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We so called that one: Stop the NRA’s top headline kvetches about the NRA’s helicopter hog hunt. What is surprising: Stop the NRA posted the piece at As the blogger at writes, “Frankly, this is a new low even of gun banners, which are already low enough. The Klan doesn’t own, Neo-Nazis don’t own, yet the very people that hate the Second Amendment, that despise everything it stands for, would own a domain name that doesn’t have the honesty to advertise its true intentions.” Yes, well, I’m into the First Amendment. If anti-gunners want to prosthelytize their anti-pistol perspective on pro-gun sounding urls, that is their right. The truth will out. That said, I fully expect The People of the Gun to go out and buy anti-gun urls to spread the message that Guns Save Life, in which case we’ll give you permission to post our material thereupon (send a request to [email protected]).

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  1. I think we should pool our money and buy up every single possible anti-second amendment URL we can. We’ll form it as an LLC or incorporate it. And then we’ll sell advertising and share some of the profits.

    To piss off the anti-gunners even more we’ll post ads for the various gun manufacturers, and any other ad that maybe anathema to their ilk. Just saying 🙂

    Interested? Hit me up!

    • Not relevant. Wasting time and resources getting the cat out of the tree when the house if on fire.

      You don’t have to, and won’t, win every battle. You have to win the war. An you win the war when the other side decides they aren’t going to win.

  2. There not fooling anyone. Maybe they’ll get a few high fives from there fellow statists, but who do they think is going to read their snarky headlines and what, have some sort of epiphany that the they should give up their personal liberties to appease these hoplophobes? Ain’t gonna happen.

  3. Actually rather easy to do on yahoo and other blogs, just create a name with a different last name, and then when it asks what you wish to be called as a nickname etc,, use the name of your favorite anti gun freak.

    Then start posting contradictory messages under their names, drives em batschiite crazy when you play their own game on them!

  4. What does it take for the gun-control-nuts to learn their lesson that we can play far more effectively than they can? Their big rallies bring out anywhere from a few dozen to a couple hundred. Ours bring out tens of thousands. We have the committed numbers of foot soldiers and they don’t. They outed gun owners and we outed the anti-gun publishers and editors.If they want to play this game just imagine what we can do!

    Imagine if every pro-gun reader of TTAG took out a single seemingly leftist-valued domain name with a tag line about doing this or that action to reduce violence, discuss gun control, etc and all the domains were forwarded to TTAG, SAF, etc!

  5. we need to make a porn movie with all of the brady bunch and bloomy so their names pop up in google searches . . . . 🙂

  6. They couldn’t get their desired domain name, “Trampling on The Second Amendment”, so they had to settle.

  7. This all comes close to cybersquatting which, depending on who’s has the savvier lawyers that can manipulate the supposed intent of the domain owner to a judge, can get you in trouble.

  8. Pretty sweet video, though….I’d love to shoot hogs from a helicopter with my Saiga .223 “assault rifle.”

  9. There are too many other important things going on, I don’t have the energy for inconsequential stuff like this.

  10. I don’t think the blogger at was suggesting that the anti-gunners should be legally prohibited from using the domain “” – just that he was disgusted by the fact that they are doing so.

    It’s the anti’s first amendment right to use that domain name, and it’s also the blogger’s first amendment right to say he’s disgusted by their use of that domain name.

    • Thanks Chip! You read my mind. I love the First Amendment almost as much as the Second Amendment. When I get angry with the things liberals say and do that doesn’t mean I’m advocating for censorship. I hate tattoos, but you’ll never see me advocating for the prohibition of tattoo parlors. I am disgusted by gun haters owning, and I’m using free speech to denounce them as people with no integrity and no respect.

  11. URLs currently available at Go Daddy:

  12. Good to remind people that this kind of dishonesty is going on at anti-gunner places.

    Bad to stoop to same here.

    Punch back twice as hard with the facts – and keep it legal.
    The truth will out- its working already, as TTAG is proving, and if you want to do more on that topic, ie leveraging the innertubes

    check out FPC – a fast growing startup building on success in regional groups working together using social media for gun folk to be heard nationally, and on target in key states when needed-

    right now the place to make a difference is in CA, telling Gov Brown to veto bills pending in CA. He IS a gun-owner, he is a smart attorney, and he does NOT want to leave a legacy of bad law on his watch that will be reversed by the Supremes.

  13. No doubt their primary server cluster resolves to kill.thesecondamendment,com.

    Fahrging bastidges!

    • The writer denounced Stop the NRA. I recommended adopting the same tactics. Is there a name for that too?

      • If it’s wrong for Stop the NRA to buy web addresses like, then it’s wrong, and you pro-gun folks shouldn’t buy gun control sites.

        • I agree. I don’t think it’s wrong.

          As I said in the post, I support the First Amendment. If that’s the way antis want to roll, go for it.

          By the same token, why not use the same tactics against their/your argument? I got no problem with that either. It’s the guy who emailed us who thought Stop the NRA’s url was reprehensible.

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