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Rape is the 800-pound gorilla in the gun control room. The antis can’t very well suggest that civilian disarmament will stop rape, can they? Rapists use their sheer size and strength against their victims, not to mention edged weapons. Nor can gun grabbers maintain that a potential victim with a gun won’t stop a rape, can they? Actually they do, claiming that a rapist will use a woman’s gun against them. And with that, the antis feel perfectly justified denying women the single most effective anti-rape defense there is. As far as I’m concerned . . .

anyone who prevents a women from exercising her natural, civil and Constitutionally protected right to keep and bear arms is waging a War on Women®. As for alternative methods for defending against rape – rape whistle/alarm, pepper spray, knife – sure, why not?

For one thing, unless a woman lives in CA, DE, IA, IN, MD, ME, MT, ND, SD, VT, WY, AK or NH, the minimum age for carrying a firearm is 21. Common sense says that  women between the ages of 18 – 21 – especially those women away from home at university – face a statistically higher risk of rape than older women. So until firearms freedom is restored to the states not on that list, they should have some sort of anti-rape weapon.

For another, why not carry those weapons? As for the Guardian Locket anti-rape device mentioned above, well, here are the deets [via]:

The locket uses a cellular chip to alert loved ones and the police that the wearer is being attacked through a discrete button on the back of the locket.

“When you click it once, it’ll send you a false phone call to ward off any predators that may be lurking around,” she explained. “With another two clicks, it’ll send your current location to the local authorities and whoever else you have listed on the app.”

Wait. What? How does a false phone call ward off rapists? And how in the world is anyone going to get to the victim in time to save them from rape?

There’s more than the usual politically-correct feel-good impracticality in play here. What you’re looking at is the end result of a disarmed population: cheap tricks to divert disarmed civilians from the truth about guns. That guns are the single best tool a person – male or female – can use to protect themselves from the threat of death or grievous bodily harm, which includes rape. Period. [h/t DrVino]

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  1. “politically-correct feel-good impracticality”

    Coin that phrase and repeat it often.

    It pretty well sums up every single anti-gun infringement on the right to keep and bear arms out there.

    • But as long as the women feel safe, that’s all that matters. Subjective reality is far more important than objective reality.

  2. Wow, what an utter joke. A “defense” for the emotionally deranged, millenial mental midgets who couldn’t critically think their way out of a paper bag.

  3. Great idea…what could possibly go wrong. A magic button to summon not only the police but an angry mob.

    There is so much room for abuse in this it boggles the mind.

  4. So it’s an automated “being raped, see you in about an hour if I survive” message sender?
    Two-pump chumps can get an awful lot of pumps in within the average police response time.
    And why the hell would your phone ringing stop an assault? There is absolutely no reason why the attacker would not pick up the ringing phone and harass or mock your loved one while you are being assaulted. A ringing phone is no deterrent. Actively being on the phone is one of the queues an attacker would use to know you are not paying attention to your surroundings.

    Good on her for trying but to pretend that this is of any use at all is dangerous.

  5. this device could actually be useful in combination with a gun for self defense. though no false phone call required. by itself, it is nothing but a reporting tool like a regular cell phone.

  6. By refusing to allow constitutional conceal carry our government wants women to be raped, murdered, assaulted, maimed and psychologically wounded.

    This must end.

  7. Few things grind my gears more than this mentality that alerting someone/the police to a crime in-progress [or after the fact] is just as good as/better than stopping the crime in the first place, all because “Guns Are Bad” and alternate solutions are somehow preferable. What consolation is the arrest, prosecution, and MAYBE incarceration of a rapist? I’m sure a victim would prefer to have not been raped in the first place.

  8. “As for alternative methods for defending against rape – rape whistle/alarm, pepper spray, knife – sure, why not”

    As if. Places that have strict gun control laws tend to also control pepper spray, mace, tasers, etc. They also tend to do their damndest to make lawful self-defense inconvenient at best to ruinous at worst.

    So, in the end, it’s not about guns per se, but we all know that here.

  9. “look for an injustice in your community and go out and fix it” I see a big one. not enough people are allowed to get concealed carry permits, nor pistols to defend themselves from rapists.

  10. Kind of like cell phones and and child finger print kits. Should help identify the body if it is ever found.

  11. “…especially those women away from home at university – face a statistically higher risk of rape than older women.”

    According to the FBI college campuses have lower rates than average. Statistically, rape is more likely among lower income than higher income. While that age bracket may have a higher rate of rape, it isn’t happening predominantly on college campuses.

  12. Their little gadget might work if police were dispatched via Star Trek transporter. When people say that police response time is good, I reply that good is not the same as adequate. If I speed dial 911, an adequate response is when the voice that answers comes from an officer standing next to me.

    Arresting a violent criminal after the fact, convicting him and sentencing him to a long prison term is still a failure. Success is deterring him or, at least, thwarting his attack.

  13. A woman could sharpen the edges to a razor point and wear it in a kydex sheath. Next step would be to ream out a .355″ chamber and have the button activate a hammer and firing pin — maybe add a barrel for better accuracy and velocity…

  14. When I saw the pic I was hoping it would at least be a hidden body cam. That way the police would have their mug shot

  15. Want an anti-rape tool that’s not a gun? How about a cell phone that explodes? Hand it to the attacker, then duck. His natural instinct will be to look at it, just as it goes BOOM!

  16. Rape is one of the worst situations a person can experience and still live, as it injures not only physically, but also emotionally, psychologically, etc. Most rapists are either physically stronger than their victims or have some other method to control them. In many rapes, the victim is afterwards killed.


    Even if the bad guy DOES take it and use it against the victim, the victim’s still not really any worse off, all things considered.

  17. When the populous is disarmed the real killing will only have just begun. It is historical fact, it happenes every time , look it up .

  18. I would like for Mr. Farago to show me the number of people between the ages of 18-21 in the “Free State” of Maryland who have a CCW permit. I’d be willing to bet the farm that the number is somewhere between “0” and “1”. Maryland is a “may issue” state and the reality is that I have a better chance of hitting the state’s lottery than an 18-21 year-old coed has of getting a carry permit, Maryland is not “may issue”; it is “no issue” for even mature adults.

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