St. Louis carjacking shooting
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“I’m very grateful to be alive.” That’s the takeaway of a North St. Louis woman who used a concealed firearm to shoot one of two armed carjackers who held her at gunpoint. She was approached by two yoots who asked to use her cell phone. When she told them she didn’t have one, one drew a gun and demanded her car keys.

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The woman handed her keys to the teenager, but told police that when he was distracted, she pulled a gun out of her purse and shot him. The St. Louis Post-Dispatch reported that police found the 13-year-old a short time later with a gunshot wound to his leg.

The un-named woman says she feared for her life and fired six rounds at the pair. According to the KSDK reporter in the video above, the woman has owned her gun for two years.




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    • “more like this.”

      “Hey, ma’am, nice shot. Nice shot, ma’am…” 😉

    • When citizens can’t protect themselves against the bad guys, Dem ghetto Chicago kill zones emerge…
      The most comprehensive study on the state of 2A rights suppression.
      “The War on Guns”
      By John Lots
      Bloomberg refuses to debate him fairly

    • Given the situation and speed/stress involved not bad, obviously could use more training but so can we all.

    • “The un-named woman says she feared for her life and fired six rounds at the pair.”

      there were two of them, she got one, fired six rounds. That’s about right for the situation, actually a little better ’cause the average self defense person outside the home fires 4, maybe 6 sometimes, rounds at a single attacker and at least two of them miss at close range even under 7 yards. Training is key folks, get into a self defense class somewhere if you can.

      I know of a guy that many years ago now fired a whole clip with his 1911, all 7 rounds, at the bad guy six feet away in his first self defense encounter, all of them missed. The bad guy turned and ran away though not realizing he had not been hit, and actually went to the hospital and told them he had been shot but when they checked they couldn’t find any bullet wounds. The cops arrested him at the hospital.

      Our self defense shooter thought he had hit the bad guy, until the cops told him the guy had not been hit.

        • Don’t be such a purist. An article in a firearms related magazine discussed this topic at length and came to the conclusion that although magazine is epigrammaticly correct, common usage has extended to include clip to mean magazine. The English language changes over time and some words have completely different meanings now. Consider the words of an old-time Christmas carol. “Now we don our gay apparel.” has a totally different meaning today from even when I was a boy.

          Social intercourse in the 19th century was lively discussion on a topic such as this as opposed to the current day meaning.

          There is even a town in PA called Intercourse. If I am not mistaken, Penthouse or one of the other such magazine used to use that town as their mailing address. Or was it Blueball, PA?

          So while the purists may insist that the correct terminology is “magazine” and be technically correct, clip through common usage has become equally acceptable, much to the dismay and chagrin of wordsmiths such as myself.

          In concept I agree with you, but in reality, I feel like John the Baptist, a voice crying in the wilderness.

      • Recommend some more practice/range time.

        At least more than the “NONE” that she’s had in two years of owning the gun. The first time I fired a gun was at a coffee can lid (back when they were made of metal).. The first time for her, she had to shoot an armed aggressor but she didn’t lose her cell phone or her car…

  1. She shouldn’t have been there.
    Playing vigilante.
    Her presence was antagonistic
    She intended to kill someone that day that’s why she was armed.

    Am I liberaling right?

  2. (facepalm)

    Only 13 years old and already in possession of a firearm and carjacking. Surely his loving mother and disciplining father – both married to each other and living together as a strong parental influence – will be grateful the woman is alive, and will be having stern words with their son during in the interim before the court appearance, yes?

    [/sarc, for those who may need the clarification]

    • (smile)
      There is a pattern here created by the socialist progressive and the sexually liberated. And that pattern does not include a disciplining father.

        • Muck, I heard something once that if it’s not true, it ought to be. LBJ is alleged to have said, after the passage of the Great Society, “We’ve got their votes for $500 a month for the rest of their lives.”

        • Gadsden: Actually, I believe the quote is “we got the n _ _ _ _r vote for the next 100 years.” Have to remember, LBJ came from hard scrabble Texas rural folk born near or right after the turn of the 20th century. There were all sorts of terms for dark complected folk, none of them complimentary and LBJ grew up with them.

          My father who was about LBJ’s age had a derogatory name for any ethnic group you might care to name. In some cases such as blacks, the derogatory terms ran to several pages of 10 point type.

    • “Only 13 years old and already in possession of a firearm and carjacking”

      a hero to his community.

      no sarc.

  3. Awesome,
    Need mor people like this to put the thugs back in the ghetto & keep em there.
    But, I think she needs a little better shot placement for the end results to be more effective. Anyway, GREAT JOB lady.

    • If she could shoot straight the thug would be going in the GROUND. Would save her community YEARS of trouble and great piles of $.

    • I agree except she said she never fired her gun before and emptied the clip. One bullet hit the target. Stopped the threat but get some training please! Otherwise nobody else got hurt except a couple of vehicles so good on her.

      • Muck, the article I read said she had owned her weapon for two years. No mention of shooting history. It also said she fired six rounds. This suggests it may have been a revolver. Regardless, she almost certainly didn’t empty a “clip.” Even if her weapon were clip charged she would have emptied a magazine. Just an old firearms instructor trying to keep the nomenclature correct.

        • Meant to say, if she were shooting a revolver she emptied a cylinder. Agree that a little training wouldn’t hurt.

        • Maybe 6 rounds is All she had. 3 different articles I read. She said she emptied the clip. Maybe someone from the area can buy her a box of Ammo. For No other reason than as a Reward for Protecting her children and herself.

        • She said on the channel five interview that “it was a 6 round (garbled) clip. I think you are correct that she had a revolver. Nice to see the good guy or gal in this case prevail.

  4. He, the kid is only 13 and – just when he was about to turn his life around by graduating to heroin distribution – his promising career as a high hurdler is all done.

    He better learn to rap or play in the NFL, where being a criminal is expected.

    • “He better learn to rap or play in the NFL, where being a criminal is expected.”

      Isn’t it the NBA where 30 percent of the players are convicted felons?

  5. She has a very small purse for that gun she pulled out. I wonder what she carries? Not a K frame or a long side. Good for her she got one of them.

  6. Clearly just another white-supremecist vigilante looking for some minority kid to shoot. Personal property is just bait for entrapment.

  7. But, but, duncian w. jethropedo insists that having a gun will just cause you to get killed by the bad guy.

    Is he being less than honest? Next you’ll tell me there’s no Santa.

    • Ive read this far and no door stopping diatribe from lil d about it would all be well if she just handed over the keys and claimed the loss of the car on her insurance, if she survived the wrath of the proletariat for her “privilege”.

    • But what about the children? THE CHILDRENNNNN? It was just a couple of kids, she SHOT a 13 year old KID!! Poor child will be scarred for life physically AND mentally…

  8. As the late and so very great Bruce Lee would probably say sarcastically to the misguided yoot…Never take your eyes off your opponent.

      • Good job lady! On my local CC group a sub-normal member asked everyone what he should do with his gat as he’s staying at a hotel and going to a concert. Silly me I suggested don’t go. I should add I’ve never seen the city like it is now. Never had 13 year olds committing carjackings,murder,sexual assault and gunfights en mass. And I lived in Chiraq for 6 years in the 80’s. There’s no death penalty so welcome to da jungle😕

        • “I should add I’ve never seen the city like it is now. Never had 13 year olds committing carjackings,murder,sexual assault and gunfights en mass.”

          before they were suppressed/oppressed. now they’re free. free at last, free at last ….

  9. It’s a good thing this woman is black otherwise St. Louis circuit attorney Kim Gardner would be coming after her.

    Hope every thing works out well for her.



      growing up in a city, most people just instinctively pick up on when there’s a problem.

  11. These “yoots” should thank their lucky stars that she isn’t a better shot. Hopefully, they will learn the errors of their ways and get themselves right. If not, the next time, they may not be so lucky. At least, one of the yoots gets a souvenir bullet to reflect on his stupidity.

  12. They should charge her with 2 Counts of Attempted Murder, 2 Counts of Aggravated Felonious Assault with a Deadly Weapon, Weapons Under Disability, Improper Handling of a Firearm in a Motor Vehicle, discharging a firearm within city limits, reckless endangerment, inducing panic, and disorderly conduct. Then we should have all the Lame Stream Media disparage her and her actions, by saying she provoked the attackers for being a black armed female and not just handing over he cellphone and car keys. Let that continue for over a year with every leftist asshole on the face of the planet commenting on how she is a Black Panther Supporter, a Domestic Terrorist and a BLM member. Only after all that then put her on trial and live stream it all over the world….sound familiar…Free Kyle Rittenhouse

    • All the while–MSM commenters making claims about, “Can you imagine if this was a White Woman? This is clearly about Black Privilege (Rage?) on display.” I don’t know how some of these news types get away with this sh!te…other than I guess pontificating? They’re merely expressing their, like, opinion, Man. SMH

  13. Good enough shooting. 😉
    I do recommend she get some training and practice, but the bottom line is this lady saved her own life, and kept her belongings.

  14. “The un-named woman says she feared for her life…” Sounds like she was trained well. Welcome to our team lady.

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