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Expecting a prohibited person to be responsible with his or her firearm is a bit like expecting a world-class chef to be rail thin. And yet they do exist. Thin chefs, I mean. Responsible gun-owning perps, not so much. For example [via]:

Officers tracked [Steffon] McDonald to the domestic violence class to serve a warrant for stalking and burglarizing the same woman who made a domestic violence complaint against him in June, police said . . .

Sgt. Robert Shawinisky said officers found the loaded .22 caliber pistol, which was reported stolen in North Carolina, as well as a knife in McDonald’s waistband while arresting him.

“It was kind of scary because the guy has problems and a loaded stolen gun in his waistband,” said Shawinsky, who said officers were surprised to discover the man armed . . .

The gun discovery resulted in additional charges of criminal possession of a firearm, carrying a pistol without a permit, possession of a firearm on school grounds and stealing the .22 caliber revolver.

McDonald was held overnight in lieu of $250,000 court appearance bond.

In his waistband? We all know it’s completely irresponsible to carry a firearm without a holster. Jeesh.

For violating common sense gun safety protocols, and the rest, Mr. McDonald wins TTAG’s not-so-coveted Irresponsible Gun Owner of the Day award.

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  1. Just to nitpick (since it’s Sunday night and I’m reading TTAG with a glass of Bourbon)…

    If the gun was stolen, is he really the *owner*?

  2. I dunno, TTAG. This one is a bit of a stretch. One would think that the IGOTD should have to be the LAWFUL owner of the firearm in question. This ass-hat isn’t. Also (for those who hadn’t noticed), IGOTD contains three letters also within the word “IDIOT”, which explains why I sometimes get the the two confused.

  3. Huh…previous violator of the law, violates additional laws…almost like he has no respect for the law.

    I wonder what the rehab success rate is for violent felons? Same as pulling a turd from the bowl and shining it into something a saleable?

    • Depends. If you’re trying to do business with a progressive that turd may sell. You may get grant money to study energy efficient methods of polishing that turd.

      Normal folks. Not so much.

      • Mythbusters demonstrated that you can indeed polish poop.
        They weren’t allowed to say “turd” on the air.

  4. Granted, any bullet can be lethal, but I’m more concerned about the knife. Why no mention beyond “oh yeah, and he had a blade too” by the police?


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