Springfield SAINT ar-15 rifle
Courtesy Springfield Armory
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Press release:

GENESEO, ILL. (11/15/18) –  Springfield Armory’s brand new SAINT Edge Pistol combines the most popular features of the most premium SAINT in the lineup with the compact shootability of a pistol platform.

With the same features that make the SAINT Edge a premium rifle, the SAINT Edge Pistol in 5.56 allows for maximum portability and ease of use in close quarters. The lightweight billet-machined lower receiver compliments the patent-pending full-length free float handguard, and the 10.3” lightweight 1:8 twist CMV barrel creates a comfortable, quick-handling and versatile platform. The rugged Maxim Defense CQB adjustable pistol brace reduces size, stabilizes recoil, and enhances accuracy in one or two-handed operation. 

The lower receiver is machined, rather than forged, from aircraft grade 7075 T6 billet aluminum, and features Springfield Armory’s proprietary adjustable Accu-Tite™ tension system, designed to eliminate movement between the upper and lower receivers. A crisp SA match short reset trigger system provides the feel of a competition trigger in a tactical platform. The flat-top upper receiver is Type lll hard-coat anodized 7075 T6 aluminum, with a forward assist and M4 feed ramps for reliable cycling. The enhanced M16 bolt carrier group is finished with super-hard Melonite® and carries a premium 9310 HPT/MPI steel bolt, superior to Mil-Spec. The charging handle is Springfield Armory’s exclusive mid-size design for enhanced operation. 

The patent-pending slim free-float aluminum handguard is M-Lok compatible to give you an almost unlimited choice of accessories, with multiple mounting points for slings, lights and other equipment. An aluminum forward hand stop is included to keep your support hand clear of the muzzle. Under the handguard, a carbine-length, multi/mode adjustable gas block allows for tuning to specific ammo or suppressor use, and is pinned to the barrel for reliable operation, eliminating the concern of the block coming out of alignment. Unlike other “optics ready” pistols that are unusable out of the box, the Edge Pistol comes complete with front and rear spring loaded flip-up sights, allowing you to take this SAINT immediately to the range. The ½ MOA windage adjustable dual aperture rear sight, and ½ MOA elevation-adjustable front sight can be folded down or used to co-witness with optics.

The compact SAINT Edge Pistol is the perfect companion for personal defense. At just 24.6” with the brace collapsed, and weighing only 5 lbs, 11.5 ounces, the newest SAINT pistol from Springfield Armory delivers a lot of power in a small package.

Available in the following configurations:


SAINT Edge Pistol

MSRP $1,559

SAINT Edge Pistol:


About Springfield Armory®

Founded in 1974, Springfield Armory Inc. is located in Geneseo, Illinois. Its iconic brand remains unmatched in quality, precision engineering, manufacturing and unparalleled customer service in the firearms industry. The USA facility in Geneseo engineers, manufactures and assembles the legendary M1A™, 1911 and SAINT® AR-15 line of firearms. Since 2001, Springfield Armory has enjoyed a strategic, collaborative partnership with the state-of the-art factory in Croatia working hand in hand in the development and engineering of the multiple award-winning line of XD® polymer pistols that have become staples in the US marketplace. For over 40 years Springfield Armory has been committed to providing customers with trusted and reliable defensive products and a time-honored dedication to customer service excellence. 

For more information, please visit www.springfield-armory.com

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  1. Let’s hope this one is made a little better than the original. But then again you’re talking about Springfield Armory LOL.

      • Let’s see, late to the party, over priced, over dressed, and from a company that still needs to be reminded of its 2A transgressions. Come back in a few years with something interesting and then I’ll listen.

  2. “M-Lok compatible to give you an almost unlimited choice of accessories”

    Yeah, assuming you’ve put on a Picatinny rail adapter. What is the point of M-Lok or Keymod when there are so few native mounts?

  3. I read a lot on this site about how the NFA and various gun control measures are infringing on our rights but look at the posts so far today. An SBR for the people(regardless of company) SBS without the stamp, and an “inconclusive” finding for bump stock legality. Just gotta take a step back sometimes…

  4. I’ve always been curious about 5.56 stuff with short barrels….but every one I’ve ever shot had a gi-normous fireball I didn’t care for. So far.

  5. “Consumers announce lack of interest in the fortunes of Springfield Armory.

    Everywhere, U.S. – The nation’s gun-buying population reacted with a yawn to the latest attempt to fix the trashed reputation of Springfield Armory, a former firearms manufacturer. Exhibiting new features like utter disdain for the fortunes of said company, as well as wondering what makes a standard quality AR pistol worth $1,500, consumers are underwhelmed.

    A local enthusiast, when asked about the latest transparent attempt to make the public forget about their corrupt history, responded with ‘They’re still around? Huh.’

    Ben Arnold, Springfield’s Chief Marketing Officer is quoted as saying ‘This new overpriced attempt to join the bandwagon of AR pattern forearms is the perfect way we’ve found to Defend Our Legacy. Or, rather, what legacy we have left. Please buy our guns.’

    • Just because you call it standard quality doesn’t make it true. It has a machined lower with lightening cuts. It has an adjustable gas block. It has a 9310 steel BCG and upgraded trigger and Bravo company grip. It also has a forward hand stop and comes ready to shoot with iron flip up sights. It has an upgraded charging handle. It also uses Maxim pistol grip and buffer components. Not cheap stuff.

  6. Eh.

    Even leaving aside all the SA baggage, I just can’t get excited. Don’t hate it, but don’t really want one, either. For that kind of money, I’d rather have a really nice Henry Big Boy and some snappy cowboy duds to go with it.

  7. I have the Saint .300 BLK pistol. Taking a close look at features between the both at the Springfield site, for damn near twice the money I paid for the Saint 300 BLK, which was 859 + the Gov, I wouldn’t be gaining much, surly not worth another seven bills. What’s the extra scratch get you? A little different trigger, (both the .300 pistol and Edge SBR have S.A. in house manufactured triggers) pop up sights and the Maxim Defense CQB, Adjustable stock.
    The biggest thing I see that would account for that significantly higher price is that the Edge comes with the Maxim Defense CQB, Adjustable stock. I took the SB Tactical SBX-K off mine and mounted the SB Tactical SBA3. That gave it an overall extended length of 27.5″ and a collapsed length of 24 15/16th


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