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“On Friday, looting and gunshots were reported on St. Martin,” reports, “and a curfew was imposed in the U.S. Virgin Islands.” You may recall that the Governor of the Virgin Islands ordered firearms confiscation before hurricane Irma hit. I wonder how that’s going to work out. Meanwhile, reports . . .

Dutch troops were fanning out across part of the hurricane-hit island of St Martin on Friday as shots were heard and officials admitted there had been some looting . . .

“There are people on the streets armed with revolvers and machetes,” one witness told the Dutch daily newspaper AD on Friday.

“The situation is very serious. No one is in charge.”

Same goes in Tortola, The NY Post reports:

Jalon Shortte said riding out Irma in his top-floor apartment on Tortola, in the British Virgin Islands, was the scariest thing he has ever been through.

The air pressure hurt his ears, trees fell on his roof, windows blew out and a door came off, he wrote on Facebook. The storm even took paint off the walls, he said.

His Facebook page was filled with images he took from around Tortola of sunken yachts, crushed vehicles and mounds of debris. He said looting was rampant.

At the same time, Texan survivors of Hurricane Harvey still face the threat of looting. Thieves loot Houston home (above) with body of Harvey victim still inside, the New York Post reports.

Looking ahead, with Irma headed straight for Florida, you can bet more than a few Sunshine State residents will soon be exercising their natural, civil and Constitutionally protected right to keep and bear arms.

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  1. USVI? Looting is pretty much a way of life already. Like NYC, a gun control paradise – meaning all the criminals have guns, but the lowly population had better be very connected to get their hands on anything. Let alone a CCW permit.

    It is a shame, it could have been our pre-Castro-Cuba replacement, but it’s just another banana republic, flying a US flag for the money.

    • It’s the same here in California. The lawmakers here would rather you be the victim of a violent crime rather than lawfully defend yourself with a firearm. They make it virtually impossible to get a Concealed Carry Permit. Meanwhile, all the criminals have guns and the rest of us otherwise law abiding citizens are forced to carry illegally.

    • This lowly bank employee who has no connections whatsoever in NYC still managed to apply for and receive a permit for long guns as well as a Residence Premises only handgun permit. Yes its not a CCW and I’m in no way making excuses for the shitty liberals that run this city or state but if you do your due diligence and jump through hoops and pay exorbitant fees you can be armed at least while at home, and with my Florida permit I can carry in most of the country. Regardless I’m voting with my feet and moving to Nevada for good this winter.

  2. Now we see why Governor Mapp wanted to grab the guns from the good guys, he didn’t want his voters to get shot by them!

    • Did Mapp actually implement confiscation like New Orleans after Katrina? It’s my understanding that he stopped at publishing a list of items that might be commandeered for use by the national guard. Whichever, it still was wise for the NRA to take legal action.

      • That’s Mapp’s story, anyway. Nobody outside of the Virgin Islands really knows for sure.

        But hey, Ray Nagin never lied, did he?

  3. “Thieves loot Houston home (above) with body of Harvey victim still inside,”

    Damn. Zero to Fallout in a matter of days.

    • That’s why it’s difficult to decide whether or not to evacuate. If you leave, the looters will clean you out. If you stay, you may not be able to protect your home because you died in the storm.

      • “That’s why it’s difficult to decide whether or not to evacuate.”

        And that *will* get you killed tomorrow.

        Saint Petersburg Fl. is on a *very* low spit of sand called Pineallas county.,-83.0049543,10z

        Zoom in and go to satellite view. This is one of the densest population centers in the US, at around 900,000

        The projected storm surge is 15 feet.

        The destruction is gonna be Biblical in scale…

        • I ordered an expensive central vacuum from a company in St Pete Thursday. He swore it would ship – I do hope he wasn’t lying…

        • Do you own a box truck, or do you live a life of ascetic minimalism?

          How many of us could get their gun collection let alone their ammo inside a full-size car? Do you have a TV, bigger than, I dunno, 32″? When I used to move a lot for work, it was a 26 foot truck, packed very tightly to move my stuff to another 2 bedroom apt/condo.

          Everybody piles into the family sport-ute. How much room is there, especially if you load with the understanding that you need to bring water, food, gas, and some defensive weaponry? Bring a laptop or two?

  4. Why do the BLM types who go looting target television sets as a #1 priority after a storm? Are they going to pretend like they are watching TV with no power on their stolen water-logged televisions? It’s been like this for decades and apparently not just in the U.S. as we see here.

  5. Send the looters a lead present. I would think a shotgun would be ideal…stay safe Texas and Florida.

  6. The novelist John Ringo makes a good point about looting in his excellent book The Last Centurion. He states that someone who breaks into a store during a natural disaster to get bread, canned goods and water to feed his family is scavenging. But some asshole who breaks into a store to take a HDTV set is a looter and a thief.

    • How do you know that the HDTV thief isn’t stealing it with the intention of selling it so he can buy food and necessities for his family? You don’t. If you can get to a store, ANY store, to loot it, then you can get to a shelter or at least a relief station and get free supplies.

      Looting is looting. Shoot on sight. Everything is just feel good rationalizations.

      • “How do you know that the HDTV thief isn’t stealing it with the intention of selling it so he can buy food and necessities for his family?”

        Because the pawn shops aren’t open?

        • Sure there will, even post-SHTF. They just don’t have storefronts and FFLs.
          As long as there are thieves, there will be fences.

    • I’m reminded of the story of the ant and the grasshopper. The ant prepares for winter all year while the grasshopper does nothing. Then when the cold comes and the outdoor crops start to freeze, the grasshopper comes a begging.

      At what point do I need to give up the food for my family because another person didn’t prepare? I don’t know when the power’s coming back on. I don’t know when the Red Cross is going to be in the area. I should give up my ability to feed my family? It’s all looting. It’s all robbery. It’s all illegal. It’s all actionable at the end of a shotgun.

      • Then the Governor of Virgin Islands comes with the grasshopper and gets all your stuff because, well, it’s for the greater good.

    • Well I’m sure there’s photos of other races doing the same. Lots more black people were deposited along the Caribbean thanks to the slave trade up through the 1600s.

      That said I try to avoid that kind of bait… but I will take a line from ‘It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia’ on this one… “What do you think, are these surviving or looting?” 😛

    • If your talkin about the pic above, you better look again. Here south of route 16 in Madiganstan, 100% of the p.o.s. dirtbags are white. Worthless turds come in all colors and income levels.

  7. And this is why you keep an AR-15 and a LOT of fully loaded magazines. Every time a storm comes through it washes the urban street trash loose from their concrete human hives and makes them go out on a looting spree.

    Honestly, as far as I’m convened if ever there was a reason for ‘The Right to Keep and Arm Drones’ then here’s it. Much like all the shop keepers that had to hang out on the roves of their shops after the L.A. Riots, when the police have to keep for their lives so the worst people in society will come to play in the aftermath of disaster.

  8. Some in Florida are staying behind for the sport of meeting looters face to face…in the aftermath, with weeks of humid baking in the sun, no power, the hordes will emerge fro their nests, banding up for gang protection….come to Papa…Uncle Teddy, a tip of the hat…no bag limits.

    • Folks may wish reconsider hasty trigger pulling. Laws do not change when it is raining. Defense of life is not the same as defense of a Zenith.

  9. If you stay and die it doesn’t matter if your looted, yet if you survive you can defend.
    I CCW all the time now so it’s second nature to be able to defend.

    • Hey Kenny;
      Shouldn’t say that with a mouth full of food or a job. Oh sorry about that…Living in your mom’s basement and eating her food is like being on welfare. Which I’m sure is your life goal. Without rich people and capitalism you won’t have welfare either. You’ll have Venezuela. Look how socialism is working for those people. Grow up Get a Job and try to be productive for once in your life. Hell you might find you something to be proud of. Nuff Said!!!

    • Did he really just say “end capitalism!”???

      There are a LOT of socialist uptopias all over the world. Start a go find me page and buy a one way ticket. I’ll keep my capitalism thank you.

  10. I’m in St Pete Florida. The initial rain bands and some slight winds are just now hitting us. Stay tuned for update.

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