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The ATF is considering banning the importation of non-sporting shotguns. While this is not a done deal, yesterday’s study has already triggered a run on “non-sporting” semi-automatic Saiga shotguns. Russia’s Izhmash manufactures theĀ AK-based weapon. Izhmash exports the Saiga-12 through the Russian-American Armory Company. The company imports three models: the Saiga 12, Saiga 20 and Saiga 410 (the model designation refers to the gun’s gauge, obviously). The 12’s magazines are already harder to get than a date with Adriana Lima; the shotguns are flying off the shelves. Seems like TTAG’s Obscure Object of Desire, RandR Targets’ $3200 heavily modified version, could soon be even more obscure.

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  1. After I read the ATF article yesterday, this is exactly what I told my wife would happen. Saiga is going to make some serious panic induced money and I don’t even want to know what private parties are going to start charging for their Saigas.

    • Save the Saiga-12 by emailing the ATF before it is too late! says “The ATF is not approving paperwork for import. We don’t have any inventory and will not be getting more unless the ATF changes their mind.”

      Tell the ATF what you think about this.

      Comments to the BATFE may be submitted by e-mail to [email protected], or by fax to (202) 648-9601, and must be received by May 1, 2011. Faxed comments may not exceed 5 pages. All comments must include name and mailing address.

      Learn more at the NRA link

  2. In it’s imported state the saiga shotgun is legal. If you read the ruling it listed all the shall nots. Non of which apply to the saiga in it’s IMPORTED form. Now once we convert it back to it’s intended form and add our favorite tacticool parts it’s forced into 922r compliance anyways. If ATF is going stop imports of them it will have to be based on the supplied aftermarket parts available. Sadly some of the wording does state advertised uses or perceived in use of non sporting intention. So that could be the proverbial loophole.
    Only hope would be some company stepping up to assemble parts kits or completely manufacture them here. Doubt izmash would do parts kits and tooling up to produce them… As a class 7 FFL I can see the nightmare but could also see the market for it.


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