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By Rachel Malone

Did you hear about the man who, it’s reported, was shot and killed when he refused to give up his guns? That incident happened right here in the United States earlier this week.

It’s a result of a new “red flag” gun confiscation law. And it represents the kind of danger we face when we lose fights in state legislatures and the gun-grabbers pass bad bills.

A lot of us have “Come And Take It” stickers and “Don’t Tread On Me” flags. We wear the shirts and hats — but do you ever think about what it means? Do you ever think about what it actually looks like when the government comes for your guns?

It may not be the mass gun confiscation you’ve imagined. It might be a gradual erosion of rights — starting with red flag laws and a few scattered gun confiscations. Exactly what we’re seeing right now.

Voting for pro-gun candidates is a great start to preserving our freedoms, but the chance to speak at the ballot box is over for this cycle.

So I’m challenging you — yes, you sitting there with your Gadsden Flag bumper stickers and “Shall Not Be Infringed” hats, posting tacticool memes on social media and sporting that swell Grunt Style t-shirt while you practice your “MERICA” yell in the mirror . . .

Here’s my challenge: show up at your state capitol this spring. Speak out. Participate in the hearing process if your legislature allows it. (Pro tip: go for business casual, not the Grunt Style — as cool as they are.)

And right now, ask for a meeting with your state legislators (and keep asking until they say yes). Talk to them about guns and what you believe. Make sure they know you’re watching.

Here are some talking points if you’re not sure where to start. Here’s a great search engine you can use to see who your reps are and how to get ahold of them.

Gun control will be on the agenda in many states this spring. Legislators will consider “red flag” gun confiscation in even more states. These bills will pass if nobody stops them. And that’s a path to more law enforcement showing up at more doors to take more guns.

You don’t want that. What are you going to do about it?

Will you show up at your state capitol to defend your right to keep and bear arms? Will you commit to being a voice calling for liberty while there’s still time?

Or will you wait until the laws have passed, your rights have been trampled, your freedoms infringed, the cops are at the door asking for your guns . . . .  and all that’s left is a decision between a “Come And Take It” defense that puts your very life at stake — or a white flag of surrender that complies with the law while violating your liberty?

Don’t wait for that.

Show up now.

Rachel Malone is Texas Director for Gun Owners of America, the no-compromise grassroots gun lobby. She invites you to CLICK HERE to receive alerts so you know when to show up for gun rights.

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  1. No, I don’t wear those hats and shirts and don’t have any of those bumper stickers on my vehicles. I don’t want to advertise to the criminals out there that I may be armed. I want it to be a total surprise to them.

    • From my experience, the guys walking around with all the shirts and pro-gun clothing aren’t carrying anything, even a pocket knife. I see 10-15 a day at my job and not one of them is carrying anything at all. Occasionally there’s one guy open carrying. It’s generally the guys I don’t pay any attention to that armed.

      I wear some sort of pro-gun hat or shirt on my off days. I’m always armed, every single hour of every day, no matter where or why. It’s pretty easy.

      • Yup, I agree. I don’t ever leave my house without at least one firearm. From the time I wake up til the time I hit the sack, I’m armed. I’ve been CCW for 47 years. Used to carry the big heavy guns like my Sig 220, 226 and 1911’s. Got to be too much weight for my old body. Now it is my S&W M&P Shield 9mm.

        Back in the 70’s, my department would only allow us to carry a 38 Special as our primary duty weapon, but usually has a semi auto as a back up. Off duty we could carry most anything we wanted. For me that was usually a semi auto,

        • Bigger uphill battle than you think. I know plenty of pro gun pro 2A folks who are in favor of the Red Flag laws. And I’m leaning that way myself. I have some extended family that married into crazy. Thankfully nothing has happened, but the way the current laws are written my cousin’s dirtbag husband will have just about kill her before 1) she moves out, and 2) the cops give a rip.

          And nearby a local grocery store checker we all loved was beat up and shot by her boyfriend. Everyone knew it would happen. Even where it would happen. And it did. But no amount of effort prior to the murder would stick. The guy was made of teflon according to the cops. But a red flag law may have saved her. The guy should never have been able to own a gun, but he did. And lots of them. I’d rather him in a shootout with trained SWAT trying to take his guns then pulling over on the side of a dirt road and shooting an innocent 23 year old woman in the face.

        • I have no problem with red flag laws, as long as the complainant testifies before a real judge in a real court. If he/she can convince the judge there is a valid reason to seize their weapons and the person who got the weapons taken is given the chance to give his/her side to the same judge who issued the order, than so be it. If there is no due process involved, forget it.

        • So, you think a new law will put brains into the head of someone who won’t leave an an abusive relationship. You’re a special kind of stupid.

        • Second comment that makes no sense to me. Either you misunderstood what I said, or I said something different than what I intended. And it was earlier today prior to my first drink.

        • Wow dude. Wake up and smell the 21st century.

          Why is it always the victim’s fault. I guess if your attitude is mainstream, the I am now firmly in the camp of supporting the creation and enforcement of Red Flag Laws.

          So yes, to answer your first question.

        • “I’m pro-2A but I’d sacrifice the due process rights of everyone else in America to save a few people I know from their own poor choices”

          It’s not the victim’s fault that it happens, obviously. It is their fault that they remain in a situation where it’s possible/likely, and that’s their choice to make at the end of the day.

        • John Deere, here’s your statement “And nearby a local grocery store checker we all loved was beat up and shot by her boyfriend. Everyone knew it would happen. Even where it would happen. And it did. But no amount of effort prior to the murder would stick.” So apparently everyone knew it would happen except the person who ended up dead and she was still with this guy because? Oh, I know, she was going to change him from being a piece of shit into a loving, caring sweetheart. Alrighty then.

        • @John Deere “I have some extended family that married into crazy.” And that crazy files a red flag against you or yours and has their guns removed a zero dark thirty in the morning.
          And the “nearby local grocery store checker we all loved” didn’t have a gun did she. “Everyone knew it would happen” and yet nobody did anything. That’s the problem. Red Flags don’t fix it. Red Flags just make YOU “feel” good. A Red Flag placed on me by my crazy ex wouldn’t slow me down. The authorities have to find all the guns. As to how I learned, we went through this during the divorce.
          I am gonna say you are probably just a libtard troll and all you care about is the feelz. Not actually doing anything.

        • So let’s say the grocery store clerk or anyone who knew her uses the red flag law to get rid of the chump’s guns. Obviously all danger to her life is now removed……. Cause guns are the only way to kill someone……hm.

      • I occasionally wear Grunt Style shirts AND I carry every day. Having been an actual “grunt” and having spent most of my adult life in the military, I don’t give a damn that someone calls into question my commitment to the Pro-2A cause. My oath to “support and defend the Constitution of the United States” is as strong now as it was the day I first spoke those words.

        The fight is not being fought at the capitol or elected official’s offices. The fight is being fought and won by the anti-gun groups in the reshaping of culture. If it can be done with cigarettes, it can be done with guns. The Constitution means nothing to the new generation.

        • “The Constitution means nothing to the new generation.”

          This is true and this is the problem. It’s not only the most recent generation though, seems to go back at least a few generations..

      • If he’s gonna ambush me, it won’t be because he suspects I have a firearm. And hopefully his actions will transmit his intentions. I do practice good situational awareness. But you never know.

        • He ambushes you exactly because he doesn’t think you are armed. If he did know, he would a) pick someone less dangerous, or b) skip the ambushing for the day.
          But you will give him big surprise with your hidden weapon – right after you get over your own shock from his immediate threat and get it out from covering garment. While he patiently waits of course.

    • Life member of the NRA; member of several other politically active 2A organizations, member of a gun club, member of a black powder group, member of a state group supporting 2gun and 3gun competition. All of them have nifty stickers, patches, posters, and signs. None of those nifty stickers, patches, posters, or signs appear anywhere on my car, house, clothes or gear.

      Why? I don’t advertise to takers. I don’t point out to thieves where to find guns. I don’t invite arguments from idiot liberals. I do not give law enforcement any reason to be nervous.

      I have no problem discussing firearms or 2A with anyone who is interested. I do repeatedly, and often, express my opinion of legislation (or the lack thereof) to my state and national representatives and Senators. I support, openly and actively, candidates for office who support 2A.

      But if anyone asks, I am terribly sorry but all of my guns apparently fell out of my pickup as I was going over a bridge and I lost them in the river.

  2. I do all that and it does no good. I’ve years worth of condescending correspondence from anti 2nd politicians from three different states and a stack of “look at me protesting” pictures to show for it. The trouble is that even for many gun owners it just isn’t an important enough issue to inform their behavior. Old timers would rather focus on funneling wealth from the young up to themselves. The young would rather focus on anyone promising to relieve their debt. Who needs rights when you can get “free” shit?

    I am very literally a single issue voter so it’s doubly frustrating for me to watch so many people cast me aside as a null factor. I’m not malleable enough to be worth manipulating so they don’t care about what I have to say.

    NH Dems have already said they’re going after Constitutional carry. It’s going to be a shitty couple of years for NH gun owners.

    • “NH Dems have already said they’re going after Constitutional carry. It’s going to be a shitty couple of years for NH gun owners.”

      Totally. I’m not looking forward to this shit either. And I moved to NH for firearms freedom. 8~(

      • I moved to Maine 10 years ago to get away from all the BS in Massachusetts. And now in one fell swoop Maine turned solid Blue. All of it directly tied to out of state money. I’m done. No more voting. No more campaign contributions. No more money for the NRA or any gun rights group that tries to change the system through legislation. All my efforts go to supporting change outside of the political process.

        • Some of the Massholes move to Maine to get away from Massholes, like you did.

          Most of them move to Maine to get away from crime. Then they vote Democrat, because that’s what everybody does back home in Boston. And they’re shocked when they find out that many of the superior government policies that foster crime in Boston don’t yet exist in Maine, so they have to fix that.

    • And what ‘major problem’ have they had with constitutional carry so far?
      I swear, anti-gunners just anti-gun for the s–ts and giggles of it, and they dont need much of a reason at all.

  3. My question is, are the gun owners who live in the San Diego California area showing up to oppose the restrictions being proposed by the county council there?

    They just had a second reading of the new law a week ago. I have not seen any protesters for gun rights in the news about this important civil rights issue.

    • “And how we burned in the camps later, thinking: What would things have been like if every Security operative, when he went out at night to make an arrest, had been uncertain whether he would return alive and had to say good-bye to his family? Or if, during periods of mass arrests, as for example in Leningrad, when they arrested a quarter of the entire city, people had not simply sat there in their lairs, paling with terror at every bang of the downstairs door and at every step on the staircase, but had understood they had nothing left to lose and had boldly set up in the downstairs hall an ambush of half a dozen people with axes, hammers, pokers, or whatever else was at hand?… The Organs would very quickly have suffered a shortage of officers and transport and, notwithstanding all of Stalin’s thirst, the cursed machine would have ground to a halt! If…if…We didn’t love freedom enough. And even more – we had no awareness of the real situation…. We purely and simply deserved everything that happened afterward.”

      ― Aleksandr I. Solzhenitsyn , The Gulag Archipelago 1918-1956

      • Those are very powerful words, and probably the real reason the top gun grabbers like Bloomberg are trying to grab honest people’s weapons.

      • Thanks for sharing this. I have not heard of this quote but it’s something I have also believed. Most gun owners or even non-gun owners don’t understand the rights that they have and the responsibilities. And they very easily are letting them be taken away and then it’s too late.

        Many people ask us why we won’t give up our guns or why we won’t compromise. I think it’s because those of us know history and we understand. And the others are just ignorant of History. And I think some of them are ignorant on purpose.

      • Thanks for the reminder, I need to go dig my copy out and reread it.

        It isn’t quite to the point where we will need to move on from the first three boxes to the last one. We may yet turn the ship before we smash onto the rocks.

  4. You challenge me?
    That’s a turn off. Come up with a new jingle. But don’t be condescending.
    I speak to and write my legislators.
    I don’t advertise my political thoughts on my sleave with Gadsden hats, but I don’t look down at those that do like you did calling them “tacticool”.

  5. I don’t advertise I have guns. No stickers,flags,shirts or anything gun related. There probably isn’t a damn thing I can do in Illinois to “save” my right’s except move…which could happen. I’m not sure what I’d do if the gubmint came to my door. I have a few friend’s who would take some gestapo to he!!

    • …ditto.

      There was not a damn thing I could do to save any of my rights in California, so I *did* move. Northern Idaho is now home. Here, there may be a chance of doing something to help stave off any infringements lurking about.

  6. It doesn’t matter who you vote for in Florida. If the liberals loose , they find a way to change the results. I’m sure it happens elsewhere too.

  7. Appeals to reason do nothing when pitted against people that work solely on emotion and vote based on their campaign donations.

    The culture war is the only war worth fighting. Memes are far more effective in that regard then contacting your legislature and protesting on the steps will ever be.

  8. Isn’t really shitty how the Libitards will do anything to get back into power.
    Yet another black mark on all of Florida. And I have the dishonor to live in the Libitard source of the latest bullshit. The North Easterns paradise. A once nice rural area ruined by gated communities and golf course. I wouldn’t mind if this place got carpet bombed. Even if Im still here at the time.
    Its really shameful.

  9. I am as politically active as my job will allow.
    I write and attend and donate. I have a “guns and coffee” patch that I wear. I’m not taticool, not for lack of desire, just lack of funds.

    Here in WA, 1639 just passed by majority vote, the “will of the people”. Nothing I did mattered to stop it, more people voted for it then not 60/40. All of the local activists (there were a lot) couldn’t stop it.

    My rights are being restricted, because more people then not, thinks it’s a good idea. And that scares the shit out of me.

    This action was violated initiative rules, but was still on the ballot.
    Will the courts step in? Declare it unconstitutional? I have doubts. Why would a matter clearly in constitutional territory, need to be saved at the eleventh hour? That it even gets to that points says something about our republic.

    It saddens me that the majority of this state doesn’t care enough for freedom. That my “neighbors” will sell me out in the name of safety.

  10. “while you practice your “MERICA” yell in the mirror . . .”, you say? Well the joke’s on you, sweetheart. I scream “Wolverines!” into the mirror.

    • In the mirror I practice a beady eyed peer out my bunker, and with my best pirate scowl I growl, “Come and take it, Nutter Butters!”

  11. Looking forward to working with you in Austin next session to preserve and extend our 2A rights. How much will the legicritters listen? Well, that’s anyone’s guess but you have to show up and speak up to find out.

  12. Either start refreshing the tree of liberty through the ballot box or the cartridge box or shut up. The soap box is not working.

      • The ages old adage that epitomized western civilization, “I don’t agree with a word you say, but ill defend to the death your right to say it” (erroneously attributed to voltaire) is no longer in play. Its defunct.

        One half of the population wants to go scorched earth on the other half. This never turns out good.

        We have a left america right now that supports potentially going to war with a nuclear power over an alleged election meddling (russia), supports the national security surveillance state (no seriously. a vox writer wrote a article supporting the deep state, i kid you not), and will have no compunction putting gun owners in rape cages or taking their guns with force. Anybody remember the signs of the parkland protests? they aren’t f–king around.

        The irony of the failure of the war on drugs and prohibition is lost on them, as they become the new ‘moral’ majority with ‘social justice’, identity politics, and a religious fundamentalist-like reverence for goodspeak. I actually see a lot of similarities with them and the 18th century puritans. And corporate america, who many libertarians and conservatives have been excusing for decades, *IS FUNDING AND ENDORSING THEM*. Think about that.

        Ill leave the rest to your imagination what will happen next, if history is any indicator.

  13. I’m at the age that I would fight back if they show up at my door.
    Also having Parkinson’s now, I know that if I were to die defending my god given rights, I would be ok with going out in a hail of bullets. But rest assured I will take out as many of the gun grabbers I could before I succumb to the bastards.

    Locked, loaded and ready.

    • They aren’t going to go door to door. First they’ll withhold income tax returns. If you have an electrician or plumber’s license it will get tougher to get renewed. Want to keep your driver’s license? You WILL have to comply. Building permits. Ahhhh it appears you have some gun issues you’ll have to clear up first. Social Security Checks held up? We can help you fix that. Liquor sales permit? Definitely a problem there. Lost your job because you have to have a security clearance? We’re sorry sir, your credit card has a hold on it. Yeah, it’s gonna be tough once we let it go to far.

  14. “Go out and protest and hang out at the government buildings”

    Sure. Just as soon as I can afford to retire and spend all day doing that bullshit. Nobody pays me to stand around and protest, sorry.

  15. It’s not about what you will do when they come to YOUR door. It’s about what you’ll do when they come to your NEIGHBOR’S door, or better yet, your fellow citizen’s door no matter where they live.

    • That’s the real kicker isn’t it. If people were serious enough to fight for their neighbors rights then we’d have something. There are likely a lot of people who on a minutes notice that would literally fight for theirs. I think a lot would hesitate to throw it all on the table for the guy across the street.

  16. From the look of you, Rachel, I have been waging this war at least 25 years longer than you. I have put in thousands of hours of unpaid effort and thousands of dollars of my money rather than being paid to insult others from my keyboard. I was a life member of your organization before you knew what a gun was. FO Rachel.

  17. No shirts, no hats no vehicle. And walking 90 miles to my State Capitol would be problematic. Years ago during my miscreant years my place was raided by the fuzz, they really fogged me, door kicked in and tore the house apart looking for something that wasn’t their. It was quite a seen, they left and there I stood with flour on the floor, busted cabinet doors, shit scattered everywhere and a busted front door. That Warren covered their ass on my legal repercussions. I can tell you this, it happens fast. …. Yes we need to come to the aid of our neighbors if this gun grab starts, together we stand divided we fall and in this modern media, text Twitter, Facebook we are losing our togetherness

    • Your story is a reminder that it’s not going to happen when we expect it, and no friendly knock on the door. When they figure they have enough ‘political will,’ and enough support of the unthinking masses, they’ll go door to door, one at a time. If there’s violent resistance, and enough of it to make them back off, it may change the tactics.

      I always have a gun on me, sometimes two. Always guns at home out of sight of the few visitors I have, loaded and ready. If / when the confiscations ramp up, we’ll have no notice. With the communists pretty blatantly on the move to steal elections in Florida, Arizona, and who knows where else — nothing happens to them — they’re more and more out in the open about discarding the Constitution altogether, and going full out communist.

      • I don’t believe there will ever be mass gun confiscations. The government does not have the manpower to go door to door in every city, town and rural areas. If they tried, there would ample time for the gun owners to prepare and hide most of their weapons of premises, and in some cases even on premises. I also believe a lot of local and state officials would refuse to cooperate, I know my county sheriff would refuse.

      • I would be happy to discuss the finer points of what happens when it’s a ,” you go out in a shoot out” . A one against many is just a nut job fanatic whom got took out. Then there is Ruby Ridge, Waco as examples. Yes the Law Enforcement/ Government would change tactics, not for the resitors benefit. Personally I believe an armed resistance is futile unless backed by the population. Many in America would rather lose their “Freedum” as some liberals are now spelling it, then their new vehicle, house or laptop

        • Ruby Ridge and Waco were the beginning of and education for the population that trusted the government. People who already did not trust the government did not need that education.

          Bundy Ranch has proven that many people are now educated about the capabilities of an evil government. And the nation saw how that education played out. The government was stopped. And after the trial was held in court the Bundys were all found not guilty.

          And no shots were fired. The Second Amendment did its job. Thanks to the Founders.

        • I think it’s also telling how the Feds handled the Bundy situation. They opted not to go in with overwhelming force and kill everyone, something they didn’t care to restrain themselves from in previous, similar events. Something tells me they might be more cognizant of how another slaughter would have gone over with a population that is trusting the government less and less. The Bundy’s being acquitted and some charges being dismissed by that Obama appointed judge was especially damaging to the Fed’s reputation. That same judge excoriating the Feds made it even worse.

        • I think the FBI realizes that the ‘you got one Waco for free, the next one won’t be’ crowd is in the minority, but still a big enough crowd to outnumber the FBI agents.

          And when that New Mexico militia leader told them (when asked if he’d travel to the scene of another Waco to fight alongside the victims) “why would I do that? There’s plenty of you SOBs right here in New Mexico”, it got their attention.

          In short, the FBI hasn’t done anything quite as stupid as Ruby Ridge or Waco in the last twenty five years because they know it would result in dead FBI agents across the country.

      • All they have to do is pass the same provisions for surveillance with guns, like they already do with drugs.

        They have access to every text, facebook messages and pics, phone calls, fun trips to the range, etc in some form or the other, already collected. Its gathering the legal gumption to pull the trigger, sort of speak.

        And I hope most people will realize that law enforcement aren’t your friends. They go with the flow, even if that flow is inhumane, illegal, and unconstitutional. Christ, throughout history, law enforcement entities were complicit in genocide, at their worst. American law enforcement and our court system has been involved in a systematic effort against the working class and minorities for decades now, using the war on drugs and asset forfeiture to enrich themselves, and destroy the lives of many.

        You want to split up working class whites and other races, keeping them out of the voting boots and keep them dependent? just bust a couple tens of thousands for ‘illegal’ guns. Its the same old song and dance they routinely do to black americans.

  18. Red flag laws have one major purpose: they will allow angry, pissed-off, morally outraged people to sic the po-po on the people they don’t like. Forget about “protecting the public” from mentally ill people. If you own a gun and support gun rights then, in the minds of the gun-control supporters who are advancing red-flag laws, you ALREADY ARE mental ill.

    • Yes. And would confiscating guns from a ‘mentally deranged person’ — to be determined by authorities who don’t want us to have guns — save lives here and there? Of course. Who can argue with that? But if we use ‘save lives’ as the basis, then a heavily armed population saves lives — en masse throughout history.

      Are lives lost because crazies have guns? Of course. Lives are lost because thugs have guns. And lives are saved — our own, to start with — because good guys have guns.

      You cannot eliminate the negatives, the lives lost, because people have guns. There is no way to have ‘only good, mentally stable’ people own guns … lol … because ‘someone’ would have to make that determination. And we know what the determination would be. As you said, the communists will disallow any but their own to have guns.

      Anyone who thinks it’s possible to make the determination, and actually trusts government to do it, is kidding himself or herself. But it sounds good — ‘but this person would not have been killed!’

      Red flag laws are another infringement that leads to more, and more, and more.

      • If we give them one inch ! You all know how that ends. It will be a sad day for our country If the corrupt political machine , the unconstitutional takers of our rights , start knocking down our doors. Fight for our right’s , or loose what is left of our 2nd Amendment.

    • Yup, red flag laws that take a persons firearms without complete due process and originating from a court with a real judge, are a non starter for me.

    • “Red flag laws have one major purpose: they will allow angry, pissed-off, morally outraged people to sic the po-po on the people they don’t like.”

      Truer words were never spoken!

  19. G, I wish we’d had a red flag law That would’ve affectively prevented the shooter in California from killing a dozen people. Whether that meant getting a veteran the care he needed for his mental health issues or making sure some old fart with dementia doesn’t go off and kill his neighbors. Just because laws against speeding aren’t 100Percent effective doesn’t mean we should have no laws against speeding.

    The qualifying preface to the second amendment requires regulation on gun rights, that’s just simple reading comprehension.

    • California does have an ERPO law. Theirs was one of the originals. Fat lot of good it did, huh?

      And hey, a speeding example. Because enforcement after an observed violation of a traffic law applied to a public roadway to limit someone’s “driving privilege” is directly and completely comparable to violating the Fourth Amendment protections of the United States Constitution based on hearsay.

      The fact that you think the 2A requires regulation shows just how “simple” your reading comprehension is (if “affectively” didn’t do that already). The first half gives context to why the amendment exists. Nothing more. It doesn’t stipulate that the right is reserved for militia service. It doesn’t give the government any mandate to “regulate” anything. Put into terms you might have a chance of understanding, it says “a free state needs to be able to have an effective militia, so the government isn’t allowed to infringe on the people’s right to keep and bear arms”. That’s it. The fact that Congress has since either found underhanded ways to get around that simple clause (the NFA is actually a tax law, not a gun law) or ignored it entirely without being effectively called out for it doesn’t change the fact that it is really actually just that simple.

    • Sorry to break this to you, but red flag laws are not there to stop crazies. They’re there to take guns from the politicaly unreliable. Almost every mass shooter of late has been “known to the authorities “ and left to skate because they had not yet generated the major news needed to further the cause of the Police State.
      And when the media gets done trashing you after they “pry the guns from your cold dead hands” with tails of meth labs and kiddie porn, your best friends will deny ever knowing you. You will never be a hero, you’ll be some “good riddance to bad rubbish” scumbag.
      Keeping a low profile is the only way to get along. If they come for your guns, give them everything they know about and get your day in court. Live to fight another day.

    • Reading comprehension is quite simple: Militia needs to be well regulated. (In good working order) Right of the People to keep and bear arms must not be infringed. Any and all “regulations” of our rights to own and carry weapons are infringements and therefore unconstitutional.

  20. Somehow I don’t picture people who work like slaves and bend over backwards to comply with heavy-handed gun laws and hair-brained court orders today, laying down their lives in defense liberty tomorrow.

    • You can only push a person so far. What has to happen now is that those people need to get the message that resistance is NOT futile.

  21. They are going to go slow and publicize confiscation in the hope it scares the rest of us into compliance. One guy had zero chance against a swat army, they don’t have the resources to clear out a city or town house to house.
    So their problem is how to get 350 million guns turned over in a relative amount of time. Even 1 percent is a logistical challenge and would be more than the Austraulia grab.
    We are going to lose several states in this fight and the residents who stay will be labeled criminals overnight. Whether they can disarm or jail the people remains to be seen. I don’t think the process would stand up to a SCOTUS challenge but they won’t care.
    The only question is do they have the will to go through it? If a neighborhood of several gun owners pushed back what next?

  22. “Give them Your Bullets First” From 2014, guess who is in this video????

    I will not comply, if the time comes. This is no different from a time in this country when the police were called by a white person who was afraid because they saw a black person with a gun. They asked, “please officer take that n*gger’s gun away, I’m uncomfortable.”

    Black people have always been “the canary in the coal mine”, when it comes to gun ownership in America.

    • Amen to this

      Even worse yet, some of the nation’s first gun control laws and ‘assault weapons’ bans were created with black americans in mind.

      So was the war on drugs, asset forfeiture, and 3 strikes laws come to think of it. Massive gun control laws will be no different. Black americans will receive the worst of it.*

      *and i hope people don’t believe in that bullshit about ‘the police will never go door to door’. Nonsense. They do it all the time in black and working class neighborhoods. They will ruin your life or kill you to save their own asses and secure their pension and paycheck.

      They have no compunction against putting working class whites, blacks, and hispanics, in rape cages for having a banned gun.

  23. “Here’s a great search engine”…Google?! No. is a “great search engine”, one that respects your privacy, not the one that sells your personal data and treats you as the product, not the customer. And it’s search results are comparable to the other guys, too.

  24. My T-Shirt is in the original Greek. When asked I don’t respond other than to tell people to look it up. Shoot, I’d think some of the frat boys and Soro chicks would know, but other than gun peeps- crickets.

  25. No gun stuff on my vehicle. I dont even own any firearms.

    And i definitely dont have one of them stupid blue lives matter flags on my vehicle. Those are a disgrace and a contradiction to liberty, and no gun owner should have one IMO. I’ve seen a gadsden flag and blue lives matter flag on the same bumper before, and i was half-tempted to slap some sense into the owner and kindly remind them police are not your friends, even in good times.

    • You are an idiot. Why don’t you come to me in my vehicle and try and “slap some sense” into me. You don’t own a gun, yet you slap down law enforcement? Great, next time you are a ‘victim’ and you need law enforcement, who ya gonna call, a dope dealer, a murderer? People (and I use that name loosely) like you make me sick You are a victim waiting to be victimized.

      • And there’s the real deal about the LEOs I know well- spit in their faces, call them pigs or buy the coffee and offer all the support you are able, they’ll still come running to save your sorry rear end if you call them. And then take all the criticism because they can’t be everywhere at once.

        • Absolutely. There are ‘bad apples’ in every barrel, including law enforcement. Unfortunately, too many people believe what they see in the lame stream press. The mass majority of officers is exactly as you describe, but you would never know it if your major source of ‘news’ comes from the lame stream.

      • The police aren’t your friends. They are also not obligated to protect you, being instruments of the state and most useful for the power structure to be used to the extent of their usefulness.

        This police worship in idiotic because they will be the ones throwing you in a rape cage for your MSRs or 30 round magazines. They routinely throw working class men in cages with false confessions, having certain drugs on them, and for not paying child support, so what makes you think they wont do the same for guns? We always hear about certain sheriffs and agencies ‘not complying’, but history has proven the opposite to be true.

        Go wave your blue lives matter flag elsewhere. Youre the one thats the idiot.

    • It’s likely the person driving that vehicle with the blue line and Gadsden stickers was himself a law enforcement officer. Cop hating is chic these days, but believe it or not, there are police out there who are liberty minded, who care about rights, and are in fact people of the gun themselves. Ok, a likely majority of police working in large, liberal cities are hostile to gun rights, but I know plenty working in other parts of the country who laugh at the notion of seizing guns from citizens. They won’t do it. Some might quit, many others would simply shrug and tell their superiors “We couldn’t find anything, sir”.

  26. With the Democrat Party now brazenly violating election laws, can we trust any future election? I doubt it. With rich socialists (yep, sounds odd to say) pushing billions into each election and their systematic takeover of all major means of communication to the people, can we trust that the low information voter has enough truthful data to make informed decisions when voting? Not really. The lefts attitude that the “ends justify the means”, with their use of Black Shirts (Antifa and similar groups) to use violence to silence and label anyone they disagree with, will we ever get a chance for a fair debate? Probably not. Is war inevitable? God, I hope not, but it is beginning to seem that way. I suspect we will be the generation that will be known for letting the longest running free country die. May God forgive us on judgement day, for I am not sure I can.

    • We can correct a lot of the election fraud problems with a simple solution. Simply pass strong voter ID laws. It should be done on the federal side and quickly while we still control the House. No it won’t fix everything. The folks also need to demand all the officials in the problem areas, Florida, Arizona and Tennessee, be investigated, charged and if convicted, imprisoned. No probation, Jail.

  27. I attended a suppressor shoot this weekend. Hundreds of people paid to shoot a few rounds through suppressed firearms, suppressor makers were trying to sell their wares, and suppressors were given away.

    I have rarely seen a bigger bunch of LOSERS in my life. Nothing but fat nerds who Molon all the Labe, wearing 2XL shirts with Punisher skulls on them. All of them just tacticool LARPers. Few of them could run 50 yards without collapsing.

    They were mostly suburban, white, married mortgage holders. When suppressors hit the Democrats’ radar, and they will, suppressors are going to be restricted and likely banned,with a surrender order. Plenty of people will comply, but plenty won’t. That is, until the government plays dirty.

    How many stories of some suburban guy being put into county or city jail in a cell with street criminals who hate suburban white guys and ending up beaten and raped will it take for these guys to cave? Not many at all.

    The only people who will resist are those with nothing to lose. Single guys in their 20s, divorced guys who hate life anyway, guys in terrible marriages,and old guys. But people with lives and families aren’t going to give that all up for suppressors.

    Now extrapolate that to MSRs and 30 round magazines. If those are made illegal and surrender/buy backs are ordered, how many people will give them up rather than end up in jail?


    98 percent, I wager.

    • How many New Yorkers turned in their MSR’s by the mandatory turn in date. Last I heard it was very, very few. And the dipshit governor admitted the state didn’t have the manpower or the funds to go after them. If the New Yorkers had the balls to defy an illegal law, my guess would be the rest of the country will follow suit.

    • The biggest laughable part is the BUY BACK IDEA. They are to stupid, to think logically about anything. I just spent $50,000 on a new car, they want to force people to sell it back for $20,000. I think I will keep it all, thank you. Same idea with guns. They have no clue how much money people have in them. Bottom line, I would never give anything back, and there would be a fight.

  28. The families that will endure are the families that do not have members who would call the goddammm cops on each other. You all have good, sold intact families right?

    Also did anyone else notice that it must have been the girl cop who failed to subdue the guy – forcing the male cop to shoot him?

  29. The answer will be to actually form militias. No not those camo wearing folks playing air soft or paintball in the woods but actual orgs that are a means of gathering like minded gun owners into political action committees above an beyond just a mail in donation.

    These could actually physically come to the aid of someone endangered by a vengeful or political attack on their rights.

    By organizing into groups of whatever size that actually have wkly or mnthly meetings will allow a physical presence that can be seen and heard by both the members and the politicians. They can also help form committees to look into what can be done and what can’t and who to back and who not to back.

    By organizing into a public group they can get the attention of politicians more readily and receive inside information and assistance.

    And that’s all besides having a support group to go to when problems arise or if the SHTF.

    It also will take wind out of the “a well regulated milita” gun grabbers arguing that only militas get guns. So okay let’s do that and make that argument empty.

    • This makes a lot of sense, and is doable, workable. Just takes some committed men. I’m north of Seattle. I’d be very interested to meet with like-minded patriots in this area.

    • It looks like a good idea. Good luck with implementation.

      My local Illinois State Rifle Association meetings usually draw around dozen old guys and two to three gals of certain age once a month to eat a dinner in restaurant for one hour. I’m always the youngest person present and I’m no spring chicken myself, pushing 50.


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