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You know that speech the President delivered from the Oval Office the other night? The one designed to reassure the American people that 1) he understands the threat posted by ISIS and Islamic fundamentalism, 2) he’s has a plan to deal with it and that it’s working, and 3) there’s nothing to worry about and oh, if you’re on the no-fly list, I’d like to revoke your Second Amendment rights? Well it apparently didn’t work. How do we know? Just ask the people in eastern Washington. “Spokane police had to stop accepting new concealed gun license applications for a brief period due to a recent spike in the number of people applying for permits.” Maybe if we ask really nicely we can get the Commander in Chief to give another speech.

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    • I’m sure the firearms industry would love to keep him around, just to roll him out once in a while to gin up sales. Much like the White House keeps Biden locked in the basement, only for him to “escape” and say something stupid so nobody notices the real problems with the administration.

    • Yeah, funny. Just some “reasonable steps” that are totally impossible for the government to perform when everyone wants their rights right now. Just like vetting immigrants, just like NFA stamp processing, just like VA medical treatments for vets, just like investigating NICS failures. Its impossible to do what they say, and by taking that power away from citizens, they make it impossible for the people to do it themselves. And its all according to their plans.

    • Not those of us that live in Eastern Washington. Unfortunately, we are overruled (or ruled) by King County.

      • Actually, no, Spokane did pass I-594 as well. The main problem is the short description of the initiatives on the ballet can be hugely misleading. People don’t actually read the full text of the initiatives or do deep dives on what it’ll actually do, they just read the headline on the ballot and vote. Last month, an endangered species protection initiative also passed in WA and it’s freaking horrible. But if you just read the headline OF COURSE you’d vote for it:

        Initiative Measure No. 1401 concerns trafficking of animal species threatened with extinction.
        This measure would make selling, purchasing, trading, or distributing certain animal species threatened with extinction, and products containing such species, a gross misdemeanor or class-C felony, with exemptions for certain types of transfers.

        Should this measure be enacted into law? Yes [ ] No [ ]

        But if you read the actual text of the initiative, you see how insane it is and you realize that all of the things it covers are already Federal felonies and this just adds those things to State law as well and then goes full you-know-what on crazy, further restrictions.

        • And it didn’t help that the competing (and actually sensible) I-591 was one of the most confusingly worded short sentences I have ever encountered.

        • This is why I’ve made it my policy to Just Vote No on initiatives, because they’re just a bad idea in general, for this very reason. It’s extremely easy to make them sound reasonable, and then stuff all sorts of extremely odious crap in the pages and pages of legislation that will actually be implemented. That’s exactly what happened with I-594. Here’s the ballot language:

          This measure would apply currently used criminal and public safety background checks by licensed dealers to all firearm sales and transfers, including gun show and online sales, with specific exceptions.
          Should this measure be enacted into law?

          Except that there were 18 pages of changes to state law, many of them having nothing to do with background checks. No mention of doubling the waiting period for handguns, no mention that it essentially outlaws plinking on private property with friends, that it could affect a lot of activities recreational shooters take for granted.

          I think a lot fewer ballot initiatives would pass if ballot questions were forced to do a list of bullet points listing the specific changes to the law, realistic analysis of likely consequences, and who would be affected and how if they were enacted. That would might force some people to think about what they’re implementing before they check “Yes”.

        • That’s correct. 594 did pass in Spokane County but failed most other places except in the Seattle area that has the most population. It wasn’t that big of a win. But Bloombag and Microshaft founder poured money into advertisements for 594 and that area had suffered some high profile shootings like the four police officers being gunned down at a coffee shop.

        • And actually, if King County had passed it by the overall state margin (60/40), it would have failed overall statewide. But KC, and especially Seattle, leans so far to the left it was something like 90/10, which is why it passed.

          Basically, Washington State ballot issues go like this: left-leaning Seattle/King County will get what it wants, unless there’s huge unity and turnout from the rest of the state. The population and political imbalance at this point is such that the rest of the state has no margin for error. Things are different in Olympia, because there are more small population rural counties than there are big population urban counties, so there’s some balance to be had there. That’s our best hope for getting the worst excesses of I-594 fixed, other than litigation.

        • This is why the only litmus test for a ballot you don’t know the details of is as follows: Does this expand government power/authority, and/or cost tax payer money?

      • As a fellow Eastern Washingtonian I know you passed I-594 because I yelled at you guys at my monitor when I saw the returns.

  1. I’m starting to think that this president is not only the best gun salesman in the history of firearms, but he may be the unintentional godfather of a widespread movement toward 2nd Amendment freedoms. After 8 years of this clown in office, if you still think you can trust the government to protect you, you’re just not right in the head.

      • He’s probably put Colts in the hands of more people than Samuel Colt. Amazingly it still didn’t keep the company out of bankruptcy!

    • In 2007 Barack Obama set several trusts under the names of family members. He then had those trusts buy significant amounts of Ruger and S&W stock. The next day, he announced his candidacy.
      In 2017, he’ll retire a billionaire.

  2. Good! I’m glad to hear that more decent folks are taking on the responsibility of protecting themselves and their families.

  3. what does this have to do with what Obama said? is this really the route this site is going “thanks obama” for anything bad that happens?

    • I don’t think this site is thanking Obummer for anything. Rather, this site is illustrating that people are “voting with their wallet”. If Obummer’s speech was accurate and comforting, people would NOT be seeking concealed carry licenses in literally overwhelming numbers.

      In other words this article is illustrating the implied value of firearms — specifically self-defense firearms carried on your person in the event Jane and John Jihadi decide to attend your work Christmas party.

    • Is it really that hard to connect the dots?

      – Obama makes a speech railing against guns
      – Gun sales and concealed carry permit applications spike
      – Rinse, repeat

      This has been the pattern for years now, obvious to anyone paying even cursory attention.

      • Yeah. The site isn’t blaming him for bad stuff, it’s blaming him for good stuff (sending people in droves to get their CPLs and buy guns). I made a comment earlier that President Jeremy S would have responded to the Paris attack and subsequent San Bernardino attack by telling all law-abiding American citizens to arm themselves and, if they can legally carry a concealed weapon where they live, to do so as often as possible. However, I’m thinking that wouldn’t have actually resulted in as many people doing this as Obama coming out and saying he’s gunning for more gun control instead. These pushes for gun control in conjunction with mass shootings and terrorist events continue to result in repeated, all-time record firearm sales and concealed carry permit applications. I suspect we’ll continue to be a safer country as a result and we’ll continue to enjoy the drop in violent crime rates and murder rates that we’ve seen since the early 90’s…

  4. Talking to the guys at my local range in CT on the weekend – pistol classes (necessary for the permit to purchase and carry) are filling up as soon as they are announced. And this is in the “really a suburb of NYC” part of CT.

  5. It would have been nice if they had referred those they had to turn away to another agency, such as the Sheriff’s department. Any law enforcement agency can issue a permit, so maybe theythey could work together to get people their CPLs.

  6. We are “shall issue” and have 30 day max wait…do I need to even ask if this is Constitutional?

    • The article said the line for fingerprinting had grown so long that they had to cut it off in order to print everyone in the line before the end of the day. I suppose they could have extended their hours, but I wouldn’t say they’re obligated to do so. There are alternative locations to get fingerprint cards done, too.

      • Overtime for gov extra work only gets approved of for Leftist causes such as gay marriage licenses on the very evening of a scotus ruling.

  7. Since the police department is backed up, I believe they can go to the sheriff’s office and apply there. Fortunately, Washington’s a shall-issue state and first time application fees are less than $100.

  8. Is bury soetoro a “manchurian candidate” for the good guys?!? And he’s ‘sposed to be smarter than slow Joe…

  9. Am I the first to bring out the “a right delayed, is a right denied” adage? Could not think of a better example of the need for constitutional carry than this. Obviously, people have no confidence in the POTUS. He has earned it after all.

  10. Unfortunately, these people who are in line are not well informed. They believe they have to get the permit in order to purchase a firearm for protection. That is not the case here in WA. They can purchase all they want with out CONCEALED Pistol License, like most states. There is a waiting period for handguns without a permit, but nothing major. If I didnt have my permit already, I wouldn’t stand in line for HOURS to get to wait another 30-90 days to be able to get a pistol, when a few days is all it takes.

    Unfortunately, these people are just not well enough informed, and that bothers me.

    • I live in Spokane and I also would NEVER in a gazillion years stand in line like that. All I can say is what a bunch of d— bags.

      You folks should check the news for Spokane. Two police officers here were just arrested for felonies. One for rape after he fondled or should I say digitally penetrated an off duty female officer at a party hosted by another officer. She got a little drunk and went and laid down on a bed for a while and the good sergeant thought he’s get a little stinky finger.
      The other officer was the head of the police guild who tipped off the first officer that the sheriffs office was seeking a warrant to get his DNA. He’s charged with rendering criminal assistance and obstruction.
      They got his DNA because as it turns out, cops aren’t all that smart. Even though he cut his fingernails really short and they washed the bedding and clothes to hide her DNA, he sort of forgot about the DNA on his fingers when he put his seat belt on when he left the party and they got it her DNA off his seat belt. OOPS!

    • @Avenger, why would you assume that? I figure pretty much every person in the line is already a gun owner and is there to get a concealed pistol license so they can legally carry concealed. With recent terrorism events, people don’t just want to own a gun, they want to have one on them.

  11. Y’know, this Obama character is going to cost me some money.

    A couple weeks ago, I looked at the chart pattern on SWHC and wrote come covered calls at $20. Easy money, so I thought.

    Today, I had to roll up & out to minimize my loss on that play.

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