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The Ides of March (courtesy

Run Mikey, run! That was our Armed Intelligentsia’s take on rumors that anti-ballistic billionaire bully boy Michael Bloomberg was considering running for the presidency of the United States. They reckon if Bloomberg runs as an independent, it would suck enough votes from the Democrat nominee to assure the Republicans the White House — forestalling Hillary Clinton’s War on Guns. Those rumors have morphed into outright speculation, with an internal poll (ouch) claiming the exact opposite result. Like this [via] . . .

Former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg is seriously considering a possible independent presidential run and is looking at making a decision sometime in March, two sources familiar with Bloomberg’s thinking told CNN on Saturday.

One source said aides to the three-term mayor are looking at ballot access issues, but the source refused to speak specifically about what Bloomberg, 73, asked to be done.

The source added that Bloomberg sees the Republican and Democratic presidential races as becoming increasingly polarized, and neither fits Bloomberg’s views. But Bloomberg, who has flirted with Oval Office aspirations in the past, is serious about a possible candidacy, the source insisted.

A decision will have to be made by the first week of March, likely before it’s clear who the Democratic and Republican nominees are, because of the process to get on ballots for the November election . . .

Two sources close to Bloomberg said internal polling found that he would theoretically take away more Republican votes from Trump or Cruz than Democratic votes from Sanders. But one source noted, however, that that could change.

Sanders? Has Michael’s minions counted Clinton out? The Washington Post offers a different scenario:

News that Bloomberg was considering a run set off alarm bells among Democrats in particular. Dan Pfeiffer, former Obama White House communications director, tweeted Saturday afternoon: “Bloomberg running for President would almost certainly hand the [White House] to the GOP. If no one gets 270 [electoral votes], GOP congress picks the prez.”

Anyway you look at it, what with the FBI probe into Mrs. Clinton (ouch) and her declining fortunes in Iowa and New Hampshire, the pro-civilian disarmament former First Lady should beware the Ides of March . . .

[h/t DrVino]

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      • The more candidates who are anti gun, the better. More of a chance people vote for whoever is at the opposite of the gun control spectrum. And if that’s one candidate, he’ll be the next President.

  1. Absolute horseshit. He would hurt the dems, which would be great. He won’t run because he’s making a deal with Hill. I want a cabinet post or ambassador to Israel deal. Political blackmail at it’s finest….. I mean lowest.

  2. Of course the Democrats know that a Bloomberg independent run would hurt the Democrat candidate. They may be evil but they are not stupid. They of course being the collective ‘they’, the syndicate if you will for those X-Files fans.

    Looks an awful lot like they are setting things up for an economic crash and want to be certain there is a Republican in office that they can blame things on.

    Economic crash, or perhaps that and more.

    Yes this is tinfoil hat stuff. So what. Where is the problem with the logic?

  3. My initial reaction is: that’s great, a Democrat 3-way practically guarantees a Republican win.

    The more cynical side of me says: Bloomberg is a billionaire who only cares about promoting himself and his own agenda. This announcement is probably the equivalent of him extorting money (or concessions, or an ambassadorship, whatever he wants, really) from the Dems to make sure he doesn’t run. And it will work. Clinton is determined to win. It’s her last chance, really, after losing to Obama. If she loses to Sanders, she’s finished. She will literally do anything to win. Paying off Bloomberg with some choice position, say, Anti-Gun Tzar, is a deal she would take in a heartbeat.

  4. Two sources close to Bloomberg said internal polling found that he would theoretically take away more Republican votes from Trump or Cruz than Democratic votes from Sanders. But one source noted, however, that that could change.
    Where was this poll conducted? The Bloomberg News lunch room?

    • Well, I was just thinking about how, if I had the choice between a sensible Republican and a completely nuts billionaire asshole socialist, I would welcome a man who would help me decide how much cola to buy. Not. If his goons believe that, the Dems deserve their drubbing.

  5. Poor Bloombag. Let’s all talk about Bloombag and cheer him up.
    The problem is Bloombag can have everything he wants….almost. He’s not electable any more than he’s likable. The fact is, people don’t like and resent him. He doesn’t really want to be president, he just wants attention. He wants to boss people around and be the center of attention. Me me me me. That’s all it is.
    I doubt he runs, but I hope he does. I don’t care what polls say. He will hurt the Democrats and help the Republicans.

  6. Run, mikey, run. No seriously, run. Like Forrest Gump. Get a cult following of nit wits as you flat foot it across country.

    I can see the banners now. kapo bloomberg-2016.

  7. Bloomberg is an arrogant bully who believes he is better suited to tell people how to live their lives than they are. He has demonstrated he is more than willing to use the levers of power to force his views on people. The “big gulp” ban for example.

    He has called all gun owners “idiots” and has poured millions into organizations which regularly and blatantly lie about the gun-control issue.

    He is a bigger danger to the second amendment than Clinton or Sanders. Clinton especially is a gun-control disaster, but it’s not her first priority. It is Bloomberg’s first priority.

    The only bright side is if he runs, he will force the Dem candidate even further to the left on gun control so maybe even the FUDDs will wake the hell up.

    • There’s a reason why New Yorkers started to call him “Nurse Bloomberg” by the end of his term of office.

      The man is an incessant buttinski, an insufferable pecksniff.

  8. Someone please answer this question. (Seriously)

    Why would any republican vote for Bloomberg? He stands against virtually everything that the republican party stands for. What could these guys possibly be talking about? Whistling past the graveyard?

    • RINO Republicans would rather vote for Bloombast than for Trump. The little guy will take away Republican votes in NY, CT and other right wing bastions (sarc). The Rep candidate would be unlikely to defeat the Demon in those races, so between the RINOs and disaffected Dems, they might be ripe for Bloombast’s picking.

      • RINO: N. A Republican with whom the speaker disagrees with on a particular issue.

        Real Republicans will vote for the party nominee whether it is Rand Paul or Jeb Bush.

        The Trumpsters and Cruzers are the real RINOs. They would vote for their guy if he ran as a Nazi or Communist. It is all cult of personality for them.

        • To be fair, in conservative circles, RINO is fairly consistently used to stand for someone with positions different from those of Robert Taft, which back in the still slightly more civilized era, was considered the Soul of the Party.

          RINO’s are the “Liberals mugged by reality” faction, aka the Straussians/Neocons. While not as far out of touch as the Dems, they are still fundamentally just a bunch of progressives. Believers in the potential for government to do good.

        • You must mean the dreaded “NEOCONs” Guys like.Ronald Reagan who started out as liberal anti-Communists and saw the failure of big government and became conservatives.

        • Reagan may look conservatiivsh in contrast to those following him, and perhaps immediately preceding him. But incessant forreign adventurism, drug wars et al, financed by massive deficit buildups, is hardly signs of deep rooted American conservatism. Yet despite that, Reagan was likely one of the most “conservative” of the neocon caucus of the GOP.

          Did Reagan, or any of those guys, ever champion much in the way of gun rights? I can’t remember anything in particular. Leading me to the less than altogether flattering conclusion that even Reagan was more concerned about locking up pot smokers on my dime, than he was about my ability to buy something as benign as a silencer without his government interfering. Pretty pathetic for a “conservative” IOW.

    • HUSH! WTF are you thinking, Bloomers pansy-boys have decided conservatives would vote for him by the dozens, nationwide! And he wouldn’t draw from equivalently stupid fruitcakes like Hillary at all, trust me! Let them buy polls until they have convinced themselves of all this BS. If they can believe that, for chrissake LET THEM!

  9. Bloombast operatives are whispering that he would spend a BILLION of his own money on his Presidential campaign.

    America is for sale — and cheap.

    • If he’s talking about spending a billion on advertising and organizing and other electioneering crap, that ain’t gonna get it done.

      If he’s talking about spending a billion on strategically placed bribes and other sleazeball tactics, then it might work.

  10. Anyone want to bet he’s angling for the VP slot? Weather Hillary or Sandra gets the nomination he would come out ahead if he got the VP slot in exchange for not running against them

    • “Anyone want to bet he’s angling for the VP slot?”


      That has the smell of possible truth.

      While the Bernster or the HildaBeast has the oval office, utterly destroying what little credibility America has left in the world, Bloomie can expand Michelle’s school lunch program to all of America, shepherd a slew of new laws through the House like a $5 a pound tax on sugar, fast food calorie limits, really draconian ‘Gun Safety’ legislation, and whatever else that brain-damaged ‘Progressive’ fvckwit can think up in four years.

      Geeze, I may need to reconsider staying on the wagon if *that* comes to pass…

      (sobbing uncontrollably)

    • I don’t know- Sanders/Bloomberg 2016, really? Two old, dislikable Northeastern Jews on the same ticket? Plus Bloomberg is a Wall St guy. I don’t see it.

    • ” Al Gore throws his hat into the ring.”

      He will be *slaughtered* by the Left for selling his little Progressive TV thing “Current TV” to Al Jazeera for one-half BILLION bucks.

      What was Al’s cut from that sale?

      And how’s Al Jazeera America doing nowadays, eh?

      Run, Al! Run!


  11. Sure, a Bloomberg run would pull more votes from Trump and Cruz than from the Democrats. That must be why it’s the Democrats who are freaking out at the idea.

  12. But wasn’t Bloomberg a Republican when he was mayor? Aside from his abhorrence of guns and nanny-nutrition tendencies, where does he fall ideologically on the issues that attract large voter blocks? Economy? Health care? Foreign policy? Defense?

    Just because the Democrats are telling you they’re scared, doesn’t mean they are actually scared.

    Remember Brer Rabbit: “Please don’t throw me in dat briar patch!!”

    We’ve reached the point where if the mainstream media is reporting it, you can count on it NOT being true.

  13. Bloomberg would pull center-moderate votes from the Dems and GOP needed to win. Other than gun control and some health issues, Bloomberg is fiscally conservative and pro-business. People forget, the GOP and democrats are both in the minority these days. It would be a nightmare for either party, and a nightmare for gun rights since he as a relatively high chance of winning.

  14. Yeah the short one was a Rino/repub in the mold of Nellie Rockefeller(but much worse). If the moneyblooms gets in I see a Republican in the White house. And the country and 2A gets saved for a little while longer(one HOPES). Stock up…

  15. I’m all for a Bloomer run for office!!!

    1) Have him waste his billions on something other than gun control.
    2) Split voters on the Democrat/Liberal/Progressive/Communist/Left/Wrong side
    3) Give Trump and Cruz someone else to destroy! Though I know Clinton will provide months and months of solid “don’t vote democrat” material bloomer will help keep the public from getting over-saturated with anti-Clinton rhetoric.
    4) That man needs a reality check… in a big way.
    5) I really want to see him get a reality check… in an even bigger way.

  16. Internal polling shows the opposite of real world polling…this only conforms his leadership style, arrogance, and their fear of telling dear leader the facts.

  17. So there will be THREE (3) geriatric Liberal Jews running for president? Remember Diane Rodham aka “Hillary Clinton” claimed to be “Jewish” when running for one of N.Y.’s senate seats. It was at an event in New Square (known to locals as “Jew Square”) N.Y. a heavily Hasidic/SephardicOrthodox Hebrew enclave, most residents have a dozen or more children, the men DON’T work yet the whole family visits Israel each summer (on OUR dime) and are on welfare.

    Diane/Hillary was selling pardons to convicted felons, the “New Square Five” a gang of Orthodox Jewish kidnappers (from Brooklyn/New Square/Spring Valley/Monsey) who snatched children from their mothers and fathers who didn’t obtain a “get” (needed for a divorce in Judaism) got their pardons after their community used our tax dollars to fund Rodham/Clinton’s election, so did three (3) brothers from Borough Park Brooklyn who defrauded Medicare/Medicaid out of over $15 million.

  18. He had better think twice before crossing the Clintons. He could be found in Fort Marcy Park just like Vince Foster.

  19. I suspect Bloomberg is angling for an ambassador post. The VP slot for Dems is NOT going to be a NY guy since they get all the heavily blue states for free. That slot is reserved for a Dem who will bring them votes in one of the swing states, like Florida. The Dems may be stupid about the issues but they are not stupid enough to waste the VP position on someone that won’t bring them votes where they need them.

    • Despite Diane Rodham alias “Hillary Clinton” pals Mo Gov Jay Nixon, (he’s out after Ferguson) Va Gov. Terry McCauliffe and N.Y. Gov Andrew Cuomo posturing hoping for the VP nod it WILL be Julian Castro, former congressman and current HUD Secretary, he would’ve NEVER left Congress had the party not promised himsomething bigger. His twin brother, Julio, is mayor of San Antonio and their madre is a La Raza founder (no padre in the picture as is usual in Democratic circles). Julian Castro not only got the coveted Keynote Speaker job at the 2012 DNC Convention he also appears to be an “alternative lifestyle” practicioner, THAT in addition to being a Mestizo whose mother at one time was an illegal alien makes him a shoe-in for Diane/Hillary’s VP, Remember if there’s one thing Rodham/Clinton is good at it’s “pandering” and here she gets a “two-fer” in hopes of garnering both the gay and Hispanic vote. Remember Hispanic outnumber Blacks and we have a Black president, Rodham/Clinton and Debbie Wasserman-Test-Schultz will NEVER let this opportunity pass them by.

  20. Democrat voters aren’t really independent thinkers. They’ll go for whoever is on the Democrat ballot line. Repubs, OTOH, may be looking for an alternative.

  21. Any other year and I would dismiss it as a cry for attention by a has-been who is sad he’s no longer in the limelight.

    But Trump is still doing well enough…

  22. Bloomberg is a narcissist. He is not happy unless he is on the front page above the fold being acknowledged by society as relevant.

  23. Go ahead and run, Bloomberg. You were able to get elected in the progressive dystopia of NYC. Most of those people are utterly dependent on a nanny state tyrant like yourself. However outside of a few metro areas like that, the rest of the country isn’t going to have the stomach for a megalomaniacal oligarch who hates them. So run, you’ll draw votes away from whichever communist wins the Democratic nomination. Let’s get this over with.

  24. An interesting topic for TTAG to throw out there would be : “What will be the tipping point for the next U.S. Civil War ?” Talk amongst yourselves. Robert? Nick?

  25. Also, where can I invest in the upcoming de-vilification/re-approval of DDT?

    This skeeter born virus will turn soon to be Moms against Rachel Carson, “Silent Spring” in favor of SAVING THE HUMAN RACE”.

  26. Another billionaire who supports gay marriage, gun confiscation and helps pass laws telling people what to eat. That is how gun civil rights are lost. The billionaires who got Marijuana intoxication legal in Colorado and Washington state also supported gay marriage and gun civil rights restrictions. The three go together with the progressive mind.


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