLR-8 A G, featuring red or green aiming lasers, and offering ergonomic rear switch options with either a low or high position to match users’ shooting style. Both lights deliver 500 lumens and feature a rail clamp that attaches and detaches easily from the side of a broad array of compact and full frame weapons.

“These compact, lightweight weapon lights are designed to maximize visibility and targeting capability in a variety of law enforcement, concealed carry, and home defense applications,” said Streamlight President and Chief Executive Officer Ray Sharrah. “They each feature ambidextrous on/off rear switches with low and high positions to suit user preference. And each comes equipped with an integrated color aiming laser to enable users to readily identify a potential threat before taking any action.”

Streamlight TLR-8 A
Courtesy Streamlight

The TLR-8 A and TLR-8 A G feature a power LED that delivers 5,000 candela and 500 lumens over a beam distance of 140 meters. The TLR-8 A offers a 640-660nm red laser to maximize visibility and long-range targeting capability, while the TLR-8 A G features a 510-520nm “Eye Safe” green laser to improve users’ ability to focus on targets during daylight hours. Both lights can be deployed in Laser-Only mode to keep the gun on target, in LED-Only mode to provide bright, focused light, or in dual mode, which uses both light sources.

The run time for both lights is 1.5 hours in LED-Only, LED and Laser, and strobe modes. In Laser-Only mode, the TLR-8 A provides a run time of 60 hours, while the TLR-8 A G delivers 11 hours. Each light is energized by a single 3 Volt CR2 lithium battery.

Streamlight TLR-8 A
Courtesy Streamlight

Securely fitting to a broad range of weapons, the new TLR lights feature a one-handed, snap on and tighten interface that keeps hands away from gun muzzles when attaching or detaching them. The lights also include a Safe Off feature, locking them so they cannot be turned on accidentally. A key kit is included to securely fit each light to the broadest array of hand guns of any light on the market.

Streamlight TLR-8
Courtesy Streamlight

Constructed with 6000 Series machined aircraft aluminum with a black anodized finish, the TLR-8 A and TLR-8 A G both weigh 2.64 ounces and measure 2.58 inches in length.

With extensively live-fire tested, impact-resistant construction, the new models feature an IPX7-rated design, making them waterproof to 1 meter for 30 minutes.

The lights are packaged as the TLR-8 A FLEX and TLR-8 A G FLEX. Each comes with a High switch mounted on the light, plus an included Low switch. The TLR-8 A FLEX has an MSRP of $367.50, while the TLR-8 A G FLEX has an MSRP of $450.00. Both lights include Streamlight’s Limited Lifetime Warranty.


    • It will come down to holster selection. At least with the TLR-1 and X300’s, the product is mature (they continuously upgrade performance) and quality holsters are available left and right. Hopefully this will be a popular option with good holster options.

      • Getting there for sure! The only one we offer is for Glock 17 and 19 with the 7 or 8 but more on the way.

        This is a great light that I recommend and personally carry on my EDC G19, though I DO NOT LIKE the current switch design, so this is a VERY welcome design change!!

    • I ordered one from Bud’s gun shop for $220 shipped in the Green laser variety. Street prices on Streamlight prices are substantially less than MSRP.

      I actually called around locally to see if anyone had gotten these in and the employee at one of the more well known LGS/armorers (little mom/pop type operation) actually chastised me for considering carrying a laser at all…. I don’t understand the hostility towards a backup aiming system.

      Of course these are the same know-it-all high-speed low-drag 3-gun masters that also scoffed at the idea of running an RDS on a CCW pistol 10 years ago and now all of them do.

    • There’s a weapon light w/ laser I got on Amazon for around $50 that has an integrated, rechargeable battery. The laser is pretty good out to 10 yards, seems to hold zero with a .22, but it’s really the light I wanted and it works fine. Probably not a carry gun light, more for inside the home, but my point is I agree, you do not need to spend hundreds of dollars to get a dedicated weapon mounted light.

    • That’s MSRP but no one will sell for that, at least no one who actually wants to move any of them!

      For instance; Streamlight lists MSRP for the TLR-1 HL in black at about $260 but themselves sell the same dang light on Amazon for $126.30. I’m personally not a fan of that as it cuts the throats of small shops that can’t afford to order direct from Streamlight. If a client needs one, I tell them to order from Amazon because buying from me will cost more, even from a distributor. Doesn’t mean I don’t like their stuff, but it’s a bummer for sure! Some clients will pay more to be nice or for me to make them a holster and send the light, knowing I approved of it, with the holster.

      I ordered an Inforce light from Amazon and got a fake. If I didn’t already have a few of the same light, along with the experience I do, I wouldn’t have known it was a fake, so some folks will pay for that piece of mind.

      • Why do you cut your own throat? Good % of the pop will pay a reasonable price for SERVICE. If you aren’t providing such then just close your doors.

        Screw Amazon and all their chicom vendors

  1. 450 for a light and laser….😂😂😂

    Talk about overpriced!?!? So many whine about gun prices in here I’m surprised there isn’t a riot over this. While I understand the benefit of illumination in low light, I can also understand the importance and value of my dollar. Too many great cheap alternatives to this nonsense!


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