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Send your STAND STRONG CONNECTICUT photo to [email protected]. We’ll post them on our Facebook album [click here to view.] Please put STAND STRONG in the subject field of your email.

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  1. So far, this photo is my favorite.
    When I read the name on lab coat, it made me smile.

  2. So personal opinion, I like this one most because it is the most subtle. No mean mugs, no awkwardness, just a rifle with an optic Id like to have and a gentleman in his work attire.

    and using lettering with stroke never hurts either.

    • No mean mugs? You mean as opposed to someone taking a self portrait while holding a weapon with a stupid grin on their face? It’s a serious matter, hence the serious look on peoples faces.

      • But there is a difference between “serious” and “menacing”. It can be a fine line.

        • Yeah, I’m sure everyone was in deep contemplation on which expression they should have on their face for this project. This isn’t a resume for a six figure job! Others were complaining about writing being digitally used. Who cares, it’s the message that counts! The point is to support our fellow citizens in another state which is the sole purpose here. It’s not about how the text was entered or if people didn’t have the absolutely most perfect expression on their face. These aren’t wedding photos you know!

          If I was to have a complaint, it would be the kids with their dorky masks. That seems to diminish the message in my view, but I wasn’t going to write about it.
          In my personal view and opinion, since we are bitching about petty things, my view is that the men men should show their face. Have some fu—- balls! I expected that from the kids, but some of the guys need to grow a set. But like I said, that’s just my opinion!

  3. Brings back old memories of elitist “what’s good for me is no good for you” garbage that filled the ranks at Yale. There is no exaggerating when it comes to ivory tower separation from the filthy public outside those hallowed halls.

    I know the hospital is different but based on my time there I’d bet money on at least half the faculty of the university owning “prohibited” arms yet fully supporting the CT law because they’re special and you’re just a dumbass who will hurt yourself or somebody else.

    • Guess I dodged a bullet then, back in the day, when Yale rejected my undergrad application.

  4. You can see he is a doctor by his optics.

    I like this one the best, classy, straight to the message and can’t be used against us.

  5. I just checked out the photo collection on the FB page.

    Knock it off with the facemasks and camo, unless you really do want all of us to be portrayed as backwoods hicks and special forces wannabes.

    • It takes all kinds – don’t be such a fascist. The enemy already thinks we all look like that, whether we do or don’t.

      That being said. I do think the more subtle images (like the one above) have the most profound impact.

      I would love to see a giant collage of images, made entirely of close-up shots, hands on rifle, and a simple text at the bottom of each – their occupation & age. I think when the image got into the thousands, full of doctors, teachers, mechanics, mothers, fathers, pilots, chefs, truck-drivers, etc, etc… It would beautifully demonstrate the diversity and pervasiveness of the typical gun-owner. It would drive home that everyday, for or against, you are surrounded by, and to some degree protected by, gun-owning patriots, whether you realize it, acknowledge it, or not.

      • I agree. Did you happen to catch the “….and I carry” videos on TTAG some weeks back? Put out by a pro-concealed carry group, it’s just a series of very short (15 seconds each?) mini-interviews with regular people talking about their regular lives. Then at the very end of each, almost like a complete afterthought, each one adds “and I carry.” I thought it was very effective at portraying those firearms owners as regular people and not scary stereotypes.

        • Yes, I did catch that, and enjoyed it for much the same reasons. I just think people need to see everyday folk holding their personalized “scary” rifles (without necessarily having to do it on a sidewalk while trying to avoid eye-contact).

  6. When I see one of these with a blue uniform and a badge, then I’ll know that the tide has completely turned.

  7. It was at the Yale-New Haven Hospital Mental Health Youth & Adolescent clinic that Adam was examined and medication prescribed, but refused by the son and not enforced by Nancy, was it not?

    So the irony is major. “I won’t be swayed just because families reject proper treatment.” Good.

    The photo is perfect.

  8. Great pic doc. Good idea not to post your face to some of the losers in this group. Internet is pretty much forever. These chicken poops are all yack and no action.

  9. I hope this works for Vets who need it and he gets ATF approval.Kinda bhuogrt a tear to my eye, and I hope if Alex is a Southerner he won’t take offense, but Thank God for good ol’ Yankee Ingenuity! Glad to see it’s alive and well. Looking forward to hearing any follow-up on this device.

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