Courtesy Springfield Armory
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Have you seen a new pistol announced recently that isn’t optics-ready? Not likely. Pistol red dots are the current hotness these days and Springfield Armory is adding optics readiness to their popular XD-M Elite 3.8″ carry pistol (including one with their HEX Dragonfly red dot pre-installed).

Here’s their press release . . .

Springfield Armory is proud to announce the newest addition to the popular XD-M Elite series — the XD-M Elite 3.8″ Compact OSP™. This EDC-ready 9mm, like all the XD-M Elites, redefines what you should expect from modern, striker-fired firearms.

Courtesy Springfield Armory

The XD-M Elite 3.8″ Compact OSP is designed for concealed carry, combining impressive capacity and performance with concealable dimensions for ease of carry. The 3.8″ match grade Melonite finished barrel maximizes ballistic performance while remaining compact for concealability, and the compact grip frame houses a double-column stainless steel magazine that provides 14+1 capacity in the two included magazines.

As an Optical Sight Pistol (OSP), the new XD-M Elite 3.8″ Compact OSP features a removable seamless cover plate that reveals a mounting location for the optic of your choice, such as the new HEX™ Dragonfly™ or HEX Wasp™.

To facilitate quick reloads, the XD-M Elite 3.8″ Compact OSP also features a removable extended and flared “short” magwell. An additional benefit of the removable magwell is that you can quickly convert the pistol from a compact to a full-size frame with a 19+1 capacity. This is accomplished by simply removing the magwell and employing optional full-size XD-M magazines with compatible magazine sleeves.

At the heart of the pistol is the Match Enhanced Trigger Assembly (META) system, a superbly refined trigger designed to wring out the most from the pistol’s most important interface with the shooter. Featuring a flat face and integral overtravel stop, the META™ system delivers the finest trigger pull available on a production polymer-framed pistol.

Courtesy Springfield Armory

The XD-M® Elite 3.8″ Compact OSP includes an ambidextrous slide stop and magazine release, ensuring that it can be run easily by either hand. Additionally, improved slide serrations with enlarged grasping grooves provide enhanced ergonomics and slip-free purchase. Topping off its forged steel slide is Springfield Armory’s excellent Tactical Rack U-Dot™ rear sight. It features a u-shaped white outline and works in concert with the high-visibility fiber optic front sight.

In addition to being offered as a standalone pistol with an MSRP of $633, the XD-M Elite 3.8″ Compact OSP is also being packaged with the HEX Dragonfly for an MSRP of $818.

“This newest addition to the XD-M Elite line of pistols gives shooters and concealed carry users a great option for a red dot-ready EDC pistol,” says Steve Kramer, Vice President of Marketing for Springfield Armory. “Features like its optics capability, fully ambidextrous controls and a funneled, removable magwell make the XD-M® Elite 3.8″ Compact OSP a must-have for CCW.”

If you need a capable and powerful 9mm pistol that combines ultra-refined performance with concealable dimensions, then look no further than the new XD-M Elite 3.8″ Compact OSP.

XD-M® Elite 3.8″ Compact OSP™ 9mm| XDME9389CBHCOSP

XD-M® Elite 3.8″ Compact OSP™ 9mm w/ HEX™ Dragonfly™| XDME9389CBHCOSPD

To see the XD-M Elite 3.8″ Compact OSP, visit https://www.spr-ar.com/r/4646.

To see the XD-M Elite 3.8″ Compact OSP with HEX Dragonfly, visit https://www.spr-ar.com/r/4647.

To see the entire XD-M Elite line, visit https://www.spr-ar.com/r/4648



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  1. Could someone with experience in concealed-carrying a red dot equipped pistol, chime in on how it compares to a pistol with iron sights?

    • Adding a red dot really doesn’t change the size much. I’ve been appendix inside the waistband carrying a glock 43 with a shield rmsc and a glock 19 with a trijicon rmr(depending on the season and my clothing) for a few years now. Whether you want to spend the cash and take the time to train with the red dot is the question.

    • I’ve pocket carried a G26 for years. I recently added a Leupold DeltaPoint Micro to it.

      No real difference on how it feels carrying. It’s nominally slower to draw from the pocket, but if you need to be Quick Draw McGraw you don’t pocket carry in the first place. For most the vast majority of self defense situations (point and shoot at bad breath distance), it’s irrelevant, but especially for old eyes it certainly helps if you have to take an aimed shot (e.g., returning fire from behind cover), a moving shot (i.e., shooting while moving to cover), or in low light situations.

    • Sharp eyes Dude. Didn’t notice that until you mentioned it…that’s a big “No Go” for many people.

      • Wanna bet?

        Springfield, need say no more.

        Never forget. Never forgive. Never buy anything Springfield unless/until it is under new ownership and management.

    • Why no co-witness? Because it’s not a rifle. You zero your red dot separately on a handgun.

      • I thought the point of being able to view your irons through the red dot was just in case your dot went out while you were involved in a situation. That’s something I would want.

      • Somebody doesn’t understand the importance of seeing your iron sights through a red dot, but felt the need to criticize the question…

        By the way, I zero a red dot and irons separately on a rifle, too. Tell me I’m wrong for doing that.

  2. It’s not like we need new gunms when what we really need is more ammo.

    Hello gunm manufacturer’s, No more gunms until we got bullets. The power of boycott.

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