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“The show depicted [Natchez dentist Dr Bruce] Scarborough [above] as the owner of a Moore .32-caliber Civil War era revolver,” reports. “He was bringing his gun down to Red Jacket Firearms in Baton Rouge, the gun shop on which the TV show centers, to see why it would not fire. When Scarborough came back to pick up his pistol, ironically, the gunsmiths discovered a tooth was jammed inside the gun. ‘I know what that is, I’m a dentist and I would recognize a tooth,’ Scarborough said when they showed him the tooth on the show. ‘I have a hard enough time pulling these things out, I can’t imagine trying to get that in there.'” Looks like the Doc has a lousy imagination . . .

It turns out that Scarborough does not own an antique pistol, he is not a gun collector, and the only reason he was put on the show is because he knows the right people and could easily get his hands on some teeth, he said . . .

Scarborough said they told him the background of the gun and gave him the back-story that the gun had been in his family for years.

“There was no script, they told me just kind of a generic outline, and the rest was just total ad lib,” he said . . .

Scarborough said he believes that the producers and the writers of the show got the tooth story from hearing that it happened in another gun shop, and they wanted to put it in “Sons of Guns.” . . .

“[None of my friend who saw the show] has said that it’s fake, I’ve had to tell them.”

Consider yourself told. Now, is it important? We report, you deride.

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    • For the same reason they watch Top Shot, they’re stupid! The same people that watch this crap are most likely the same people that will vote for Romney or Obama. They went through the public education system and decided it was enough. They likely don’t even know where their local library is.

  1. Well, now they are set for a follow-up episode where Dr Scarborough does orthodontic work on Stephanie in exchange for a Red Jacket machine gun!

    • 2. Nobody ever lost weight on a home exercise device.
      3. Looks are more important to happiness than brains.
      4. If people don’t comment on your new hairdo, they hate it.

      (h/t: Dogbert)

      • You bet it is. I got a buddy who wrestles. It’s just as rough as any other sport. He’s had plenty of bruises and broken bones to prove it.

        • Yeah, I used to party with those guys after their matches at Madison Square Garden. They get hurt a lot. But all those scars on their foreheads are self-inflicted with a little sliver of razor blade that they carry into the ring on days when they’re supposed to bleed.

    • You mean that Dusty Rhodes is not really the #1 cause of divorce in America today?

      Up to this moment, my life has been a complete waste of time.

  2. “Sons of Guns” has a history of simply fabricating scenes and storylines. It is truly garbage television. Last year, they faked a scene where Stephanie was shooting a Desert Eagle.
    For evidence, do a google search with the term “stephanie faked shooting desert eagle”. (I can’t post links here because I’m at work and they blocked every gun-related site on the internet except “The Truth About Guns”. )

    • Just watched that, hilarious stuff….

      “Damn girl you weren’t kidding, this desert eagle kicks and magically transforms into a beretta”

    • They setup the scene to reshoot because the first she did something stupid (ripped nail or something else, etc). She did shoot it, but the “response” face, etc was staged (hence why they redid it for the little BTS show they did).

      • Anybody got their number? I really want to call and get a price quote on one of those magical, transformers style Beretta Deagles.

        Never been done before!

  3. As an outdoor tv videographer, I can say that literally everything you watch on tv is scripted, from Cops to the news to game shows to hunting shows to documentaries. I personally don’t like it very much, but the truth is that producers don’t put their money forward without guarantees. And “following people around all day with a camera” is a million miles from a guarantee, no matter how interesting the subject is. Hence, scripting everything.
    Some things are scripted more than others, and once you’re in the industry for a little while you can see which shows are totally scripted and which are merely “adjusted.”
    Sons of Guns is totally scripted.
    Top Shot (as another example) is moderately “adjusted;” it’s a safe bet that the results aren’t rigged, but the interviews with the contestants and a lot of the drama and the little rivalries are scripted, or at least “led” by the intervewer.

  4. I understand that not everyone likes the show but one thing we all need to remember is that it brings firearms to America in a big way. We need to stop attacking our own and simply complement them on doing something that no one else was at the time. The outdoors channel is good but to have it on a ‘mainstream’ channel is great.

    • You’re right, it brings firearms to America in a big way. It reinforces the stereotype that all guns are bad. Shoot a boat with a rifle and the boat blows sky high. Shoot a paper target with a pistol and it bursts into flames. Just like the rest of these stupid “reality” shows, they do more harm than good.

      Obama is doing something that no one else is doing at the time. Should be compliment him? I’ll compliment honesty and integrity, not bull shit and deceit!

  5. I generally support the idea of the show. I do think it is poorly executed. The above story is an excellent example of the poor execution. In the grand scheme of things, Sons of Guns is a good thing for us. It has brought interest into the shooting sports from the general public. My brother and his best friend both went out shooting with me for the first time after watching that show. They are both now avid shooters. The safety concerns brought forth on this site do need to be addressed though. Shows like Top Shot and SOG represent our fellowship to the general public. Personally, I do not approve of the image the Hayden family portrays.

  6. Its supposed to be reality tv. If its scripted then it isn’t reality, it’s crap..acted out by crapy actors. There’s many other better ways to get firearms to America other than imbred morons…ask me it makes gun owners look bad. Soap opera.

  7. I stopped TIVO ing the show after the second season. Once Will put the all important build in the hands of the idiot, ass kisser, Kris, who’s dating his daughter. Then Kris fucks up the build and blames it on the Vince, because he’s not a team player. True, he wasn’t, but, Kris needed so much of Vince’s skills giving Kris the gig was basically asking Kris to manage Vince. Kris couldn’t shine Vince’s shoes any day of the week any time of day. Kris is what I would call helper, at best. And Will showed his ass. Will sucks, as portrayed as a manager.

  8. What do people expect from TV?

    It’s all driven by advertising & informing or facts come a distant second.
    That’s probably why I’ve been TV free since 1986.
    My surviving brain cells are happier too.:-)

  9. I stopped watching the first time I saw one of these “professionals” flinch when test firing. Children and people who are unfamiliar with firearms flinch when firing weapons because of recoil and sound. These “professionals” should be nowhere near this stuff while firing. Being a gunsmith means you can make guns, it doesnt necissarily mean you should be firing them. Someone will get hurt eventually.

  10. Also, take notice to the awkwardness and nervousness when these idiots are on an outdoor test fire. “Professionals” NEVER look nervous or awkward because they know what they are doing. There is a reason the goofballs lost there FFL. This shop mysteriously appeared 2 years ago. Gee, I wonder if the producers of the show had anything to do with that? PHONY SCAMMERS

    • Fecking hell my American amigo’s. English stan here. You should just feel sorry for us non gun toting nations who have all this stuff to watch. Personally I think it’s ok, something out of the ordinary for your average Brit who only sees guns on TV. It is staged but what the hell, I like it ;o)


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