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Thunder Beast is a company founded by precision rifle shooters who were looking for a way to quiet down their competition guns without sacrificing accuracy or point of impact shift. As such, they’ve always catered to a certain type of shooter, and those shooters have moved almost exclusively to calibers like .260 Remington, 6.5 Creedmoor, and 6.5 x 47 Lapua. As the 6.5 caliber guns have taken over the competition circuit, TBAC thought it was fitting that they introduce a dedicated series of cans in their Ultra lineup with a 6.5 sized aperture.

Like the rest of the Ultra line, you can have your can in either a direct thread or brake attached configuration. Generally speaking, the brake mounted cans are slightly lighter, but similarly sized to the brake attach cans. The big selling point is that the 6.5 aperture cans have metered two to three dB quieter than the comparable can with a .30 cal hole in the end.


TBAC has elected not to offer the 6.5 specific can in the five inch configuration they offer for the .30 cal, but they are considering a five inch 5.56 can for future development. MSRP for the brake mounted 6.5 cans remains the same as the .30 cals at $1195 for the Ultra 9 and $1095 for the Ultra 7. Additional brakes are $125. Direct thread versions will be priced at $1145 for the Ultra 9, and $1045 for the Ultra 7. Obviously, you will not need to buy additional brakes.

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  1. I’ll probably end up replacing the YHM can on my bolt gun with a TB one at some point as a dedicated bolt gun suppressor. I’ve shot them and they’re quite nice.

  2. I’m a TB dealer and these are great cans. As quiet as anything else out there and so so light. But the lightness comes with restrictions. These aren’t cans you can do a beta mag dump with and get glowing red hot. At least not without destroying the can.

    However, if you don’t intend to get into a firefight with a semi-auto rifle, then these are really great, great can.


  3. One thing that’s great about these compared to others… Is the muzzle devices for the CB models, are only 2oz. Compared to something like SiCo or Surefire or Rugged or Deadair mounts that are both far closer to 4oz.

    So, the Ultra7 is 9.7oz + a 2oz brake or flash hider. That’s CRAZY compared to something like a Specwar762 at 24oz+4oz mount.

    Sub 12oz finished with a brake, that’s the best out there right now…. The market is going nuts with modularity, but dedicated is where it’s at when you get over the idea that you’re going to switch mounts and re-zero all the time.


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