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You’d kinda hope anti-gunners would STFU about the George Zimmerman case by now, what with his acquittal by a jury of his peers and all. Not to mention the fact that the gun grabbers’ pre- and post-trial attempts to repeal so-called Stand Your Ground laws fell on fallow ground. I imagine that this “PSA” (Public Safety Announcement) was in production for quite some time. Given the cost, its release was inevitable, no matter what the temper of the times. The Zimmerman-as-mass-murderer meme’s racked-up more page views (21,581 and counting) than the usual anti-gun agit-prop (e.g. the Mayors Against Illegal Guns’ three-day-old “No More Names” Iowa video’s 172 views.). So where are the NRA ads recreating a defensive gun use, showing the importance of armed self-defense? And why aren’t they on mainstream TV? The People of the Gun’s well-financed advocates need to come out of the shadows and bypass the anti-gun mainstream media. Sooner rather than later. And incessantly.

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    • Nice idea, I put:

      Issue reported:

      Violent or repulsive content > Youth violence
      Timestamp selected:

      Additional details:

      Video shows hundreds of dead black youths, killed by gang violence.

      • Good. I flagged it based on Scam/Fraud, stating: “The video is attempting to solicit donations to the Coalition to Stop Gun Violence based on the libel that George Zimmerman was legally responsible for the death of anyone. A court has determined that he was not.”

        • I also reported it under scam/fraud. My report read: “This “PSA” is filled with lies and distortions, all in the name of infringing our Constitutionally guaranteed rights. So it is a scam/fraud.”

      • They want laws that “save victims, not create more”… but I don’t think it means what they think it means.

  1. I look forward to the video showing Martin beating thousands of other hooded black youths to death by banging their head against the sidewalk (well not really, but it would be about the same thing as this video).

  2. Have you seen the commercials on mainstream TV lately? It’s pretty obvious that the marketers have figured out that the only people swayed by TV advertisements are either very old, or very good at consistently making poor life choices.

    Advocating that the NRA try to convince a bunch of 80 year olds and low information voters during American Idol is probably not a good strategy.

  3. Wow for once I’m actually offended. To bad I wear big boy under-roos and can’t sit around crying about how offended I am that someone would so shamelessly edited the 911 calls to twist the situation so it better suits their agenda. Seriously watching that leads you to believe zimmerman found martin right after he was asked not to chase and the call ended right then.

  4. There are a lot of companies that won’t sell adds for ammo etc. so don’t assume that it is completely the NRA’s fault for not having ads. One example is CommunistCast (ComCast).

  5. with ratings and comments disabled, it looks like they don’t want an actual dialogue, just for you to sit back and accept what they’re shoveling.

    but of course they have a donation button on YouTube right under the video, that seems appropriate.

  6. “So where are the NRA ads recreating a defensive gun use, showing the importance of armed self-defense? And why aren’t they on mainstream TV? The People of the Gun’s well-financed advocates need to come out of the shadows and bypass the anti-gun mainstream media. Sooner rather than later. And incessantly.”

    Yes, yes, yes, yes and yes!

  7. What’s funny is that several news outlets have been calling this a “reenactment” of the shooting, and one blog called it “powerful”

    This “reenactment” only reenacts the parts of the story that no one ever distputed in the first place, the fact Z called the police is not in dispute, the fact he followed Trayvon, for at least a short period of time is not in doubt, the fact that someone else witnessed the “fight” or “beatdown” depending upon your point of view, is not in dispute, and the fact that Trayvon was killed was not in dispute, so this whole video is not really that good.

    Also when they list the children by name of state, I’m yet to see Washington listed not only is WA a stand your ground state, WA is THE stand your ground state, compare the language of Florida’s stand your ground law passed in 21st century to the Washington State Supreme Court opinion in State v. Meyer in 1917 and you’ll know what I’m talking about.

    • What they show that is not generally agreed upon is the GZ character reaching for his gun when the TM character was just standing some distance away.


    hope this link can be accessed

    no doubt this producer in society was murdered because of his racism.
    the color of his skin?? NO WAY.
    where is the negro KKK right now? will Obama proclaim that this victim of racism proclaim that “he could’ve been my son!!”. al sharpton and things like jesse jackson are probably popping champagne corks while gloating that “We Got One Of Them!!”

    where is the outrage in the Negro community that a human being has been wantonly murdered by members of their race??, any person, any color of skin..

    once again… and this person was a visitor to our country shot in the back by the ugliest and most animal like elements in our country.

    this atrocity will soon disappear from the news because it does not adhere to the liberal, governmental, view that all are racists except black people…

    my apologies to black people for blanketing them, but we all know what a n-word is, and here are 3 examples

  9. This is the exactly the thing that my inlaws would fall for and would bring up for “discussion.” The moment I try to reasonably rebut it, I’m labeled as extreme for wanting to Keep and Bear Arms, for any reason let alone that it’s protected and explicitly stated in the Constitution.

    • been there with grandparents, teachers, professors; it sucks thats it not whole lot else to it

    • The only card you have left to play with them is to question their creds as Americans. You know, “your ancestors would be appalled and ashamed of you, you miserable pantywaists!”

  10. I wonder how they sleep at night?

    Well, on second thought, they probably sleep pretty well. I’m sure managers of the non-profit get plush enough salaries to afford very comfortable beds. In nice houses. In gated communities.

  11. Even if it wanted to, there is NO way the NRA could get its ad on primetime TV. The closest it can come to that is sponsoring a NASCAR race. Even then, the media had a field day with that. The major channels wouldn’t take their money.

  12. Murderer? Possibly, although likely not.

    Overly zealous and foolish? Probably.

    The trigger man in an unnecessary and avoidable homicide? Definitely.

    Mass murderer? What kind o’ sh¡t them muthafu¢as be smokin’?!?

    This defies even their warped, non-Euclidean world view.

    Sh¡t, man.

  13. The following is a public service announcement from the Free State Broadcasting Corporation:

    Friends, have you ever seen a “peace brick?” It’s a tragic sight, and a testament to the unspeakable violence and turpitude of the Grabbers, a collectivist entity who grab not to embrace — but to crush and destroy.

    We must remember that guns don’t kill guns; people do. Without a conscientious human, a gun is without any defense from either predators or the elements.

    Each year, thousands of these lovable and helpful machines die long before their time due to neglect, incompetent owners and “buy backs.”

    There is however hope. You can buy some of these guns before their owners are desperate enough to trade thm for food.

    You can also enlighten the ignorant, so hat he will take better care of their guns.

    Won’t you extend your hand to a lonely gun and give it the love and nourishment we all deserve?

    It’s a proven fact that guns, just like cats and dogs, help humans live longer, richer lives.

    Only YOU can help. Don’t let a gun go unwanted and unloved. Act today.

    Thank you for your time. We now return you to your regularly scheduled programming.

    • That was a great comment and if you don’t mind I’m going to copy and paste it (with proper credit) on my facebook page and on The Conservative American Patriot where I’m an admin.

  14. Wow, another anti-gun video that disables the ratings and the comments. I guess that clinches it, 90% of Americans TOTALLY support stricter gun control.

  15. I disagree. Theater is theater. Let the opposition engage in it. Let us not legitimize it as platform for discussion or indulge its hubris….Like the man said, “Stick to the facts, Ma’am”, or in our case the stats.

    Oh, and that video is disgusting.

  16. I did some digging on YouTube.

    And there’s this:
    “Video by Lambda Kappa Tau, a media-arts fraternity at Towson University” at

    Not violent at all, eh?
    Maybe stop by their site and express our appreciation for their non-violence support.

    And here’s the info on
    Domain ID:D7868256-LROR
    Domain Name:CSGV.ORG
    Created On:09-Jul-1999 15:19:06 UTC
    Last Updated On:11-Jul-2011 00:46:40 UTC
    Expiration Date:09-Jul-2015 15:19:06 UTC
    Sponsoring, LLC (R91-LROR)
    Registrant ID:CR31045548
    Registrant Name:Josh Horwitz
    Registrant Organization:Coalition to Stop Gun Violence
    Registrant Street1:1424 L Street NW
    Registrant Street2:Suite 2-1
    Registrant Street3:
    Registrant City:Washington
    Registrant State/Province:District of Columbia
    Registrant Postal Code:20005
    Registrant Country:US
    Registrant Phone:+1.2024080061
    Registrant Phone Ext.:
    Registrant FAX:+1.8888602477
    Registrant FAX Ext.:
    Registrant Email:[email protected]

  17. Regardless of the Marin/Zimmerman tragedy, the greater tragedy is for this country and the shameless abuse of the Zimmerman story. The news coverage was 24/7 nonstop and the constant blame on white/Hispanic people. Unfortunately this is one way street. The news barely covered the senseless murder of a white Australian boy who was visiting his white girlfriend in Oklahoma. He was shot in the back by three black teenagers who were proving their “street creds”. The news mentioned nothing about race. Or the 13 year old white boy who was severely beaten by “three” 15 year old teenagers on the school bus. It is time for our country to stop the race card and give “EQUAL” justice, good or bad to everyone, white, black,Spanish or anything.

  18. I have to admit, that video was really well done. Sky high production values. Of course, you could say the same for Avatar, and this video also contains just about as much factual information.

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