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A GLOCK 43, a Benchmade folding knife, and a Nitecore light make up the heart of this daily carry pocket dump. The items in question belong to Sk150 of Oklahoma who says he is in law enforcement. He had this to say about his pocket dump “This is my off duty lite edc. Lite meaning the small compact G43” (spelling is his).

Then there’s the pack of One Wipe Charlies. Not entirely sure why they had to be included in this photo…those are “gentleman use wipes” also known as butt wipes. It isn’t often I’m surprised into actual silence, but here we are.

As for the gun…both mags have Taran Tactical +2 extensions, giving the shooter 8 rounds +1 rather than the standard 6 rounds +1. It also adds some bulk to the gun which makes it a bit more difficult to conceal, but certainly not impossible.

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  1. Used to remove GSR from hands after the fact. Saw it on a CSI rerun last week. Solidly in the category of better to have it and not need it, than need it and not have it. -30-

  2. It’s realistic. This is the truth as you get older, so all you whippersnappers can laugh all you want, but one day, you will too!

  3. There’s a lot of Glocks here because people like Glocks.

    There was a post not very long ago that included the Springfield Armory 911 (also my EDC). So it’s not “all” Glock.

    I’m personally not a Glock guy cuz I like steel instead of polymer and I don’t dig the boxy look of Glocks. But a friend of mine has a Glock 21 and I shot well with it; Glocks are very ergonomically sound and reliable. I can see why people like them. Just not my shot of vodka.

    • ^^^This^^^

      There are a lot of Glock based EDC loadouts. You could get conspiratorial and think it’s TTAG selecting only Glocks because conspiracy. Of course the simpler explanation is that Glocks are highly popular and so make up a lot of EDC loadouts.

      There are lots of guns that sell well but don’t tend to show up as EDC kits on the EDC website. Now, it’s a self selecting sample but it’s also true that a lot of the guns that sell well don’t “fit” for EDC due to the fact that people don’t want to be bothered carrying something so large/heavy or whatever.

    • So, I get it; 3D printed guns are moonshine, 1911a1s are Bourbon, Glocks are schnapps, S&W are mixed drinks, m92s are amaretto, but Makarovs are vodka except for the Bulgarians, those are slivovitz (lighter fluid that tastes just like plum brandy). That would make custom shop Colts…craft beers?-30-

        • Or “Mad Dog 20-20″…

          A Glock 43, BTW, is just extremely simple for me to conceal and bring to bear from hiding and operate. That’s why I carry one. NFBD.

  4. Thumbs down on the Levi’s wallet – they’re donating to and supporting anti-gun (freedom) causes now. No longer a company I can/will support.

  5. high point is ripple, I’m gonna stand pat on glocks, rumplemintz, straight out of the freezer, is pretty dang smooth and works every time, even if after it goes down I sometimes see bats. purdy shotguns are all single malt scotch. uzis are mogen david. Anybody got a call on rum? -30-

  6. Many years ago, I broke both my arms at the same time. My poor wife had to feed me, brush my teeth, pull down my sweat pants so I could urinate, and yes, wipe my nether region when needed. If it wasn’t for Wet Wipes (or any other brand of “moist towlette”), I don’t know how I would have made it through those six weeks. And to this day, I use something that’s much better than toilet paper to take care of business “back there”.

    Don’t knock it till you’ve tried it…

    • reminds me of a joke, which is too long to type here.

      hey, look in the bright side, your wife is clearly dedicated!

      • She is indeed dedicated. I’m not sure if the roles were reversed I’d be as accommodating. Hopefully I’ll never have to find out 🙂

  7. I read this only because of the one wipe Charlie’s. They’ve been part of my EDC for awhile now. It’s the civilized way to wipe.

  8. One wipe Charlie’s are awesome.. for cleaning hands after an hour at the range, or cleaning nether regions after a DGU…

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