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A suspect which police are searching for in connection with the shooting at a church in Charleston, South Carolina is seen from CCTV footage released by the Charleston Police Department June 18, 2015. The gunman was still at large after killing nine people during a prayer service at an historic African-American church in Charleston, South Carolina, the city's police chief said on Thursday, describing the attack as a hate crime. REUTERS/Charleston Police Department

Police have apprehended Dylan Roof, the suspected gunman in the shooting at a Charleston, South Carolina church. The cops nabbed Roof in Shelby, North Carolina. According to a law enforcement official who spoke to CNN, witnesses said Roof entered the historic African-American church and told his victims he was there “to shoot black people.” “The man spent an hour in a prayer meeting at Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church on Wednesday night before he opened fire,” Charleston police Chief Greg Mullen told reporters this morning . . .

Roof shot and killed six women and three men. Three church members survived the attack, including one instructed to bear witness to the killer’s carnage. “Her life was spared, and (she was) told, I’m not going to kill you, I’m going to spare you, so you can tell them what happened,” Charleston NAACP President Dot Scott told CNN.

As far as we know, none of the church-members was armed. Nor do we know if the Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church gave members permission to carry. If not, doing so would be illegal under South Carolina law.

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    • When I first saw the pic he looked a little like Lanza.

      How long until they blame the “assault rifle” for this one, or push for stricter “common sense” gun laws?

        • Q: “How do you want me to cut your hair?”
          A: “Oh you know, i just want to look lIke a circumsized penis.”

      • This verminlooks a LOT like Lanza. It also appears(unconfirmed) his DADDY bought him a 45 for his birthday. Once again-my sainted late mother-in-law was a church pastor in CHICAGO and always carried a gun-IN CHICAGO. INSANE and bordering on evil to leave your church unarmed and defenseless. Huge security and private people armed in my very large NW Indiana Baptist church-and it’s all races and economic levels too. Protect your flock-anything else is criminal.

        • There is ALWAYS an armed deputy, next to the baptismal fountain, during high mass every Sunday where I go to church in Central Florida. Just saying.

      • Prohibited from owning or not, he is clearly ill. No well person would sit and wait and even report and spare a life. A firearm discussion should not even be part of the discussion, but it is a time in history when it is. The anti’s are like vultures and rush to judgement for the soul purpose to advance their agendas rather than find facts and seek true cause and solutions. (lots of “ands,” they caused this).

        • What?!?! Next you’re going to tell me the rat tail isn’t cool or the mullet isn’t a professional style! Business in the front, party in the rear! Yea buddy!!!

      • You serious Clark?

        He doesn’t want anything anymore…he’s pushing up daisies.

        As far as saying his name….you might say that about the little demons from Columbine, but one look at that Lanza kids face tells most of the story….he was batshit crazy. I doubt he thought much about what happened afterward.

        I’m not going to go all tinfoil hat on folks, but there are a BUNCH of details of both of those incidents that just don’t mesh.

  1. Forget him, everyone knows the gun made him do it. Did they catch the real murderer, the gun? There’s no way he could have killed anyone without a gun, after all.

    Of course, we’ll never know what he really said to that little girl, if anything. It’s all hearsay.

  2. Good.

    Dissect his brain, figure out what went wrong and how we can prevent it from happening to anyone else.

  3. I’m amazed they caught the kid in one piece. Some people in the ‘hood could have made his life hell, I’m sure.

    • You mean “should have”.

      I’m surprised he didn’t try to go out in some sick “blaze of glory” gunfight with the cops.

      • Most of these guys don’t do that. They’re too chickenshit to actually fight. They want to kill but in the end most give up or kill themselves.

    • As morbid as it is to say, I’m sure all the gun companies are licking their chops right now. No doubt another panic will ensue and they’ll be able to ride it well into 2016, when the election triggers another panic.

    • Obama’s speech. He’s going all in for gun control. Here it comes. He’s making it sound like he’s going E.O. for gun control.

      • That cockroach that holds the Presidency is already calling for further infringements on the Second Amendment as I type. Remember when the staff here said he wasn’t a gun grabber back in 2012?

      • I dunno, I’m as defensive as they come regarding this kind of thing, but it sounded like he was just pandering. The requisite politicization of a tragedy and the token mention of bad, evil guns and why can’t America hate freedom as much as those utopian European police states.

        Let’s face it, it’s Obama, he couldn’t care less about those who died. He was just reading the words his party needs him to read.

        • That’s my take, too. This is just the usual boilerplate political posturing that happens any time there’s a high-profile shooting. I don’t think Obama even cares that much about guns on a personal level. He’ll take whatever opportunities he has to undermine the 2A, sure, but only as part of the ruling class’ general anti-liberty goals. In other words, he doesn’t have a personal crusade against guns the way, say, Reagan had a hard-on for Communists.

          That said, I wouldn’t be surprised if he seizes this as an opportunity to “do something” if he senses the political winds are blowing in that direction. But I don’t think there’s much heart left in his anti-gun rhetoric, and he’s more likely to want to just move on, rather than fight a battle he probably wouldn’t win.

  4. At times in the past, I have had a problem with the application or misapplication of the term “hate crime.” In this case, I think it is completely justified given the circumstances. I don’t know his motives or intent but slaughtering nine people in a worship service indicates he purposely picked the people and the setting to manifest his deep hatred of black people, religion or both.
    It will be terribly upsetting if we learn that this person’s family or his circle of friends knew he was capable of committing such an act. Unfortunately the act has been done and there is nothing we can do.
    Although I agree with this call, sometimes it amazes me that the MSM is reluctant to place the “hate crime” designation on numerous black on white crimes that have occurred in the past. An equal application of the designation and press coverage would be appreciated. Don’t count on it happening.

    • Load up now. Obama just finished his press conference, gun control already brought up.
      Makes you wonder if

      • Something else not going on Had drug arrest, Dad bought the gun for him. Obama calling for doing away with guns before even knowing the full story. If it was NJ, or a cop had shot a black kid that had done this riots would follow.

        Instead of gun control how about mental health help?
        Dr. Ben Carson seems to be the one that’s made the most common sense statements. Google them, depending on his other positions. on the constitution especially 2A he has my vote. If Churches weren’t” gun safe zones” A legally armed citizen possibly could have stopped this. Even Kweisi Mfume says it should not be politicized.

  5. Contrast THIS to the New Life megachurch in CO where Jeannie Assam settled the scrote’s hash with her pistol.


      • Paranoid… Not really, I’d call that a heightened sense of awareness… I wonder what medication this sh*thead is on…

        Okay.. Taking off the tinfoil for now but we have a pattern here…

    • Can you elaborate? Southern, crazy, socially awkward man lashes out and kills people. I’m not saying that it’s normal, but are you alluding to some sort of plant or conspiracy theory here? Because I really enjoy reading your comments and I can’t imagine you would think something so far-fetched is going on.

      • I’m always amused when a theory purporting a scenario that’s been perpetrated countless times in the past is considered “far fetched.”

        Don’t let your normalcy bias get in the way of critical thinking.

        • Well, I did start my post by asking him to elaborate. These are the moments where a few bad eggs can make us all look terrible: in the face of a tragedy, someone redneck somewhere starts spouting off about how it was an inside job, and then everyone in the whole country carrying a pistol looks like a heartless, uneducated idiot.

          Guys, they couldn’t turn on a WEBSITE for months. This wasn’t some planted shooting by the gov’ment. This was a wacko with access to weapons doing what wackos with weapons in places where normal people can’t have weapons do best.

      • I’m not suggesting anything. Just something seems off about the pieces that either fit together too easily, or that don’t fit together at all. But some things defy explanation, and I cannot fathom the mind of a sociopath.

        • Which pieces don’t fit? All I’ve read on the story is some pretty sketchy “details”, half of which are no doubt misinterpretations of hearsay by the media that’s always in way too much of a hurry to get any story out to bother with verifying what’s actually factual.

    • Exactly. The survivors have already been “handled” and the fix is in. The racial aspect will be spun beyond recognition in support of executive action.

      Not a conspiracy per se, but will fall into the the “never let a crisis go to waste” category. President speaks in 20 minutes…so watch the spin.

      It’s going to be a very long summer.

    • Adds up to me. People like Obama, Al Sharpton, Eric Holder, and their ideological fellow travelers (including money man George Soros) have been doing everything they possibly can to stir up racial animosity (intentionally or not, it really doesn’t matter in the end). Most of the racially motivated violence in the last few years (not reported by the national media, predictably) has been black on white. Here, we have a high profile case of the other direction. Hot heads with poor impulse control, criminal opportunists, and people who are batshit crazy (like the suspect in the current situation) will always be the first to crack under this kind of pressure. Let’s hope it goes no further until we can begin to repair race relations again.

      Unfortunately, we have a large segment of the political ruling class and allies who have a vested interest in seeing racial animosity and hatred continue to flourish (the same people who are trying to disarm civilians, so this incident is exactly what they wanted). It’s not really a conspiracy in the sense of a secret cabal working behind the scenes. It comes from a (sick) shared leftist world-view, and it’s all done quite openly.

      Note: Of course, the shooter bears full responsibility for his actions, regardless of anything else. However, given the current political climate with certain religious and other leaders openly calling for violence, I’m amazed that random nut jobs don’t crack more often.

  6. Please. The only motivation here was his defective mind, which invented a justification. True racial crime is endemic, widespread, and frequent, like the lynchings of old. This is something far more unreachable. Sensitivity training for this guy woukd have changed nothing (hell, it could have caused it for all we’ll know)

      • He told a survivor, according to NBC News, that “you people are raping our women and taking over the country. You have to go.”

        • Uh huh. You mean that’s what the agenda-driven political handlers of this crisis have decided to go with.

  7. I’m going to have to go with garden variety sicko here. Look, we can talk all day about appearances, haircuts, skin color, motives, so on and so forth, but the bottom line is this much: One, it behooves you, the individual, whether white, black, or whatever, to be your own defender. You, and only YOU, have to be at least somewhat prepared for eventualities like this, be it in a church, gas station, grocery store, school, anywhere. That’s unfortunate, but it is the reality. I’m Catholic, and I believe in God’s love and forgiveness as much as any other Catholic, but…I still carry a gun. Not because God wants me to, but because He leaves it to us humans to take care of ourselves as necessary, be it a sword, staff, or pistol. Merely believing that your church is somehow an inviolate sanctuary is naive at best, and at worst, potentially deadly. I can’t claim to speak for the black community in Charleston, much less the congregants at the service in question, but the simple fact that no one was armed insamuch as we know thus far, proves the same naivete I just referred to.

    Which brings me to another point. Here again, we can debate all the motives and what if’s, but in the end you don’t have to necessarily understand it. You just have to deal with it the best you can in court, etc. Beyond that you just have to trust in God that He has His own ways. Might take a few years since this guy’s apparently so young but it’ll happen sooner or later. Above our pay grade, so to speak.

    And of course the other problem is the haters. Another of the unfortunate realities of life today is that there are people out there that truly hate and fear you for having the nerve to defend yourself against evil. They are to be watched carefully, as they are truly dangerous. I’ve long decided that freedom and liberty entails a few risks like the occasional church or school shooting, because the alternative is something far worse than death. If the haters don’t like it….TOUGH. Sit down and be quiet, or just leave the country – either way I don’t care but decide!


  8. It may have been a “hate crime”. If when they take apart his room they find all sorts of Klan and Nazi literature, I will agree with the designation. Or, looking at how the looney tune looks on his new mug shot, he could be another one like those others we won’t name, another early 20’s paranoid schizophrenic who was under instructions from that CIA satellite (or dog) that seems to instruct all of them to do their killings. I will bet that either way, just like the others, there will be a long history of strange behaviors leading up to this. While the statements about how many times he “reloaded” will be fodder for the worst of the grabbers that all guns are evil, it is good that he did not run in there Charlie Hebdo style with an “assault rifle”, because we would have Sandy Hook all over again, this time in a politically speaking worse location. The “large capacity magazine ban” would be on the table again, with all the politicians voting for it and then running for cover. The tragedy is our mental health system, or lack thereof; and no kidding the penchant of politicians to make soft targets out of churches, theaters, schools, etc. No-one should be killed like happened here and in the other places for lack of legally permissible means of self-protection.

    • The guy was wearing a South African apartheid flag in his facebook photo. I’m not going to say we’re 100% sure of him being motivated by race, but it’s a pretty big hint.

    • Don’t be blaming the idiots dog. The dog can’t help who put food in his bowl. If I was this idiot’s dog I would have pee’d in his Wheaties, for sure.

  9. From looking at the photos(from his FB page) which Breitbart of course slapped right onto the front page, this is a person who does not look to be on an even mental keel and immediately reminded me of that other epic sh1t bag who shall not be named. I wonder how the image of mental health plays out in this one.

  10. POTUS spent about 20% of his speech discussing gun control. Started right off with condolences, then immediately on to gun control. He discussed it even before mentioning the racial aspect of the shooting, and barely touched on the religious portion.

    I hate to say this, but I’m sure glad the shooter didn’t have a rifle, and I sure hope he didn’t use a handgun with magazines holding more than 10 rounds. The president did mention that there really isn’t anything he can do about guns right now with the GOP controlling both houses of congress.

    Today would be a good day to order a case of ammunition.

    • Fortunately, no one of average intelligence or higher cares what he has to say anymore. Having the worst, most divisive, most failed president in American history speak about an issue immediately marks that issue in a bad light.

      • He has be effectively cut out of the legislature. “worst” and “most failed” are strong for this point in history. You can’t judge a president until a few years have past.

        But i’ll stick my neck out for ‘most divisive’. Dude isn’t afraid to stir the pot and pit us plebs against each other for political ammunition.

  11. Psycho scumbag. Should have been a DGU. At this point I suggest a nationally televised tar and feather…followed by slow skin removal by 10 sushi chef’s.

  12. They’re reporting that he received a gun in April as a birthday gift. Look for more universal background check legislation shortly.

  13. Here we go – 9 people murdered by a nutcase in what was (99% probability) a GUN FREE ZONE. So we now have to blame the NRA, all gun owners, and the “gun show loophole”, as Obama and the media begin their ritual dancing in the blood of the victims.

    But remember, we can’t blame all Muslims for the extremist killings by a few [thousand] of them …

  14. There are two “n’s” in his name, Dylann Roof. There is another person named Dylan Roof, one “n,” who is not the guy, but lives near there.

  15. Lefties who blame the gun by advocating for even more gun laws are people with a very big blind spot. They can be quite high functioning in many areas (holding down a job for instance) but in this area they are as intelligent as a 2 year old.

  16. wow little white boy who will probably go to a prison where there is a high percentage of African-americans… and he killed 9 african-americans.

    I don’t think his prison experience will be good.

    • Your black on white prison rape fantasy is highly unlikely Stephen. Once this particular cowardly murderous punk lands in prison, chances are he’ll be on death row and alone in a cell for 23hrs a day, so the chance of physical contact with other inmates on death row is near impossible.

  17. He was a good kid. He didn’t do nothing. He was going to church every Sunday, about to get his life on track.

  18. Like most, if not all, anti-social angry young adults who conduct mass murder, there is probably a long list of psychotropic behavior modifying drugs this kid was fed throughout much of his formative years. Can’t touch that topic without incurring the wrath of pro-pharmaceutical advocates of drugging kids to keep them compliant during their educational indoctrination years. And then, after thorough state mandated preparation, they’re sent off to experience the real world…..

    • Many of Roof’s Facebook friends, including those from his high school, are black.

      What the hell? That doesn’t spell dedication.

      So… played a lot of video games with his nominal ‘friends’, used drugs and so on. If the next bit of info is that he comes from a broken home that wouldn’t be surprising.
      Young white dude’s life spiraling out of societal normalcy needs someone or something to blame it on. Heard that story before? The ‘everyone is a winner’-credo thought in school is really fvcking it up for a lot of people.

    • The sources I’ve read say he was under indictment on a felony drug charge. Definitely a prohibited person, and would have been at the time his father allegedly gave him a pistol as a gift.

    • Having black friends doesn’t make anyone immune to racist attitudes and/or racist acts.

      Unless you’re gullible enough “NOTHING I DO OR SAY CAN BE RACIST BECAUSE I HAVE A BLACK FRIEND” defense.

      Al Sharpton probably have plenty of white friends… it still doesn’t stop him from saying plenty of stupid things about white folks.

  19. Once again a mass killing by a murderous demented coward in a gun free zone and the Radical Progressive Liberal in Chief wasted no time in seizing the opportunity to use this tragedy as an excuse to advance the anti 2nd amendment cause of the left. Obama didn’t flinch as he asserted the ridiculous liberal talking point that the U.S. is the only country where mass killings with guns occur with “any frequency”, an outright lie that conveniently ignores the daily carnage in countries like Nigeria where Islamic Extremists use firearms to slaughter an unarmed populace with impunity and have for years.

    Since the Obama administration has not already leaked information that a high capacity magazine was used, it’s safe to assume that the 45 pistol used by the killer was not high capacity. News reports indicate the murderous coward engaged the victims from close range and reloaded at least 5 times times.

    Based on no mention of high capacity mags and number of reloads it’s seems obvious that a 1911 or some other single stack 45 was likely used, which proves what those with even the most basic knowledge of firearms already knew; the only thing that high capacity magazine bans change in mass shootings is the number of reloads.

    If there had been anyone other than the killer in that church armed with a handgun and proficient enough to engage an assailant at close range, at least there would have been a chance to stop the killer well before he was able reload 5 times.

    The gun haters of course will respond with renewed knee jerk rants demanding gun control legislation, but since this rampage did not involve so called assault weapons or high capacity handguns, the liberal demands this time must necessarily be expanded to call for a ban of all handguns.

    • +1. The guy will be used as a patsy to gut the constitution. We had a number of pro 2A bills coming up including open carry. Sure these will backburner

  20. It’s pretty sad reading all the comments here about how it couldn’t have possibly happened the way it did, because, as everyone knows, there aren’t any racist people in America who do in fact hate blacks so much they would want to deliberately kill them. Oh no, no such thing, so it must be an Obama false flag op.

    • Typical politically correct race-baiting idiocy.

      Whether or not this mass murder is a labeled as a hate crime or not, it’s irrelevant since it’s impossible to enhance the maximum penalty for a capital crime which is a death sentence. A convicted serial killer sentenced to death for a heinous crime can only be executed once.

      Who cares if the motive was racial hatred, religious hatred, family hatred, demented pleasure, or psychotic rampage, it doesn’t make to the slaughter of 9 people any more or less evil and it won’t make the condemned killer more dead when the sentence is carried out after all appeals are exhausted and he is finally executed after languishing for years on death row.

    • Don’t you think it is odd that Storm Roof, with several black friends, decided all of a sudden to murder 9 black people because of their race?

      • Not at all. There is a big difference between FB “friends” and actual friends, for one. And judging by what the guy actually posted on FB, he was unabashedly racist, and looks like the type that would frequent Stormfront and such. There could be all kinds of things that could make him snap, possibly some local crime that involved a white victim and a black criminal, for example.

  21. wonder what prescription drugs he was on… Seems like a majority of the mass shooters were on some sort of meds

    • So far news accounts have only identified past use of Suboxone which is a drug prescribed for opiate addicts in withdrawal, so the murderous coward could have been using Oxycodone or maybe Heroin. Who knows and who cares? Death Row nationwide is stacked deep with inmates who committed murder under the influence of drugs, it doesn’t matter whether the drug was legal or illegal, it’s not a defense to capital murder.

  22. I will protect myself and my family as I see fit. Our lives come from God. So does our right to defend them. There is only one gun law in this country, the 2nd Amendment. All else is bureaucratic nonsense that I choose to comply with or not at my discretion.

  23. Got called a skinhead Nazi at the CVS picking up Prescription for the Wife a few hours ago. Told the black guy I suffered from alopecia & thanks to obamacare I could not afford the medicine. If he wanted to pay for medicine. I would let him.


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