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You’re probably too young to remember Playboy’s ad campaign “What sort of man reads Playboy?” Hell, you’re probably too young to remember Playboy. It was (is?) a magazine featuring heavily retouched pictures of naked women with written words that allowed pre-Internet males to claim “I read it for the articles.” An assertion so absurd that the phrase became what you young ‘uns call a “meme.” Flash forward to today, switch gears to GLOCK and a GLOCK owner says I carry a GLOCK because . . .

it’s reliable!

True! GLOCKs are reliable. And reliability is really important for a carry gun.

But let’s face it: all of GLOCKs direct competitors — Smith & Wesson’s M&P, Springfield’s XD, Walther’s PPQ, FN’s 509 and the rest — are equally reliable.

So what’s the real reason Gaston’s gat is all that for so many men? To answer that question, you have to address the question at the top of this post: what sort of man buys a GLOCK?

Answer: a “no-nonsense” guy.

A man who doesn’t have time to consider things like “ergonomics” or “aesthetics.” A man who wants a handgun that says imma gun, imma gun, imma imma imma gun. And that’s it.

A man who care less about trigger quality than America’s quest for curling gold.

A man who’s not bothered by his GLOCK’s ultimate accuracy. A polymer pistol’s for punching holes in perps, not paper. Which is something he doesn’t do very often. Target shoot, that is. But then who does?

A man who thinks black is slimming because he’s not the slimmest guy on planet Earth (although he wouldn’t kick Keira “Turn Sideways and She Disappears” Knightley out of bed for eating crackers, which are carbs, which she never eats).

A man who’s risk aversive in all things who understands ye olde adage “no one ever got fired for buying an IBM” on an instinctive level (i.e. without every having touched an IBM product).

Please understand that I have nothing against GLOCK owners. Some of my best friends know people who carry GLOCKs. And I used to pack a GLOCK 30SF. Ancient history, but true story. I guess I’m just that sort of man.

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    • “Some of my best friends know people who carry GLOCKs.”

      Glocks are for the anti-poser. Guess I’ll never be your friend. Good. #moreglocks4me

        • немного теплый с изменением климата и все. Спасибо за вопрос. и как жизнь в тюрьме?

        • I wish people would stop using Google Translate to pretend they know a language — it’s obvious to anyone who actually speaks Russian.

      • Glock fanboys are the ultimate poseurs, especially the ones who cite as an advantage over SIG et al, then dump $1500 into making some fugly Gucci Glock.

    • No taste, no refinement, and possibly no choice: in a clear majority of law enforcement departments, the officers have no alternative to carrying what is issued to them. Carrying their own choice of gun is not permitted or is strictly limited to certain models and brands. “But the Glock doesn’t fit my hand very well!”
      Don’t care. They won the contract with the department and you’ll carry it and deal with it.
      Just another reason to be grateful we live in a free country as civilians and have the choices given to us by the free market.

      • Why do so many individuals complain about peoole who carry Glocks? It seems like everyone and their brother looks down on you for owning a Glock; people who can’t afford a Glock say you’re overspending, people who can afford more than a Glock attack Glock’s quality. I know its not the nicest handgun, or the prettiest, but it works well for a lot of people. Especially for people who don’t get to chose what they carry at work, like LEOs; a lot of LEOs trust Glock on duty, and want a familiar gun off duty. I’m the same way, and I currently own everything from a 1911 to an LCR. And I’m not a tacti-tubby guy who plays operator on the weekend, as the author implies Glock owners are. I use Glock for work and its fine, so can we move into the 21st century and move on to enjoying new pistols and cherishing fondly older designs? I think we should be especially fond of Glock, without whom we would never have M&P’s, XD’$, VP9’s, P320s, PPQ’s and the like.

        • Because this is new America, mine is always better than yours. We cant be equal, we have to belittle everyone for their choices and aesthetics.

          I like my Glocks, I have 3 of them and mostly everyone I know puts down Glocks… except for my one friend who after shooting my Beretta M9A3 said he preferred the trigger on his Glock to the Beretta like he has stockholm syndrome from all the years of being abused by Glock triggers, but I digress.

          I love my Glock, it is reliable and does what I need it to. I have had 0 issues out of it, what ever I feed it, it fires… Can not say the same for my 1911 or for my M9A3 which I just had issues with after buying new ammo, kept stove piping, but my G19 went through mag after mag of it.

          IDK, it seems like all we can do is put down each other, we cant agree on anything… My guns are better, My car is better, My religion is better…. It is all one big phallic measuring contest.

        • Some people will call you an idiot for carrying anything other than Glock. I’m pretty sure most of the negativity toward Glock comes from those interactions. I can respect someone for the choice to carry anything from a hi-point to a Cabot (as long as it has been verified reliable). What turns me off is when people start evangelizing that Glock is the end all be all.

    • I guess you’re the type of guy who sees his guns as extensions of your ego and not as defense tools. If you need a beautiful expensive toy to feel good about yourself, I’m really sorry for you…

    • A side arm is a tool to get the job done! Aka save your life so you can talk about it.
      Have you aver heard about people complaining that it isn’t a pretty hammer, or an a ugly tape masseur. Glock eats pretty much any bullets you throw at him. My VP9 chokes and convulse on still case ammo. You want something petty get a manicure if you are that kind of guy or lack there of😁

  1. I grew up playing with phasers…same grip angle….star trek was more ahead of its time than you know….

    lack of material for a Sunday, just being lazy or wanting to further another Glock meme?

  2. What comparable pistol (hell, even company) has the track record Glock does?

    Pretty hard to come up with ANY pistol manufacturer I can’t think of someone I know personally who had a real problem with a specific handgun, let alone factory recalls, etc. Except Glock. Obviously there are going to be issues, but not on the scale of all the others.

    Maybe I’m blissfully ignorant of Glock problems, but my snowflake feelings tell me that I can rely on a Glock made 10 years ago, and I can rely on one out of the box right now. I do not have the same confidence in any other gun manufacturer.

    I’m not really operating operationally, but I trust a Glock out of the box more than I do other guns made by other manufacturers that have had issues. It’s less about the specific gun, and more about the company I suppose. Heck, what else does Glock make except the G17 through ~G87? There is probably something to them making the same basic gun, as opposed to various lines of perhaps dissimilar weapons like you see with say, S&W, SIG, etc.

    • Nothing you said is compelling evidence that Glocks are more reliable than those of other makes. There is no scientifically rigorous studies that you can point to that are definitive about the matter. Point them out if there are. You are a ‘brand man’ and that’s okay. Ulysses Everett McGill was (not being real excepted) a ‘Dapper Dan man’ and that was fine too.

      • No, I’m not. Say the SA and DW’s in my safe.

        You (intentionally?) missed the point.

        SIG P320 anyone? S&W’s recall page presently has twelve products on it, to include Walthers, so that kills two brands mentioned in the article. I don’t need scientific studies to prove that those recalls exist, neither do you.

        Glock had what, a recoil spring recall for the G19 change?

        If the first thing that comes to mind when holding, say, a SIG, is “oh that’s right, these are the guys who’s guns fire when dropped”, as opposed to “these guys guns always seem to go bang when they are supposed to”, there is a trust problem.

      • Damn, I still typo like crazy, but I guess my point was that a ‘Glock man” is someone that brand loyal for one reason or another. I am not saying it is an unreasonable or a bad thing. I am a Q-tip (not the Rapper, the fuzzy stick things you aren’t supposed to put in your ears) man myself, even though I am a bit embarrassed to admit it.
        In response to your reply, just because a manufacturer had a recall for one model of gun doesn’t mean all of their guns or even that model are less reliable than a Glock.
        Brand on though. It’s a free country, sort of.

        • I’m not worried about a specific gun and it’s reliability as much as I am that the manufacturer can be trusted to get it right, and continue to get it right. Brand loyalty would be saying this about a SIG or S&W or Remington, knowing full well they’ve got it wrong on multiple occasions, on multiple products. And not just the one-off mass production failures that will happen.

          I believe that Glock is one of the only firearms manufacturers that can generally be placed in the category that they get it right. It may be unfair to others that have branched out with different products (rifles, revolvers, etc) but I feel a failure somewhere indicates the company is not solid.

        • Okay. You are serious and that sounds quite reasonable, but it also sounds like you are not a real Glock man;-) You are just a guy that calculates that, as a whole, Glocks are particularly reliable and you like your Glocks.

    • “What comparable pistol (hell, even company) has the track record Glock does?”
      What track record you are talking about?
      The number of Glocks sold to the world’s militaries would be a rounding error compared to the number of Berettas.
      No large military on the Earth uses a Glock as their standard sidearm. The British military just started using a Glock not quite 5 years ago, and only bought 25,000 of them.
      Yes, many police officers are issued a Glock. Most of those piatols are carried in fairly clean environments, almost never shot in a DGU, and sadly, most of them are used to miss their target when they do.
      When it comes to long-term hard use, Glocks don’t have the a record that compares to the Beretta 92 or, for that matter, the Colt 1911.
      The Glock vaunted track record is pure hype.

      • Let’s be fair here. We’ll never see Glocks in large scale military usage cause they don’t have manual safeties.
        And they don’t have double action triggers. And exposed hammers. And they ain’t all steel.

        But they have cheap mags. So there’s that.

      • Do you really want to talk about the broken locking block Berreta? Otherwise known as the M9. I’ve seen at least seven broken locking blocks. No one who has a choice in the US military still carries one. That thing is a piece of garbage and I’ll be glad to see it go.

      • The same track record I already mentioned.

        SIG P320. Remington R51/700/you name it. Walther/S&W recalls.

        Since those weren’t being used “operationally” their well known failures are excusable?

        But nice caveat with “large military”, since there are many Countries using Glocks for their military, whether standard, or non-standard, like the US. But I guess those guys that have the absolute best training in the US military, who have much more say which firearm they go to battle with, (apparently Glock much of the time), don’t really count either.

      • @jwtaylor The Marines use the Glock. So do the SEALs. Going to have to argue that the SEAL Glocks get more usage than the average Army M9. Probably. No first hand knowledge, so feel free to take it with a grain of salt

      • Well, Ron Cheney might disagree with you:

        “I can tell you that even though I am not a “Glock guy”, it is the most reliable handgun in our inventory and I would trust it with my life.”

        “Our Beretta M92’s…the one that all the RSO’s hate, also hold up very well. In the last two years with the same four Beretta’s, we’ve only replaced one barrel and “locking piece” that sits under the barrel. The M92 is only included in one package that we offer or the customer has to request that pistol specifically. It doesn’t get run nearly as hard as the 1911’s, Glock’s or Sig’s.”

      • Yeah. From my experience, they got that half-right.

        And they can stay there, as far as I am concerned. Using your customers as beta-testers is beyond the pale.

        And the M-17 was chosen on the final day of The-First-President-To-Be-Incarcerated’s term, purely a political move (Sig is based in a blue state, Glock in a red one).

    • “Law enforcement seem to like the Glock.”

      Law enforcement loves Glock because Glock practically gave Law enforcement Glocks for next to nothing, and took their old service guns in trade.

      Almost as smart a move by Glock as Elon Musk launching his old roadster into solar orbit as a SpaceX-Tesla promotional gimmick…

  3. I don’t carry a Glock because Ihats what’s the cops carry, I don’t carry a Glock because they don’t have a safety,( no they don’t) I dont carry a Glock because their triggers suck. I don’t carry a Glock because they make lousy boat anchor’s. And their plastic, I want a gun I can pass down to the grandkids, I think in forty years a Glock frame would be busted. It don’t matter anyway because I’m a 1911 fan and if your a fan your good to have around on a hot day

    • That’s one of the things I’ve never understood about Glock from the get-go. Mind you, I was a very early adopter of a Glock. I have one of the earliest batches G19’s that was sold in this country, so for all those who claim “He hates Glocks because he doesn’t own one!” – you’re wrong, I own two. That 1st gen G19 and a G36.

      That said, I’ve always thought Glocks are nothing to brag about. They’re not pretty. They’re not super-accurate. They’re not collectable (there are plenty of ugly guns that are collectable). They’re not exceptional in any way. They’re just a commodity handgun. IMO, there’s nothing there to brag about – bragging about a Glock is on par with bragging on a white, fleet-equipped Ford F-150. Sure, it works every day as a driving vehicle. So what? Isn’t that the point of owning a vehicle?

      Where I parted ways with Glock is their corporate behavior in how they won LEO contracts. Hookers and blow aren’t supposed to be used as marketing devices for law-abiding gun makers.

      • Exactly what I was going to say. You beat me to it… again. But its fair dinkim, cause I’ve done it to you also. I just compare Glocks to a Toyota Corrola instead. Just a generic gun with no soul or charisma. It goes bang and not much more. Like a car that gets you around and nothing more.
        But now that you said it, a fleet Ford or Chevy in the truck realm is an even better comparison.

        • I have a Glock 19 which I love, and my buddy has the H&K VP9. Let me tell ya….if the Glock is a Corolla, then that H&K is a tricked out Lexus. What a great gun it is. I’d buy one except I don’t want another 9MM right now.

      • I guess the thing that turns me off to Glock is hearing about “Glock Perfection” ad nauseum. If it was perfect, they would still be making the original generation instead of Gen 5. If they were perfect, there wouldn’t be third party manufactured barrels, 3.5 lb trigger kits, companies that take the finger groves off the frame and it would have better ergonomics.

        At the end of the day, Glocks have an enviable reputation for quality control, reliability and they’re accurate enough for Government work unless you have a New York trigger. However, they are far from the “be all, end all” their fans and Glock make them out to be.

  4. Inertia. When I was just starting to get into handguns, I signed up for a two day pistol course. They required a backup handgun and I only owned a crummy Ruger P89. I asked the (ex-Green Beret) instructor for a recommendation. He suggested the Glock 19. I liked it better than the Ruger and used it as my primary weapon during the course. In the years that followed, I went to the range and practiced religiously. I had three young kids and could not afford another handgun so I put thousands of rounds, dry fires, and holster draws into it. Now I can afford to buy more guns but, thanks to all the practice time, I shoot and handle the Glock better than anything else.

  5. I carried a Glock for 6yrs doing UC in a narcotics taskforce. I trusted it to go bang if I needed it to, also because it wasn’t a cop gun where I worked Berettas we’re. Cops don’t carry Glocks because they like them, they carry what they are issued most times. Personally I prefer 1911’s and Sig’s because I care about grip angle and point abilities, I don’t want to search for the front sight if the bad times come. You wouldn’t hurt my feeling if I was issued a Glock, but when I buy my own I buy what I like.

  6. They’re for people who know how to shoot. We don’t care if you like Glocks or not. Pearls before swine, and all that. They aren’t the only option, but they are one of three or four. The rest are fine for keyboard commandos.

    • If you don’t care what people think, why post about it? CZ, Ruger, Springfield, S&W, Beretta, FN, Walther, Steyr, H&K, even Arex and Canik…which are for the keyboard commandos again?

  7. A man who gets triggered if you as why,a man who’s feelings are hurt because you asked why a glock ?,A man who puts 100-600 dollars into his gun and then says it just as good as other guns,a man who claims 20,000 rounds and not one failure(total b.s.),A man who needs to justify his purchase instead of just appreciating his firearm,a man who waits to see what the FBI does next instead of just trying other brands to see what he may or may not like,the worthless myopic fanboys,and the little snowflakes who rag on other brands for not being block!!!!!!. Love and like all firearms,shoot what you enjoy and buy what you like and respect others for being a firearm enthusiast instead of a brand enthusiast.

  8. Your an old guy, and you never touched an IBM product? My former evil overlords would be disappointed since they once thought they were as powerful as Google clearly is now.

    Owned Glock, don’t hate them, don’t love them either.

    • The WERE that big/powerful. I REALLY hope to see Giggle scammer crash/burn faster than they were spawned. Anytime in the next 5yrs or so would be ok.

    • “Owned Glock, don’t hate them, don’t love them either.”

      Own several. They do what they do, and that’s what I need them to do. They’re low- not “no” – maintenance. They function with crummy ammo and $1+/round self defense ammo. Happens I actually like the grip angle. The triggers on mine smoothed out to be ‘adequate’.

      They’re about as remarkable as shovels.

  9. Oh, so the question is what sort of MAN carries a Glock, without any regard whatsoever for the WOMYN of the world who carry Glocks???!!!!

    Check your privilege.


    • Ding ding ding. what other high quality handgun allows me to buy high quality functioning magazines for 15 bucks a pop brand new in the package. I have a couple barbecue guns but that ugly old glock sits on my hip every single day and I’ve got a whole box full of extra magazines when I go to the range.

  10. My department only issues Glock. And I’ve been shooting them my whole life, so grip angle and everything else feels quite natural. They’re good handguns. There are also plenty of other brands of good handguns. Whatever suits you.

  11. Years ago, in the 1980s, with all the pre-release hype, I wanted to get a Glock. My brother-in-law got his first. I got to shoot it on a camping trip. It was ok, but it didn’t feel right. A couple of months later, I shot a friend’s SIG P220. It just felt natural in my hand. The grip reminded me of the Hilti DX 35, a powder-actuated tool that I used constantly at work. I ended up buying a SIG P228. It has served me well for over 28 yrs.
    Guns are like shoes. What fits me doesn’t necessarily fit you. My 1911 comes in a close second to my SIG.

  12. I carry a Glock because parts and accessories are always available and inexpensive. I shoot just fine with a Glock and can’t complain about the ergos (I guess I have weird hands) and I do just fine with the trigger. I also get a steep discount on Glocks thanks to Blue Label and Uncle Sam pays for me to practice with a Glock at work (occasionally). Glock also eats the el cheapo steel-case ammo that allows me to practice more. For the price and the convenience, Glock works for me.

    So, what kind of man carries a Glock? A boring man. I am boring.

    And cheap.

  13. Not many gun articles make me laugh. This one got me. I’m grateful for the change of pace from Florida news. Well played, Mr. Farago. Well played.

    I’ve noticed that some folks have made it all the way to some job where you might assume they’re pretty smart. But if you type them more than a few paragraphs, you get ignored or misunderstood.

    From my experience, *some Glock folks are like that. It’s easier to take one word (Glock) for granted, than to take a big wide world full of options into consideration.

  14. I carry a lot of different brands, but mostly GLOCK. Do I think the M&P 2.0 is a better pistol? Yep. Should I get more cash, I’ll also get more and different guns. If I paid retail, GLOCKs aren’t worth it, but the blue label pricing on Gaston stuff is stellar.

    After you put 35-65K of rounds through a GLOCK, it pretty much becomes a piece of garbage. Before that, its a reliable and lightweight handgun that requires minimal maintenance.

    • Don’t take this as criticism or doubt, because it is not. Do you put that much ammo through your guns? If so, you are still inhibited by the cost difference between a Glock and an M&P? Cost keeps me down to about 10% of that volume of fire and I am an obsessive hand loader and brass grabber.

      • I wore out a GLOCK 27 after about 40 K rounds. Some of that was “+P,” meaning Underwood and Buffalo Bore. Mag springs, striker spring, trigger assembly, and night sights were worn / degraded badly. I’ve got about 25 K through a modified Glock 23 that shoots 9mm. The .gov supplies some of my ammo, and I do much more than the mandated training.

        I carry an M&P .40 pretty regularly also, since I got it issued.

  15. I remember Playboy, though I was more a fan of Penthouse

    They published one of my letters one time. Maybe you read it – it was that one about being a student at a small midwestern university…

  16. My 19 is my go to EDC.
    I own S&W, Colt, Sig, FN, Ruger, and other Glocks.. But my favorite is the 19.
    Size, reliability, round count. It’s got it all.

  17. Who carries a Glock? LE, Military, Fire and EMS personnel who can get a brand new Glock for 398 dollars.

    Smith has a similar program, and I also have one.

    It works. If you’ve trained on it and used it, why switch? For people complaining about the trigger, it’s a duty trigger not a match trigger. And I’ve still managed to be able to, in a second and a half, draw from a duty rig and put six rounds into a circle smaller than a dinner plate at five yards. It works just fine thanks.

    If you want to carry whatever the hell you want, carry it, you’ll get nothing but a high five from me. But for me, I do own Glocks, in addition to others.

  18. I carry a Glock because when I went to the LGS to upgrade from a single stack XDS .45 to a mod 2 double stack, there was a used gen 3 Glock 23 for $299, in great shape, with night sights. I’d wanted a .40 anyway, so I bought it. It’s reliable, I can shoot it well, and disappears under my shirt just as easily as the XDS did. And I now have 14 rounds without reloading instead of 6. Or 11had I gone with the mod 2. I suppose that makes me practical and no nonsense. But not cheap.

  19. It was my first pistol. It’s accurate, dependable, cost-effective, and there’s a lot of aftermarket accessories. It’s the whole fanboy thing that disappoints me, there isn’t anything special about it and in fact it’s not the easiest to shoot or the most comfortable. I don’t give a damn how it looks, it can be cerakoted if that’s a problem. I can’t shoot it one-handed for more than a minute without some serious arm strain, whereas my beretta I can for 10 minutes easily. Recoil is an issue for this pistol more so than others, in particular anything made by federal will recoil more than the others I’ve tried. But as I’ve said, it is dependable and it will shoot every time. Mine didn’t like steel cased ammo and in fact a shell lodged in the barrel after firing and that was the end of that, I tried a few other cheap brands but eventually settled on winchester white box. Since doing so, I have never had a problem after 500+ rounds. Every brand of personal protection rounds has worked, and I’ve been through about a dozen.

  20. There’s nothing wrong with brand loyalty, especially if its based on favorable experiences with a brand’s products. Which is why I’m a Smith & Wesson weenie of the first order.

    OTOH, I recognize that Glocks are ubiquitous and reliable, just like Maytag washers and dryers. The only difference is that Maytags are far more stylish and somewhat less blocky.

  21. If you are new to handguns one can’t go wrong with a Glock. They ain’t Perdy but if you need a plastic brick that spit out whatever you feed it, Glock is your easy choice.

  22. I’m not really a “Clock Guy” but I own a few and sometimes carry them based on circumstances.

    They get the job done and at the end of the day that is what matters.

  23. Excluding 80% which aren’t true “Glock” and the makers of which are their own separate group of people… Generally 1:Government employees, quite possibly because of bribes by Glock 2: people with no idea what they’re buying 3: People who want to mod the hell out of their pistol and want a double stack.

  24. What kind of Person carries a Glock?

    A conformist.

    All but one of my plastic pistols are Springfields. I like them even more now because all the cool kids who wouldn’t have bought one before they f-ed up are boycotting them now.

    My one plastic exception is the APX I bought for the extremely cold Wisconsin winters. I bought it not only is it a better pistol than the P-320, but all the cool kids want what the operators have.

    • Wrong. Look for an Eaa witness. Double stack 10mm made on a superior (Cz75) platform. But why 10mm anyways? Hell the common 10mm is just expensive long cased. 40s&w anyways. It seems 10mm is a trend among trendies, particularly the Glock fanboy types. Assuming you did absorb the excessive cost of fullhouse 10mm loads, you might as well be shooting a. 44mag by then if you require a handcannon. Then of course there is the. 45 acp based options that could be done double stacked since commonality and price per round must not matter. Like . 460 Rowland?

      • I tried two eaa 10mms both had reliability problems and holsters are hard to come by and eaa’s customer service is horrible. I am a fan of Underwood ammo.

  25. RF: Why do people carry Glocks?
    Ralph: I just want to say one word to you. Just one word.
    RF: Yes, sir.
    Ralph: Are you listening?
    RF: Yes, I am.
    Ralph: Plastics.

    With apologies to The Graduate (1967)

  26. The same guy that has a WW2 veteran bumper sticker on their car but is driving a rice grinder. It’s the same guy that is happy with the common and ordinary. No GLOCKS for me…EVER!

    Sure it may be a reliable gun, but so are a lot of other guns that aren’t as butt fu***** ugly.

  27. 60 years ago if you had to have a handgun and weren’t a shooting enthusiast you bought a S&W m10 or a colt police positive .38. They were good enough even in the hands of the non operators to give a person a reasonable chance of defending themselves. Decent quality and reliable.

    Now the same person buys a Glock 19. They are of decent quality and reliable. They work. And they don’t break the bank. A person that is only going to buy one handgun would be well served with a Glock.

  28. Somebody who wants to get through airport metal detectors,

    so they can bring a gun onto an airplane!

    And, maybe also… somebody who likes surprises, and a lot of attention.

  29. I carry a 43 sometimes.

    LCP, LCR, and SR9c as well.

    If I was gonna carry a bigger Glock, it would probably be a 23.

    Dont currently have a 40.

  30. Glocks are the gateway guns. What I mean by that is, like Mr. Farago says, it’s a nonsense no frills gun which any new gun owner can operate and clean without much thought or effort. At least that was the way it was for me. My very first gun was a glock 27. Not the wisest caliber choice for a new gun owner, but thats another story. It introduced me to the world of guns, and at the time I was none the wiser. Now, 30 something guns later, Glocks still hold a place in heart but I agree there are much better guns out there.

  31. I have an S&W M&P 9, because it was less expensive, fits my hand more comfortably and I’m left handed. I have shot a Glock 19 and didn’t like the blocky feel and the the trigger guard slapping my middle finger every shot. Glocks are like Toyota Camrys, undeniably good and very popular, but not necessarily the best. I will say that the M&P has it’s flaws, while the steel Novak sights are way better than Glock’s plastic things, the trigger taught me the meaning of gritty.

  32. I currently have two Glock’s, I had more but sold a few. The reason I have a Glock is simple, It’s a tool and tools need to work reliably every time. It is the small block Chevy of guns, not perfect, perhaps not attractive, but it is well engineered and it works. I also have revolvers, because they work. Really that simple.

  33. is one that can interchange magazines with the same and can diassemble all the same, boy that was tough. Of course I own 4 Glock 9mm’s, my 26 can take the 17, the 19 the new ruger carbine, just saying. hmmmm, duh

  34. My Glock works for me. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.

    Also a Glock is almost as much of a tinker toy as an AR. You can build a complete Glock from aftermarket parts. What handgun other than a 1911 can you do that with? When a new holster or new aftermarket toy comes out, you can bet that Glock will be one of the first supported platforms.

    It’s available in a lot of different calibers, so when you want a 10mm .357 Sig or .45 ACP that has the same controls and feel as your 9mm, Glock has it, in multiple sizes.

    When Kel-Tec made the Sub-2000, what was among the first supported magazines? Glock.

    When Ruger just came out with the PCC, what was the first supported non-Ruger mag? Glock.

    • “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.” – If this were valuable advice, we’d still be stuck in the stone age. Evolution isn’t exclusive to biology. Discouraging competition is counterintuitive for us consumers.

      As for aftermarket parts and first supported magazines, of course Glock is the naturul choice to turn a profit. But how much different is that symbiotic relationship from the Honda Civic and it’s aftermarket variety? Not much.

      It’s an affordable car for teenagers and young adults. But some of us grow out of that entry level phase, be it with cars, guns, etc. You see, there comes a time in a man’s life when…

        • Nah. Everything wasn’t broken. Just at a more primitive state of engineering.

          I’m thankful for the first stone tools. Life as we know it wouldn’t exist without them. But I don’t carry any stone utensils around. Similarly, I’m thankful for Glocks. But I don’t need to carry one of those around either. I prefer other, more refined versions of their design.

  35. I carry a Hi-Point C9. Ugly as all get-out, heavy as a brick, rattles when I walk.

    Doesn’t cost as much as a Glock, requires a bit of skill to disassemble, and only carries eight rounds.

    But it works. Works every time. And it has a lifetime guarantee (not my life, but rather the gun’s life).

    Glock? No thanks.

  36. Show me a 10 mm 6″ barrel long slide with a 15+1 standard capacity, three magazines, has the ability to accept a red dot optic right from the factory, and costs way less than a grand with known and trusted quality manufacturing behind it. Let’s not even talk about the insane level of aftermartket modularity…

    Why do I own a Glock? That’s because there isn’t another gun quite like the G40MOS on planet earth.

  37. I own Glock , Beretta , and H&K . Why do I carry a Glock? Because I don’t get free guns or discounts from Wilson Combat .

  38. The same guy who buys a Craftsman hammer and isn’t worried that plenty of other people effectively and easily use the same tool. The guy feels no need to carry something less common just to be different. If he came across a artisanal hammer with a leather wrapped handle and a Pelican carrying case he could use that too. But he doesn’t need to.

    He’s also the guy that reads this question, rolls his eyes, and says “Whatever.”

  39. Why do I carry a GLOCK or three?

    I shoot them well.
    The finger grooves actually fit my hand (All mine are gen3)
    Grip angle does fine for me.
    They work every single time.
    No manual safety/grip safety.
    Inexpensive and reliable magazines that are readily available in many capacities.
    My sub compact, compact, and full size all fit in the same holsters and take the same magazines.
    I have an AR-15 and a Keltec Sub2000 that both take Glock mags, and soon a Ruger PC Carbine. ( I like lot’s of mags, I don’t have to buy 30 different mags for each gun.)
    With a 40cal Glock you can easily switch to 9mm or 357Sig
    Low profile slide and bore axis. Hate how top heavy Sigs and XD’s are.
    Easy to find holsters.
    Decent factory trigger, but easy and cheap enough to change if you want a better one.

    I think M&P’s have great ergonomics. They don’t fit the rest of the list.
    XD’s…. I don’t talk about XD’s too many things to list. Do your own research.
    Sig/HK not gaining anything, mags too expensive.
    APX, whats that? Aso between APX, Storm, 92. All take 17round mags but none interchange. Really Beretta?

    Glock fits my list. I enjoy them. Don’t like them? fine get something else.

    I have a part time job with a FFL. I tell people I like Glocks, but if you don’t or they don’t fit you then buy what does.

    I could probably come up with more reasons, but that’s enough for me. I’m not really a handgun guy. I enjoy rifles and shotguns more. A handgun to me is for when I can’t have a rifle. It’s for concealed carry, open carry or just working around my property and I don’t want to keep track of a long gun.

    I would have bought a Glock 42, but it wasn’t small enough for a pocket pistol, went with a Ruger LCP.
    I would have bought a Glock 43, but I have a 26, it didn’t offer enough advantages, and too many disadvantages over the 26.

    I would still like a 17L and maybe a 21. Maybe another 17 or 19 and cut the grip down to 26 size.

    The couple hammered handguns I have are CZ’s. Other than that I have the Ruger LCP and Security Six. Unless you count the AR and AK pistols…

    And if you ever see a Glock 7 let me know. I heard it’s made from porcelain in Germany and costs more than you make in a month.

  40. My goodness, such an outpouring of hate for Glocks. I own several different types of handguns in both SA and DA, and even SA/DA. I even have revolvers in the collection. Ugly? I guess. Lousy trigger? I suppose. Terrible grip ergonomics? As compared to what? Bad design in general? Do any of you realize that NO firearm is actually custom fitted to any of you? Heck, even your right hand is not exactly the same mirror version of your left hand. And no, a removable backstrap set is only refining a Sm/Med/Lrg T-shirt. Which is why evolution gave you flexible fingers and an opposable thumb. Glocks were originally designed to be used by the average soldier under high stress conditions using gross muscle action. Hence the only real fine motor control skill you need for the Glock is the mag release. I’m sure that all of you posters are experts in your respective firearm choices and can draw and put a mozambique on a target and do a mag change in a blink of an eye, but the rest of the world is comfortably average and Glock still keeps selling.

    And you all know that this “article” was just clickbait right?

  41. Call me mad, I actually love glock ergonomics. I can lock a Glock into a stronger two handed grip than I can with any supposedly more-ergonomic gun. There is just something about how the shape aligns with the bones in my hands that allows me to lock it down and keep it flat and on-target while shooting.

    Also, another good reason to CARRY a Glock: every one of them is notable for being the most size-efficient gun in their class. That is, (1) for guns of the same barrel length, Glocks have as low or lower overall length than any competing guns. (2) For guns of the same magazine capacity, Glocks have as low or lower overall height than any competing guns. (3) For double stack guns, Glocks have as low or lower -maximum- thickness, including the controls like the slide lock, compared to all competing guns. Many competing guns are thinner in the grip, some competing guns are thinner at the top of the slide, but when you compare maximum thickness vs maximum thickness, very few double stack guns are any thinner than Glocks.

  42. I wouldn’t disparage anyone who carries a Sig, FN M&P, Ruger; etc. but I will continue to carry my G26 or 27 and be perfectly happy.

  43. I don’t know what GLOCK carrier looks like.
    I don’t know anyone who carries a GLOCK.
    I don’t know many guys who own a GLOCK. Beretta, SIG, CZ, FN, HK, Walther, Tanfoglio, Ruger, even Canik. But the only GLOCK in my sphere of friends is anything but bland standard meh gun – it’s heavily customized pistol in 50 GI. It still doesn’t fit my hand.

  44. There is a student at my uni that designed a replacement barrel and slide for the glock. The barrel has an integrated compensator on it. It is actually quite cool. Except he wants to price it at $2800. Bwahhaha. I bet the glock fanboys will eat it right up, claim the price means quality or some bull shit. Bunch of tools.

    • Have you checked out the prices at Wilson Combat? Or Nighthawk Customs? Are you mistaking Glock owners for 1911 owners? I can tell you that most “expensive” modifications are usually sought by competitive shooters. I should know, as I did shoot IPSC/IDPA. But for most regular folks, a strictly stock Glock is just fine. Perhaps putting on night sights for self defense in the home would be a good idea but plain stock status is perfectly functional.

  45. A person itching to shoot themselves in the leg so other fanboi’s can then claim he did something wrong (Like buy a glock)

    • And negligent discharges never happened until Glocks were invented? Then the expression “Finger off the trigger” came after people started carrying Glocks? Maybe you have the statistical data on the types of handguns most prone to negligent discharges without resorting to YouTube or Wikipedia and can enlighten us.

      On a more serious note. All firearm instructors will stress trigger discipline to their students regardless of what handgun they bring to class. Or are you completely self taught Brink?

  46. I’ve carried a Glock before, and I’ll tell you what kind of man carries a Glock — the kind of man who doesn’t give a damn what anyone else thinks. Who couldn’t be bothered to care more than a fart as to what his gun looks like. It’s a tool. It goes bang. It had better go bang every time. And that’s it. End of discussion.

    I used to carry a Glock. I switched to a Springfield for a couple of reasons (more capacity in a better size, and a grip safety to avoid the extraordinarily rare “Glock leg.” Y’know what? Mine says “Grip Zone” on it — and I still could not give half a f*** as to what anyone else thinks about that.

  47. They’re low maintenance. I run mine absolutely filthy. Reliably. I’ve put 30,000+ rounds through my 2 Glock 19/26’s with very few problems. Other than having to change a couple springs (which should be part of a maintenance schedule anyways), the only problems I’ve had yet are ammo related.

    Parts availability. I can go to any gun store in America and there is a very good chance I can find a set of sights, spare mags, and a decent holster. As they are the #1 most popular/bought pistol in the US, manufacturers release their new products for Glocks almost always first. Yes a lot of them are gimmicks, but many are helpful.

    They’re also one of the easiest pistols to work on I’ve ever seen.

    My M&P Pro was absolutely one of the most accurate stock pistols I’ve ever shot. The XDM’s fit my hand perfectly. The 1911 trigger is simply amazing. Many have much much better ergonomics or triggers or what have you, but none have the sheer available modifications. You can make a glock into anything with well documented how-to’s easily.

    I carry my 1911 Commander almost as much as my Glocks, but if I only had to pick one weapon for a SHTF scenario…

  48. I would carry a Glock if that’s all I could afford, and if I didn’t have experience with handguns that had better weight distribution and were less flippy.

    Glocks work, and when push comes to shove that’s what matters most.


  49. What sort of man carries a Glock? A smart one because he’s made the decision to carry a gun. Same can be said about Sig, Colt, Springfield, Walther, Taurus, SCCY, Wilson Combat, HiPoint, etc. Carry whatever works for you best or is in your budget. That’s a heck of a lot better than carrying nothing at all. I can tell you all the reasons that I’m a Glock guy, but I also own many other brands. Sig makes some incredibly nice pistols. XDs are great guns. I have nice things to say about most any brand. There is no one size fits all, best solution. So can we please stop arguing, stereotyping owners of brands, and generally belitting and judging other gun owners? Oh wait, it’s the internet

  50. Anti-Glockers are just as bad as Glock Kool-aid drinkers.

    Two sides of the same coin, one has probably never handled a Glock enough to appreciate why the platform is as popular as it is, the other has ONLY handled a Glock and is incapable of appreciating anything else.

    It’s like they need their firearm choice socially validated or something. 🙂

  51. “all of GLOCKs direct competitors — Smith & Wesson’s M&P, Springfield’s XD, Walther’s PPQ, FN’s 509 and the rest — are equally reliable.”

    The new term is “fake news” but “imma” just call bullshit.

  52. The people who carry Glocks are poster boys for “Darwinism” and many do become extinct because of their stupidity.

    Factor 1. The Glock is far less reliable under adverse conditions of extreme cold, dust and other contaminants, even frozen moisture in the gun than a hammer fired gun. Even some rudimentary tests such as seating a high primer without of course powder or bullet and then attempting to fire off the primer will show you the Glock and a lot of other pre-loaded striker fired guns will fail this test. So far I tested well over a dozen hammer fired guns and all fired off the primer on the first try even a CZ 75 which has a much lighter hammer strike than my other hammer fired guns.

    Factor 2. Safety. If the pistols fell under the Consumer Safety Act Glocks would never have been allowed on the Market without the addition of a manual safety and for good reason the people that have been accidentally shot with Glocks and other safety-less pre-loaded striker fired guns would probably fill a football stadium many times over for the simple reason the average Moron who owns one does not understand how they even work because if they did most would never have bought one to begin with. There is absolutely no difference between carrying a revolver with the hammer cocked back as compared to carrying a Glock with a round in the chamber, none what-so-ever as when the trigger is accidentally snagged it goes off right now and the absurd trigger safety simply does not prevent the gun from accidentally going off. It actually would have been better left off because it gives Jethro Bodine the idea that it does work. But when did Jethro every have any grey matter between his ears.

    And there is the idiotic “accident waiting to happen” take down system that requires you to pull the trigger before removing the slide. Forget just one time to check the chamber and you either shoot yourself or someone else but Jethro will tell you he has never made a mistake in his life and never will because he is infallible. Famous last words but then again it simply proves Darwinism works as intended.

    Glock has also had numerous recalls (called up-grades) as Jethro is much too dumb to know that there is no difference between a recall and an upgrade at least not from Glock. Broken trigger springs, slides falling off of the frame when dropped and of course the passive firing pin safeties not working either. And there was the laughable “end of the barrel” cracking and falling off on the early ported models. There was another recall last summer on Glocks latest model but I do not recall what that was over.

    One might argue that with the addition of an approved manual safety that the gun would be safe enough to carry assuming that Glock ever did fix the passive firing pin safety problem but there is no getting around the unsafe take down system.

    I think that if the Glock was ever used in a “real war” lasting several years in the desert or in the Arctic that the shortcomings of the Glock would very quickly get the pistol scrapped out of inventory very quickly.

    • I’m going to call BS on those.

      #1 is negated by ANY debris that interferes with hammer fall, such as snow, dirt, pebble, fir needle, whatever. Want to call that a wash, ok. I’ve seen 1911’s “fail” due to this exact problem (blocked hammer). If you carry a weapon exposed, this is a possibility, and I’ve seen it, so it’s not myth.

      #2 is ridiculous, I’m sorry. This is no different than the typical pro-gun argument saying that blaming manufacturers for customer stupidity means car companies should be sued for drunk drivers. If the product is *malfunctioning* then Glock would be liable. They are not malfunctioning, people can’t keep their fingers off the trigger, that is stupidity.

      How many safeties does a typical 1911 have, passive and active? 5? And people still shoot themselves with it. It’s not the gun.

      • Yeah, I like giving the Glock guys some flack cause they’re ugly (to me. calm down, calm down.). But that manual safety argument isn’t sound. I’ve gotta side with the Glock folks on this one.

        Look closely at the Glock trigger, Cisco. The safety built into it is a much safer design design than any revolver with a hammer back or manual safety on anything.

        I know Springfield has caught a lot of flack, but I like their combination of Glock style trigger safety with the grip safety. My kids can’t get their paw around that, but they could surely figure out a hammer. And a manual safety is not even a remote deterrent. They have pellet rifles. They know how that works.

  53. I actually laughed like crazy reading this. And all the post as well. I would say the author nailed it. Some great quotes to boot like “Please understand that I have nothing against GLOCK owners. Some of my best friends know people who carry GLOCKs.”


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