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I still don’t understand why any state in these here United would put someone in jail for attempting to save their hearing and cause less of a sonic nuisance for all and sundry. Given the intimidation factor, what nefarious person would want a silenced shotgun? Or any other muted firearm, for that matter.

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  1. Yeah, the laws against suppressors are right up there with the 1000-foot bubble law in the stupidity ranking.

    I really don’t understand the gun control folks who waste their time on stuff like this.

    • True, but it still is ‘silent’ compared to my shotgun firing magnums at the local indoor range. Sounds like artillary going off. Especially when I decide to fire three or four rapidly and give myself a bruise.

        • I would like to see the finished product. I would rather spend some good money on a suppressor then on a good pair of muffs. Then I could just stick in some silicon plugs and be done with it.

  2. I like loud guns and the louder the better, it gets the point across to the bad guy. My local range can get pretty loud when the shotguns and AR’s/AK’s let loose, but you learn what loud is all about when the 500’s go to town.

  3. I’m not sure how or why silencers got to be illegal in the US. I can only presume it’s because if they were legal we’d all be hitmen or something.

    Regardless, I have to wonder: why not allow silencers if the following is true:
    -no more than say 30dB of attentuation
    -the resultant noise is still say at least 100dB

    That way, 50 yards away or so the noise won’t be much of a nuisance (unless if you’re an anti), meaning that gun ranges in problem areas would have less, err, noise problems. Shooters would be exposed to that much less noise. [The 30dB limit would be to placate the whole “but it’ll turn people into hitmen” stupidity.]

    Don’t get me wrong: it’s really hard (I’m guessing) to make a Magnum go whisper quiet (above and beyond the cylinder gap issue). And, of course, no anti would be for such a thing. But, wouldn’t it be nice to blaze away 22’s, or even 45’s, and need either nothing for ones ears, or just the barest minimum? What about just reducing the loud automatics from “unbelievablely loud” to something more believable? Also, wouldn’t it be nice to not deafen oneself in a SD shooting at o’dark-thirty?

    I mean really, aren’t silencers a nice thing to use, in terms of being nice to others?

    • Suppressors are not illegal. They are considered NFA items, similar to SBR’s. Some hoops to jump through and some tax stamps but not impossible to legally own one. So long story short. if you state allows NFA items, you CAN legally get one.

      Bunch of paperwork, $200 tax stamp, then wait for paperwork to be processed and approved (generally 3months to half a year) and cost of the thing do deter most people though.

    • Got to tell you, if you said all suppressors over 100dB total noise level were “illegal” then none of them would ever be illegal. Even the best 22LR suppressor “only” gets it down to the low 120s. that said there is a pretty large amount of misunderstanding around dB levels in suppressors because companies and people use poor equipment. The reason even a 28dB reduction can on a M16 sounds so amazing (to those of us used to firearms noise) is because it has an extremely short duration. while 140dB is horrifically loud at a concert or behind a jet engine, its not really bad behind a rifle because the duration of the sound is measured in microseconds.

      something else to remember folks is that proper sound testing to .mil standards is just a foot or two to the left (or right, i forget) of the muzzle. the at ear noise levels are almost always below 140 for a good suppressor (RJF doesn’t make good suppressors, fyi). Often even a “loud” 5.56 suppressor when heard 5ft behind and 5ft to the side is pretty comfortable for most listeners.

  4. Well, Boys an Girls…..I guess that eventually I had to watch somthin that would jus burn me up enough to write in one O these here Blogs an This So-Called “Sons Of Guns” fits the bill like a 203 in an ambush.

    Should Call it, “The How to recognize who not to ever work for Show”. Now this so called “Boss” that I keep seein in the dirty t-shirt…he comes across like some kind-a Ego Maniac/ Petty Martinet type who hires his workers based on their Ass-Kissin strength and who meet the primary qualification of not knowin as much about buildin guns as he does (Which is pretty far below the national average for a gunsmith/manufacturer and probably wouldn’t qualify for assemblin flashlights in a Santa Cruz Sweatshop).

    In short, you have to either be less smart than he is or at least be smart enough to act like you dont know as much as he does to not get fired by him when his ego gets ruptured (which is an average of three times per episode)…Do you follow?….ok.

    His knowledge of how to build class 2 or class three weapons (You know..Silencers, Machine-Guns etc) is laughable. The things he does are so full o sabotaged effort that I often wonder why he hasn’t blown up the building by now and what makes it watchable is that his employees try to save him time after time and continually run the risk of being fired for doing so. “I hope you didn’t mistake this for a conversation” is one of his favorite comebacks to an employee who tries to explain himself….(Napoleon Complex, I think them Professors call it).

    Never in my life have I ever seen such sloppy weapons safety….. In every episode I see them a pointin guns of all kinds at one another like little kids playin at war. We were always taught by our Grand-Daddy to always treat any Gun like its loaded! O course, maybe they’re lookin to raise interest in the show by doin such fool things….If so I apologise cuz I never figured anybody could stoop that low, cept maybe the Commies or the Talaban…..

    His Daughter is the only one in the shop who seems to know what she is doing. Reading between the lines, you can bet dollars to donuts that she is the one who knows tha law and who fills out the ATF paperwork. Unlike the others, she is a pretty decent actress in this fiasco. Personally I like the way she says, “Oh Daddy”….

    That he is making Money at his work is something that most of us in the business just dont believe. We think he makes nothing or actually loses money on his work because his work is so ludicrous. But on the other hand, he does have sponsors for the SHOW so he dont need to make money at the shop…just keep those cheesy scripts a-commin!

    Well boys an Girls, I suppose its all jus entertainment after all…so Ill just stop here and let it rest a while. Like he says, “Dont Do this at home”…HE wont tell you how freakin easy it is to get a class 2 license to manufacture, now will he??? Thats cuz jus about any kid with metal shop experience could do as well as his Amateur “trial and error” methods and wouldn’t need to beat up his employees to do it. But then again, maybe he is afraid that theyrs too many bad gunsmiths in the world as it is and he just wants to be the Baddest o’ the Bad….? O.K. Ill Give him that….Bad He is. Nuff said.

    Your Obt. Svt.
    Col. Korn,
    Chief O Mayhem in the Great WW2,
    Chief o Sanitation an Security an What-not,
    OXOjamm Studios.
    Copyright 2011, ARR

  5. Col. Korn, I do agree with you… I tuned in a couple of times, and couldn’t believe all of the grinding and cutting going on, and the Pa who was the cutter grinder had no eye or ear protection…at all.
    That alone kind of made me doubt their professionalism. And some of the contraptions that were made out of lumber, mechanics wire, and duct tape (I’m thinking of the hand held grenade launcher, I think), were just like my 15 year old son’s airsoft contraptions.
    I was not impressed, although I did want to like the show.

  6. I am glad to see there are others that realize what a rag tag bunch of half assed weapons these guys are putting out. I was shocked when I saw the final product for their Tazer/Weapon mount. Seriously, I do a little metal work in my apartment, & yeah, I probably have about $55,000 worth of basic hand tools, & some very amature machining equipment, but I can at least do better than riveting a whole tazer, grip & all onto a piece of sheet metal & then screwing it to the forgrip. The work is abismal.

    These employees that are supposed ‘gunsmiths’ should be absolutely ashamed of the ‘ideas’ they come up with each show. My wife can’t stand when the show comes on, I will literally scream at the television from frustration when I see them rip off yet another idea that has been out for YEARS, claiming all the while that its revolutionary & unique.

    This show is garbage, as is the product that red jacket is putting out. This is the grade of stuff you’d expect out of bored high scool kids with no supervision in shop class, not a self proclaimed world class gunsmith. It saddens me that their local sherriffs department is foolish enough to get ripped off repeatedly by purchasing their sub-standard & borderline dangerous weapons mods. Absolute garbage.

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