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Ever been to one of these marathon open hearings on a gun control bill? They’re fascinating. Well they would be if someone would edit the damn thing. Otherwise, even with stars like SAF jefe Alan Gottleib and 50 Cal Gal (hey Annette!) they put the suffer in insufferable. Even though the politicians in the room have made up their minds long before the testimony, kudos to them for their stamina. Anyway, somewhere in that two-hour video above (re: Washington State’s Initiative-594 on expanded background checks) State Senator Jeannie Darneille of Tacoma tells the room, “I am not a person who handles guns.  I don’t own guns.  I don’t . . . they shock me, quite frankly. We’re an open carry state and when I see people open carrying their guns, while it may be perfectly legal, it creates a visceral, personal, physical reaction in me as it does in other people.” So hop along hoplophobes and let the adults in the room remind legislators of their oath to the United States Constitution. Know what I mean?

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  1. “People who don’t understand women’s bodies shouldn’t regulate them.”


  2. So the senator has emotional control issues? Because she can’t control her emotions, the citizenry must bear the brunt of her personal problem? She should have a great healthcare plan being a government employee and all, why not schedule some time with a therapist?

  3. while it may be perfectly legal, it creates a visceral, personal, physical reaction in me as it does in other people.

    I feel exactly the same way about fat women breastfeeding their progeny in public.

  4. given how gerrymandering occurs, I doubt she has much to worry about with her constituents being upset with her attempts to restrict their 2nd Amendment rights like legislators in other states have done. . . oh wait. Colorado. “nuff said,. start the process.

    • given that her district includes a ton of active duty military posted long-term to JBLM, yes she does have a large problem on her hands.

  5. I like certain dogs, however when I see the Pit Bull breeds on a leash that couldn’t hold back a terrier – I get nervous, and that dog knows it. That dog is drooling.

    Washington State has had many dog attacks by this breed, yet legislation has floundered to protect citizens. This is classic, liberal Washington.

    • If you are suggesting we start destroying certain breeds of dogs just because of a few irresponsible owners then you need to rethink your position on guns. The same could be said for guns and gun owners. I am not willing to ban all ARs, AKs, and pump shotguns because of a few shooting sprees used with those types of guns. I am not willing to support the destruction of a certain breed of dog either.

    • I’m not sure what you mean with that comment. Are you saying you support Breed Specific Legislation? If so, you are no better than the antis. BSL is just as rooted in ignorance and bigotry as gun control laws. Think about it. Replace the word “Pit Bull” with “Scary Black Rifle”, and you should be able to see the correlation. Irrational fears are irrational.

      Or was the remark meant sarcastically? I’m confused.

      • Do you mean “I like certain guns, however when I see the Rifle in the hands of someone who should not hold a water pistol – I get nervous, and that gun owner knows it. That gun is scary.” Or some variation thereof.

        • That’s what I was inexpertly inferring, yes. Although an AK/AR/Shotgun/Whatever in the hands of someone I wouldn’t trust with a water pistol might frighten me a bit under certain conditions. But yeah. Close enough 🙂

    • Man for someone who hates liberals you sure sound like one. Blaming one of the most widely bought dog breeds in america because bad owners can get them sounds eerily like the libs blaming the popular ar15 for being used by criminals in recent crimes. But because it makes you/them feel nervous they should be banned? If that isn’t a move right out of the liberal playbook i don’t know what is. Oh and the American Pit Bull Terrier is exactly that, a terrier. You know, the breed you just claimed that that leash couldn’t hold back.

    • I’m just going to say +1 to the comments made by A-Rod, JaredFromTampa, and Odin. They said everything I wanted to say.

      • Oof – my words and point came off completely wrong! I share the same views about this as those who commented on my thread about the dogs. Anything I say here will not come off correctly now – however I am a Washingtonian, support our gun rights here and think the legislators here are among the most liberal in the country. I am a responsible gun owner and love TTAG….my apologies for ruffling feathers here, I just didn’t construct my point correctly, ‘been one of those days..

        • Ok, well, we’ll let you back into the club this time. Just be careful about sarcastic dog analogy comments on days with a “dog shot by cop” article. Some of us get all touchy 🙂

        • @Illumfiati – Sorry man i didn’t mean to jump your shit, but like jared said this can be a very touchy subject.

  6. It’s like the Ancient Aliens guy, but instead of “I don’t understand, therefore aliens.” it’s “I am afraid, therefore gun control”.

  7. The Sea-Tac metro area is another dimension that just happens to exist in a continuum which is also Washington state.

  8. ” while it may be perfectly legal, it creates a visceral, personal, physical reaction in me as it does in other people.”…..yea, Brussels Sprouts do that to me, and there is no enumerated right to grow, prepare, or serve them, so why don’t those legislators do something positive and start working on a “Brussels Sprouts Ban”?

    • Beets give the same reaction to my brothers and I, it’s hard to hold back the gag reflex they engender in me,much,in the same way most politicians do!!!

    • Try the Brussels sprouts recipe from marks daily apple. They’re made with bacon, and a lemon butter vinaigrette, and sprinkled with fresh thyme and parsley. I have converted many people who said they hated Brussels sprouts with that one. I’m a foodie second only to my love of all things with a trigger that go bang.

    • Well, that’s because you don’t understand Brussel Sprouts. They are only dangerous when prepared in ignorance. I learned a great enjoyment of them from my frequent trips to Belgium (not to mention learning what *great* beer is). They need to be young and fresh rather than old and bitter as is so often the case here. You need to peel all the dark green off and make sure the stem is cut away. Then cook them until nice and tender. You need to get some Sprouts and practice, practice, practice. You had better hurry, though, since now that people know the truth about Sprouts I expect to see a run on them with resultant shortages.

      Remember that Brussel Sprouts aren’t bad in themselves, it what people do with them that makes them bad.

  9. Maybe people should start wearing uniforms. No one freaks out when police carry weapons openly, people don’t even freak out when security guards carry openly. Just because they have a uniform and a little bit of training means that they are infallible? I’m pretty sure a lot of so-called regular citizens actually shoot more often than the “trained” people who carry.

    • if you’re active duty, you don’t want to wear your uniform to political events.

      unfortunately most of the veteran protestors that have an old uniform they could wear, don’t seem to fit into it any more.

  10. “(T)hey shock me, quite frankly…while it may be perfectly legal, it creates a visceral, personal, physical reaction in me as it does in other people.”

    If that’s a viable argument for legislating something, I’m sure there are plenty of racists out there who would love to restart segregation.

    • I made that exact argument on Waguns forum with her quote – just replace “gun” with “negro” and you get essentially that result, which I’m sure was uttered more than once during the segregation era:

      “I am not a person who handles negroes. I don’t own negroes. I don’t . . . they shock me, quite frankly. We’re a mainly white state and when I see a negro, while it may be perfectly legal, it creates a visceral, personal, physical reaction in me as it does in other people.”

      Her entire argument is based on fear and a lack of knowledge or familiarity – therefore she wants it banned. The same logic was applied to denying equal rights to blacks throughout our history.

  11. Apparently Jeannie Darneille is more comfortable with the old Tacoma gun experience, the gun in your face as the perp demands your wallet. Preferences obviously vary.

    • actually that is still the current Tacoma experience – it just migrated a little southwards into S. Tacoma and Lakewood.

      I had the opportunity to buy a really nice house at steep discount from a friend in the mid 2000s – it was a 80s built 2500 sq ft. house with detached three-stall shop/garage with heat and kiln, already plumbed for central air compressor. the house had been set up to grow pot and had ducting all over the place, which had been removed after he bought it on police auction. but it was in the rock-bottom shittiest south Tacoma neighborhood.

      if I could’ve picked up that house and moved it 10 miles in any direction, I would’ve jumped on it.

  12. There has to be a similar quote as this senator around other subjects: airplanes? The first steam engines or cars? Cultures that had never seen horses before?

  13. State Senator Darneille is shocked by guns @ 50.30 min. So she never goes too a movie or watches tv? Probably seen too many Harvey Weinstein movies. Maybe she should seek mental health help. I wouldn’t want someone as unbalanced as her owning a firearm. I will do everything I can to defeat I-594.

  14. Well seeing two people of the same sex kiss in public “shocks” and elicits a “visceral” reaction in many as well, but I am fairly certain she wouldn’t suggest we ban gays from being in public, now would she.

    I don’t understand why these people refuse to understand a viewpoint that is so easily re-framed in terms they would understand and even, dare I say, empathize with.

      • we should get Pink Pistols to show up at more of the WA events. they had some members out at the “Guns Across America” 2A Jan 19th rally last year. there was even one girl there OCing an AR who had a giant “Pro-Gay/Pro-Gun” sign.

  15. There should be a law that states “Must be able to operate a handgun and a long gun and understand proper firearm terminology before a legislative person or bodies pass firearm related laws.”

    • Hey, I’m cool with bringing firearms proficiency into the middle and high schools as an elective. I’d even be fine with individual school districts making it a required course.

  16. I live in Washington state. I could write a paragraph or two on each person who spoke. Rather then doing that, I will just shake my head in discuss.

  17. “When I see people open carrying their guns, while it may be perfectly legal, it creates a visceral, personal, physical reaction in me as it does in other people.”

    Wow. That’s actually a real thing??? In all candor, I thought that was just a silly sensation we ascribed tongue-in-cheek to the anti’s in mockery. She’s telling us that she and other of her ilk actually are moved to physical feelings at the mere sight of someone passively exercising their God-given right to self-defense? Wow. Just wow.

  18. when I see people open carrying their guns, while it may be perfectly legal, it creates a visceral, personal, physical reaction in me as it does in other people.”

    Your visceral reaction does not constitute grounds for restricting the rights of others. It didn’t when people got the vapors over black people at lunch counter. It didn’t when they pitched a fit over two men holding hands in public. It didn’t when neighbors fumed about the mosque going up in their neighborhood. And it doesn’t now.

  19. If a person said something like this:

    “…when I see two men holding hands or kissing, while it may be perfectly legal, it creates a visceral, personal, physical reaction in me as it does in other people.”

    they would be labeled a homophobe and a bigot for having such a reaction.

    • As our friend Plato once wrote, one of the penalties of refusing to participate in politics is that you end up being governed by your inferiors.

      Now is the time for all free thinking people to take action and inspire others as well to effect positive change in all levels of our government. We have to do better than these fretters and dullards.

  20. I know where she’s coming from. When I was an anti I felt this way too.

    The entire week it took to get over it was interesting, as the fear was replaced with learning about how my AR worked.

    After that, my credit cards were never the same (the biggest damage I’ve taken from going over to the gun side) – but while I know I felt this way, it feels very foreign now, and was pretty easily erased.

    Maybe I could start the Institute for Gun Shock Desensitization. We start with a good cry on Monday and end up at the range on Friday.

    Getting ’em to sign up in the first place though … I got no answer for that .

  21. I am so sick and tired of hearing that made up 40% horsecrap number. Anyone that goes to testify or speak with others about any firearm issue should be prepared to point out the fact that the 40% private sales number is crap.

  22. It doesn’t make any difference. It’s all just a dog and pony show, along with paid mouth Gabby Giffords.
    I’m in Washington state and it’s going to go to a vote on Novembers ballot.

  23. “… when I see people open carrying their guns, while it may be perfectly legal, it creates a visceral, personal, physical reaction in me as it does in other people.”

    swap that first part of that quote with something like:

    “… when I see two men openly holding hands, …”
    “… when I see a black man and a white woman openly together, …”

    The bigotry and ignorance of the rest of the sentiment really shines through. Just because someone have a personal dislike to a behavior doesn’t mean that the behavior should be legislated.

  24. Well, I’m no psychiatrist*, but if the mere sight of some object “creates a visceral, personal, physical reaction in [some person],” then that person clearly needs some serious medical attention of the psychiatric kind.

    (Last time I checked, any physician with an MD could legally call himself a ‘psychiatrist.’)

    • People openly carrying in my general vicinity creates a visceral, personal, physical reaction in me as well.

      It’s called camaraderie and a sense of wellbeing. It’s a feeling opposite to that of being naked, unarmed and stalked by lions.

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