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StandStrong CT

Send your STAND STRONG CONNECTICUT photo to [email protected]. We’ll post them on our Facebook album [click here to view.] Please put STAND STRONG in the subject field of your email. You can click here to purchase a Stand Strong Connecticut t-shirt (half of profits go to Connecticut Carry).

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  1. Is the bolt held open on that AK?

    How do you manage that? I love the AK, but I’m not an aficionado. They make AKs with a bolt hold open feature?

      • True. But Vz. 58 has nothing in common with AK except cartridge caliber. And similar curved magazine to feed it.

    • safety lever is modded. a lot of AK owners cut a notch in the safety lever that acts as a manual BHO – pull back the carrier, flip the safety up, and the notch captures the charging handle. release the safey, and the bolt automatically releases and charges a round.

      Serbian AKs of recent years (eg Zastava) adopted this modification as a standard feature.

      you can also buy aftermarket safeties already set up this way.

  2. Nice shot. Here’s a fellow who probably doesn’t scream like a girl when he comes upon a scorpion. Like some people I know. Namely me.

    • You want to scream like a little girl? Be sound asleep in your fart sack and wake up to the realisation that you’re no longer alone in there. That gawd dammed millipede/centipede(Never did figure out which it was) was on my throat when I became aware of it.

      All those legs were attached to my skin when I pulled it off and it felt like I was cutting my own throat as they popped lose. Screaming like a little girl was the manliest thing I did for that night.

  3. Thanks for the compliments, folks!
    The rifle is an old WASR 10 with all the faults they are infamous for and it is the most robust firearm I’ve ever known. The T shirt was a gift (my wife has a matching one), the hat is from a shop in Tombstone and, no, I don’t scream like a girl when I see scorpions. Not anymore, anyway. They still give me the wllies, though.

    • I know the feeling. You see one and you go all “aaahh, crap crap crap!”, in your thoughts of course. You wouldn’t say anything like that out loud.

      Must admit, I like the AK. No bells and whistles, just a nice rifle.

    • I’ve spent late winters in Phoenix for the past five or six years. Used to go around shining a black light hoping to see scorpions. Finally, at the last place we stayed in, I found no one but dozens of them, all over the property. They were outside but I just couldn’t overcome the idea that they might be inside, too. had the chills for a solid week. Those things just look so ancient and menacing. Love the Arizona desert, though. You know, otherwise.

    • My WASR was the first AK I ever bought. I was advised against it by many snobs, but an AK collector friend of mine advised me not to listen to the snobs and buy one any way.

      It’s been the most reliable rifle I’ve ever owned. I lost count of how many rounds I’ve sent through it – multiple cases of 500 and 1000. Never a single failure that I can remember – not a single one. And it still shoots good groups (for an AK) out to 200 yards with a 4x POSP – haven’t shot it any further than that.

      • Hate to tell people what to do but try it out at 300, might surprise you.

        What kind of POSP is it, regarding the reticle? I know there is the Simonov which compensates to 300 meters. (chevron for 100, 200, 300 m). Also there is the SVD type, which can also compensate to 300.

        • I have one of both. The POSP is the newer black commercial model with Simonov reticule for 7.62×39. The Simonov actually goes to 400m but like I said I have not tried it out to 300yd+ yet..

          I also have a standalone commercial POSP (Pilad 4x) that has the SVD reticule for 7.62x54r. I haven’t really figured out what to use it for, since I have no 54r rifle, but the clarity of the glass is excellent.

          Some time this summer I plan to get out of the excessively-treed Norway of America (western Washington state) and into some high plains desert areas with my rifles, and let them all stretch out their legs a bit. At that time I’ll set up some plates and see how far out the AKs can go.

        • Take it with a grain of salt but I think thte 7.62×54 reticle can be used with 7.62×39 too.


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