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In Shahid Iqbal Sheikh’s video below, the erstwhile singer/songwriter laments gun violence, in his own inimitable fashion (thank God). At some point in the proceedings, Mr. Sheikh fingers the NRA for resisting . . . what? Truth be told . . .

there’s no agenda here. No cri de coeur calling for gun control.

The dearth of disarmament propaganda in this virtually tuneless bitch-and-moan session perfectly embodies the intellectual bankruptcy of the anti-gun rights movement.

They don’t have any “answers” to “gun violence.” And they understand that what they do present as “answers” are non-starters. To the point where they can’t even be bothered to put them out there.

Something must be done! The antis should start by finding someone who can compose, play and sing. Or maybe not.

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  1. What’d the poet laureate get paid for that?
    Sucking down foreign or Federal grant $$$ to foster the overthrow of our Constitution?

    • What a tasty tune. Raw talent unleashed. I an sure agents at William Morris in B.H. are scrambling & fighting to sign this act. I would he happy with 5% of the merh $ alone. I can see their ryder already. Rubber sheets and 10 Lbs. of M&M s with all the brown ones removed. Armed security? a must.

  2. Well, crap. There’s 6 minutes and 5 seconds out of what life I have left completely down the toilet. I guess I need to say something about it just so my time won’t be totally wasted. I was thinking that with his name and that he is Pakistani the song was all about Muslim terrorist suicide bombings – but then he mentioned the NRA. To the best of knowledge, the NRA has never done a terrorist bombing, though the IRA is only one letter different and they’ve certainly done their share. Of course, he kept singing that we need to DO SOMETHING. Okay. WHAT? “Is this the price of being free?” Yes. In fact, it is. For all of the millions who exercise their freedoms responsibly, there will always be a few, a very few, who will take advantage of the freedoms we enjoy and step over the line. Does that mean that we should take away the freedoms we all enjoy because of that few who abuse them? I don’t think so. Take away THEIR freedom and put them where they have no freedom and can’t abuse our freedoms or the rest of us. And most important of all, KEEP them there until they are no longer a threat, either from age and infirmity or death.

  3. I don’t know, seems a little catchy! I mean seriously? This is pretty weak but he’s right about one thing; the NRA is mobilized and SURE.

    • To give credit where it’s due, the guy does sing English better than the Microsoft Help Desk guys speak it.

  4. The silver lining on this is I went and read Pakistan’s view on firearms ownership. Holy shit, the signal is actually pretty strong there. I would actually rate their laws as good as Illinois in some aspects and better than others.

    “Unlike gun politics in the United States which is frequently debated, there is little public debate in Pakistan on gun control.[4]

    In no particular order, Pakistanis view weapons as important for one or more of these purposes:

    Repelling an invasion;[5]
    suppressing insurrection;
    Facilitating a natural right of self-defence;[6]
    Participating in law enforcement;[7]
    Enabling the people to organise a militia system.[8]”

      • “…..The people we saw live in caves, work in horrible conditions, have no tongues, and make guns with their bare hands…” ya that about sums it up. You cant stop the signal. Not even in the tribal regions of Pakistan.

  5. Didn’t waste my time and didn’t want to be yet another “hit” on the site. Rubbish is rubbish. Assholes are everywhere and they all have an opinion about how everyone ELSE should live their life and what we all should think.
    I shall go my own way, thank you very much…

  6. Another empty exemple of blame the gun and ignore the criminal behavior of the one using the gun to commit the crime.
    What’s to be done?
    Prosecute then promptle execute the criminal. Then imposé the Israelii solution on the criminal’s family. Tear down their homes and internal exile.

    he gun wealding criminal.

  7. Holy moly! I had to stop after about 30 seconds because I felt like I was being water boarded.

    That is exactly as bad as it should be.

  8. Wow… Islamic propaganda at its finest. Pakistanis singing about how they are people of peace, and yet, they can’t get along with their Indian neighbors, who are literally the same people in a different location with a different belief system. Thanks, but I think we can survive without advice on “peace” from the thin-skinned and easily-offended.

    The writer of this nonsense asks, “Is this the price we pay for freedom?” Why, yes; yes, it is. This country was founded on the premise of individual freedom, and that requires personal responsibility. If you can’t understand that, go back to Pakistan, where they “understand” your need for gun control.

  9. Actually, I’m glad I heard that…

    …It kinda reminded me in a roundabout way of “Welcome to the Machine,” so I listened to that instead.

  10. Eh, I ain’t got time for this fool tonight. I’m sippin’ a glass of Wild Turkey and playing a little Don Williams.

    RIP to the Gentle Giant.

  11. The Sheikh didn’t write this song. Gregrobbins did. The sheikh just mirrored the upload.

    Anyway- I went directly to the source and left the following comment on his video: Clearly the gun violence he’s referring to in America is almost entirely perpetrated by black criminals, ironically, targeting other black criminals. Worldwide, the driving force behind gun violence, knife violence, automobile violence, bomb violence, and in the case of homosexuals; tall building violence, are the subhuman, uncivilized Islanimals. As far as making any attempt to infringe on my God given rights- that’s going to lead to an ultra-violent, kinetic civil war (that will make the last one look like a playground squabble) and will result in the literal genocide of Liberal Terrorists™ who vote democrat.

  12. But being of a preferred ethnic/religious group trumps any need for talent or ability. Pun untended. Anyone of these people that beg to become victims should be required to wear a clearly visible indentifying mark, so that others do not risk their own lives attempting to render them aid when being abused or killed.

  13. I made it to about the minute mark. Yikes!
    I too look down the barrel of a gun. I focus on the front sight and squeeze the trigger.☺️

  14. Maybe he can sing this song when ISIS are shooting at him. They will all drop their weapons and start singing with him and definitely they will of course NOT slit his throat and drain his blood in a urn.

    And if they do – it’s not their fault. It’s the fault of the knives and guns they used. It’s the fault of the great many people who allowed those guns and knives to exist. It is most certainly, is NOT the fault of the people trying and succeeding in killing him.

  15. I have seen the Islamic beliefs run over a child’s hand with a car to punish him for being hungry and stealing food. Stoning women to death for loving a man who is not the one chosen for her. Throwing gays and lesbians off of buildings for being unholy. And someone of that faith wants to condemn me for being armed? Spare me…..

  16. “Is this the price of being free?”

    No. It is one of many *costs* that come with being free, traded off for the benefit of … being free.

    When bad people can get guns, sometimes you don’t own your whole life yourself, because they shoot you. When you’re not free … you don’t own any of your life, at all, ever.

    Of course, when bad people can’t get guns, sometimes they take away your life a little, or all at once, some other way. And sometimes, when you can get a gun (legally) you get to stay alive, free to do what you will, when otherwise you wouldn’t.

    The price of being free is living your own live, making your own choices. Sometimes being free extracts the price of having to decide whether you want to continue to own your own life, or give it over to someone else, for the comfort of not having to decide.

    “Guns” are hardly the deciding thing here. One must assume that the people behind that song & post consider The Avengers a tragedy, what with Loki losing in the end.

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