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You may recall TTAG’s two-star review of the ZiP gun. “The owner of USFA has promised me another ZiP to test very soon,” Jeremy S emailed. “They’ve made some production line upgrades and the new ones are supposed to run like tops. Apparently I’m supposed to receive ‘the first one off the line.’ I still have my doubts, plus they obviously aren’t addressing the fact that you have to stick your damn fingers in front of the muzzle to operate the bolt, but I intend to give it a fair shake.” Meanwhile, bravo to our man Michael for not saying anything about solutions looking for problems. To be fair, offers a carry solution for their not-so-bad boy: the $20 Zip belt clip. Which is nearly a tenth of the total cost of the pistol. An enigmatic choice for sure, but not one without a certain . . . charm.

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  1. It seemed obvious to me that you didn’t have to put your hand in front of the muzzle. You could just put your finger on the charging bolt while avoiding the muzzle

  2. Im sorry any gun you have to put your hand near or on top of the muzzle to load.
    I don’t want any part of.

  3. Saw one of those in my local gun stores, the thing it much bigger than I thought. Guess it doesn’t help that I also have really small hands. I can’t get a proper grip on a P226 or any Beretta.

  4. Call this a moped, fun to give it a ride just don’t let your friends see you with it. I have seen a few of these at gun stores, definitely not for me.

  5. This is a gun I envision someone bringing in to a pawn shop on a future TV show like ‘Pawn Stars’ where the person describes it as “unique, more than just a novelty & very collectible, thus making it sought-after & worth big bucks.” At which point, the guy behind the counter says something like, “Yeah, it’s unique, but they made a zillion of these things – they’re just not that rare, and from what I know about them, they also weren’t very reliable to go ‘bang’ with every pull of the trigger. I’ll give you $50 for it.”

  6. I’ll buy one for $100 if I see it just to have in the collection. Until it gets that cheap I’ll pass.

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