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Hammer, who lists his job as “confidential,” carries this micro-compact SIG P938 Blackwood. The P938 is chambered in 9mm and has a capacity of 6 +1. He also has a spare mag in a JM Custom Kydex pouch. Nice to see someone carrying a backup mag, especially with a micro-compact main carry gun.

Do you guys carry backup mags?

















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  1. I usually carry (outside left) a Glock 17, with 17 rounds + one. So no extra mags. I have several mags, just don’t usually carry one, though I have. I often carry a Ruger LCR .357 on my right side, tucked toward my back. I hardly know it’s there most times. A revolver has its advantages.

  2. Yes, always currently a Sig P320 w/17 eds of 135gr +P Hornady Critical Duty w/spare 17rd mag. When my Sig P220 arrives I will likely load it with a Hornady product and 2 spare mags, I also carry a Sig P938 Hornady ammo 1 spare mag. I always carry 2 pistols and a 4″ folding knife but then I’m paranoid.

    • Aside from the SHIELD .40, & 2 spare mags, I also carry 3 pocket knives, & a Taser Strikelight. Of course the knives are like good luck charms for me, or for opening packages.

  3. With the Smith & Wesson M&P SHIELD .40 I have, I carry 7+1 as well as an additional 7 round & a 6 round magazine. The sidearm is carried in an Alien Gear ShapeShift Modular Holster System, so can change carry style as needed. The 2 spare mags are in an Alien Gear Cloak Mag.

    • I carry with Alien Gear, also. Their exchangeable shell program is really a sweet deal. Had the .40 Shield, traded it in for a Glock 23 with 13 rounds. I like carrying pistols with higher capacities, though when I carry only my LCR, I have just 5 rounds in it. I usually stick another 5 rounds in a pocket.

  4. I carry a Kimber Micro 380.To that I add a magazine for the Colt 380 Government Model for a spare. That give me an extra round in the spare. The pouch that contains the spare has a flashlight and some other assorted bits.

    • They are both exceptionally well made pistols. I usually carry a 938 and although it may have a little bite especially when it’s cold, it carries nicely. I will say the g10 grips are just fantastic even if they are a little uncomfortable when my hands are really cold. The fact is the gun wasn’t really designed to be shot mag after mag in perfect comfort so that’s completely acceptable.

      Side note- the 5th pocket or watch/change pocket in many jeans/pants can work pretty well for a single stack mag and a little 1AAA light. That’s usually how I carry my 938 or lcp backup mags.

  5. Both mags pictured are the 7 round variety, so he could go 7+1+7 if he tops the gun off.
    But that gives him G19 capacity in two mags.
    I’d still rather carry a P938 all day than a G19.

  6. I carry a XDs 3.3 9mm with 7+1,in a We the People kydex OWB paddle holster and a 9 shot magazine extra in a Mitch Rosen mag holder. Some days carry a Ruger SP 101 2.5in spurred 357mag with Speer Gold Dot 135gr SB 357mag loads in a Stoner IWB leather holster and two Comp-1 speed loaders. Also, a complimentary Kershaw Ken Onion Leek knife for necessary applications.

  7. I carry 2 Sig P-250c .40 cal(13+1 ea),with 2 spare extended mags(17rd ea), total 62rds. If I carry anything in single digit capacity, it’s usually in the form of a third weapon in an ankle holster. With the vast selection of compact and sub-compacts in on the market with double digit mag capacity, in almost every caliber, it just makes sense to carry as much volume and caliber that’s comfortable. Key word: Comfortable. You know,
    if it’s not comfortable, you are less apt to carry it. It won’t help much if it’s on the nightstand, and you’re in the mall. When I carried a pair of P-226’s or 1911’s(I’m ambidextrous and have mostly carried in pairs), I could handle the weight and recoil, but I was constantly “pistol patting”, and uncomfortable physically and mentally. Self-concious, like in high school, when you you have a big ‘Zit’ on your nose and feel like everyone is looking! But when I carried a pair of smaller single stacks, or even a third, I felt under powered. Just didn’t feel right, regardless of the caliber. I then tried a pair of Glock 23’s. They were a great fit, performed without one single hiccup, and the .40 cal was the perfect mix for accuracy, knock down power, and ballistically for comfortable recoil, for ME, that is.
    When the P-250 came out, I watched for a year and a half, to see what happened. Again, the Glocks felt, and performed fantastically. But I started out a long time ago as a LEO with revolvers. And became quite proficient, eventually scoring a perfect score ALMOST every time I had to qualify. I believe it was the long double action pull, and, a “suprise” gift of learning quickly how to ‘stage’ the trigger(not reccomended, I later found out, but it is what it is).And then finally, the grip of the Sig, ANY Sig, for that matter, basically felt more natural in my hand. Always have. That was the final point that made me trade the Glocks for the Sigs. They are DAO, hammer fired. And it’s a LONG, HEAVY PULL. MOF, the only thing I wish could be changed on the P-250 series it’s just a little lighter trigger. But because of something that has to do with its modular capabilities, the trigger can’t be adjusted. But it IS easy to adapt to, especially for former revolver guys. I’m not a very small person, and I can handle the minute extra weight that the Sig has over the Glock. The compacts carry extremely well, as did the Glocks. Very comfortable. And they felt recoil is basically the same, if not just tiny bit lighter. Because of the weight, I suppose. Again, this is in MY opinion.
    Now, to address the original question. Yes, I do carry extra magazines. Sorry about the rant. TTAG just seems to lower my inhibitions, heh heh heh!!!😳🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

    • Correction: “When I carried a pair of P- 220’s” not P-226’s.
      Addition: Usually, the third wep in an ankle holster was a Ruger SP101 snuggie. I love that gun! And, 1 or 2 speedloaders usually found their way into a cover jacket pocket!🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

      • Finally, a man after my own tastes. Now, like a boss, I carry a Stinger missile launcher as my main EDC. I also carry two Barrett .50 cal rifles on my back. As far as the ‘wep’ in the ankle holster, I carry 2 DEagles chambered in .50 AE…on each ankle. So that’s four DEagles in case you lost track. Now, I can handle this load because I’m a pretty fucking big deal. The rest of y’all haters can’t see me.

    • I llike that ” carry what’s comfortable” I carry an 54-1 with the safety removed. …… Hammer must have broken one of the wrist straps on his pocket watch and lost it, as I see none pictured.

  8. I carry a Kahr CM9 with an extra magazine. That gives me 6+1 and 7 so 14 rounds seems like enough to me.

  9. We are seeing more and more of the Sig 938 here on Every day carry.
    I like that as it is what I carry.
    I’ve got the Sig 290 mag in it, so I have 8 rounds in a mag that works perfectly in the 938.
    No extra mag for me.
    Reloads are literally never needed in self defense shootings and the 938 is dead nuts reliable.

  10. Again, comfort, mental and physical, are the key for EDC. I just hope the folks who are down with single stackers, especially those who don’t carry extra mags, don’t ever run across multiple shooters, with hi-cap weps. *Note- I would never presume to criticize, judge, nor insinuate that what a person chooses to carry is wrong, would never try to ‘convert’ or change their opinion or choices that they make. My viewpoint is my choices and opinions are mine, and mine alone. That I what makes America great. Individual choices.🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

    • I get on these message boards and spout off nonsense that no one cares to read. Nobody gives fuck all about my EDC loadout ‘choices’. But I’ll let you know about them, because individual choice. I’d also like to add that I’m a horny homosexual who troll truck stops for random encounters with other gays.

  11. Off my property, but not leaving the local area, I normally carry 5 (sometimes 6) spare autopistol mags plus 5 revolver speed reloads on my person. This does not count ammo in the vehicle.

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